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Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Debating Fundamental Rights

I recently spent a big part of the day listening to my local School Board Meeting (State of Florida) on the topic of keeping the masking of children optional.

Although our Governor, Ron DeSantis hasn't enacted mask mandates for the 2021/2022 school year, many school districts are attempting to defy his decision(s).

The meeting began at 8:30 a.m., that's why many of us were listening at work... rather than attending in person!

It was very odd that they picked the precise time many Parents would be dropping their kids off at school.

No doubt many of them were listening as well, as it was live streamed. I highly recommend tuning into the Livestream, when you can't make it in person. It is eye-opening.

Late afternoon/early evening, it was still going strong...

I was so impressed with the majority of the speakers, they had done their homework, they came prepared.

While the lovers of freedom dominated...there were quite a few who spoke, who are living in fear and they do not care to live there alone, they wish for everyone to live there with them!

There were also a few who seem to have two goals; spreading fear and passing judgement on all who do not see things, as they do!

I think the living-in-fear crew, would wrap their kids in cellophane or bubble wrap from head to toe, if someone from the Gov, suggested they do so....

and I think the scaremongers would wrap the mouths of those continually speaking of individual rights, in duct tape, in order to keep them quiet...if only they could!

These two groups of speakers, presented as if Covid-19 is the first and only viral disease/sickness to ever come along, which has the potential, to do harm.

Incidentally, the Freedom-loving crowd continually reminded these two mindsets that they already have the option of masking their kids and that they should absolutely do so, if that's what they feel is in their best interest.

No judgement zone, not when it came to this group of Parents/Speakers.

I understand that one school of thought is as passionate as the next, when it comes to this matter.

While one group focuses on their personal rights and Government infringing on them, while they push to keep masking optional, case by case, their rights as the Parents to choose, etc.; the other group(s) push against them!

They believe that the Government should mandate masks for all children (for the most part) a couple did mention special needs exceptions.

They want Government, not Parents, making decisions, giving them more and more control over our lives and they don't hesitate, they don't blink an eye.

However, they don't like the decisions our Governor is making and they have no reservations when it comes to pushing back...against him!

Deep breaths, don't hyperventilate, just breathe, I had to keep reminding myself!

More than one Parent (or Spokesperson/activist, wasn't sure at times if they were, in fact, Parents... or U.S. citizens for that matter) attempted to make the case for just handing it all over to Government (unless it's a Conservative Governor or President, that's different) completely blase about something that is so instrumental in insuring a future with meaning for all of us!


The Pulse of America

It struck me more then once, throughout the meeting, this is where we are today in the U.S., these groups speaking, represent where we are, in this Nation, at this time:

Those who embrace and cherish their freedom, their liberty, their individual rights and recognize that all are currently in great jeopardy, certainly for their children and those who have decided that they are willing to give up those rights to Government. They look to the Government to make decisions about the future of their children and each and every time they do it, they empower the Government that much more!

I blame the latter school of thought on the lack of a proper education in what has become an indoctrinated Nation.

A high school student spoke of mandating masks and vaccines for everyone.

It really struck me, while listening to her; she isn’t living, she is existing in fear and although I adamantly disagreed with everything she was saying, I felt very sorry for her and others just like her, who have never been taught even the basics of individual Liberty.

indoctrinated to the point, where they dismiss their Rights as if dismissing/swatting away, an annoying gnat!

Again, it bears repeating; they are living in fear of a virus and they are living in fear of those of us who who are not living in fear with them

Those of us who cannot and will not give up on our sacred Rights, understand what is at stake, but a trembling teenager who has been taught to fear her rights, not embrace them, grew frustrated, because maybe for the first time in her life, she was in the minority and couldn’t come to terms with that.

What we don't need {on top of everything else} is Parents and Students assisting in the handing over of our rights, giving up freedom, in the process!

In the end, the School Board made the right decision; to honor the law and keep masks optional for students.

God Bless all the States in the midst of these often heated battles, as decisions are being made which can have long term repercussions on our children.

Perhaps in the end, more young people will begin to recognize for themselves what is truly at stake.

In the meantime, we must stand firm and resist and push back, as the robbers of Rights have no problem doing, so eagerly and so foolishly getting in the way of freedom!

It was never intended to be this way and with each new test, inevitably faced, we must always fight for the Wins!

Governor DeSantis' Executive Order

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© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on September 05, 2021:

Amen K.C. great point! "There is a high cost for freedom, but the cost without it is much, much higher."

KC McGee from Where I belong on September 05, 2021:

We, the true Americans, need to rise up and take are country back from these marxist scum in the WH and in our Government while there is still some degree of Freedom left. Also teach our children and our Children's children thhat there is a high cost for Freedom, but the cost without it is much much higher.

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