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The Great Reset 2030

Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent, resides Space Coast, FL


The Reset is Here

The time is now, even if most are not aware of it, and those who are, still do not recognize it.

Its hard to recognize where you stand in history, when you are in the midst of it.

Did people recognize the change that was about to be upon them when Henry Ford first began to build the Model T and Nikola Tesla built the first hydro-electric power plant at Niagara Falls?

No, few if any had any idea, but in just over a decade NY City went from streets filled with horses and apartments filled with gas lamps, to streets packed with automobiles and apartment buildings wired with electricity.

By 1910 almost half of the electricity sold in NY City went to apartment buildings to operate electrical motors, appliances, and other non-lighting items. There were over 100,000 automobiles driving the streets of NY by then as well.

But today we stand in the midst of a time far more revolutionary than that one, with changes coming so fast, our ability to comprehend and process them can barely keep up.

America has been Surpassed

Like it or not, America is no longer the vanguard of scientific and technological development.

Within our lifetimes we have gone from global leader to distant second (or third) in graduating STEM students. While America has turned inwards to focus on Social Justice and Critical Theory issues, China (and soon India) now graduates 8 times as many students in Science and Technology fields as America does.

China's government devotes the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars to advancing everything from AI to Renewable Energy and they are beginning to surpass America in all critical STEM areas.

In China they have bypassed the more archaic monetary system we have of bank checks, physical money, credit cards, they have developed a digital system where everything is done through their phone.

China has also created a Social Credit system where those who act in ways harmful to others, or society in general, have their ability to travel, work, or purchase items restricted, the further one strays from being a productive citizen, the less one can do. And if you are a threat, you will be identified as such. There is no escaping the digital world where all records and all activities are stored and retained on the "cloud".

Just as America was the engine that made the world go round for much of the 20th century, China is currently that as we progress into the 21st. China is the leading manufacturing and technologically advancing nation in the world. The economic and global political weight of that reality requires a reset in their favor.

The Future is Bright but there will be Turmoil

To understand the changes that will come, and why, we need to look at two factors.

One I have already alluded to by mentioning China, while America is as divided and inward looking as any time in living memory, China is far more focused on becoming the global leader it wants to be. China's one party, one ruler (for life) system affords it the type of determined focus that we just can't muster today in the U.S. of A.

Compounding that problem is the disadvantage America has due to our current system of government, America has a government today that exists to serve the needs of the corporate and special interests (lobbyists) where as in China the corporations exist to serve the needs of the State.

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Far more impactful however, will be the advance of technology.

In ten years Artificial Intelligence will be driving vehicles in most cities, and this will quickly lead to driving a vehicle in cities on your own to be made illegal.

Physical money will no longer exist, there will only be Digital Wallets, and what you have in those wallets will be controllable by the government. This will be the reality initially for about 60% of all Americans, whereas those with more means retain more economic freedoms by owning stocks, real estate, and other assets, but over time, that will become an ever smaller minority of people and that 60% will grow.

More and more people will work for themselves, creating, growing, providing services as they choose, tracking orders and income online, but even so, there will be a growing number of people that exist on a Universal Income that the government provides.

Nations as we have always known them, will not be as independent or sovereign, and no place will this be more true than America. As the years go by we will become a more cosmopolitan nation, and the idea of National interests will be surpassed by the Global, One World perspective.

© 2020 Ken Burgess


Ken Burgess (author) from Florida on December 30, 2020:

Thanks you Glenn, I hadn't realized I neglected to approve and reply to this comment, my apologies.

Your feedback is most appreciated.

Ken Burgess (author) from Florida on November 17, 2020:


Much appreciated, I agree the combination of technological advances fast coming in the years ahead and the necessity/urgency of change due to Covid will mean major societal and economic change in the next decade.


China has flaws, but it also has strengths, and those strengths are growing, and as you noted Biden will not be one to confront or challenge China on any level. Without support from America, no country will be able to confront China and its allies successfully.

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on November 17, 2020:

Ken, you wrote a truly eye-opening review of what the future holds. Technology has been quickly changing our way of life. Our potential cashless monetary system that you eluded to, will be enforced even greater when people become afraid to handle currency due to epidemics, such as COVID-19. Very enlightening article, well done.

MG Singh from UAE on November 17, 2020:

Ken, well written, but you have not been able to see the blemishes of the Chinese system which I see very clearly being closer and having visited China. Much of China is bluster and an ability to overawe the western world because of their own inadequacies. Look at Europe, a birth rate that does not allow for regeneration and making it dependent on imported labor ( Muslim) and China for goods. China itself is mortally scared of the future of what is going to happen in Tibet and Sinkiang. The one-child norm is playing havoc in the military and a conscripted military where the only son has to perforce serve in the army is not the best thing for morale. No wonder when Modi responded in kind in Ladakh the dragon backed down. Indian generals are convinced the Chinese army cannot sustain a conflict. Even in China, the "correction" camps are a reality and of course, a100,000 Muslims are in camps and caged. Ramadan banned and also fasting. Mark my words China will implode from inside but it wont happen if a chap like Biden is president. He lacks the guts to lead the nation forward and face China. There is no easy path and the US has to decide. India under Modi has already decided to oppose China. Let's see what happens in the future.

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