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The Global Economy and Our Sovereignty

We are now in an environment where a global economy cannot be denied but what does that really mean for us as a country. We have the right to make our own decisions and should not be influenced by decisions of other countries. Sovereignty is important for a country or at least it should be. Each country has different forms of government and our country is no different. Having a global connected economy can be a good thing especially for businesses that want to or need to compete in this type of environment.

We must as a country stand up for our principles and our economy and not base decisions we make on the economic environment of other countries. Granted there may be some exceptions but overall each country should be treated individually and or actions should stand along. A global economy does have positive benefits as mentioned earlier but no global organization has the right to tell any country how their government should operate. This is especially true with regards to making decisions that negatively impacts our country while having a positive impact on other global economies.

We are a country with compassion and when countries suffer events such as earthquakes, floods or other weather related events we are always there to give a helping hand. We do this because this is who we are we make these decisions not because someone or some organization told us but because we care. We have the right to make our own decisions good or bad and not global organization has the legal authority to direct our actions. We are definitely part of the world economy and today it is strong and hopefully will continue to be strong. Our country was found on basic principles of freedom as defined by our Constitution and we should not let anyone attempt to influence a change in these principles and our rights as citizens.

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