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The Flaw In State Allocation of Covid-19 Vaccines

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The government has allocated a number of vaccines made available for each state in the USA. How this number is reached probably includes total population, number of Covid-19 cases within a state, age distribution, and urgency.

In Florida, for example, about 850,000 doses of the Pfizer Vaccine allocated per month. The state has a very large senior population 65+ and has many snowbirds who come to the state during the winter months from November - March. There are many Canadians and other foreigners trying to escape winter. The most common states they come from are those states which border Canada, the Midwest, Great Lakes, and the New York area. Literally, millions come to the state from other states for a few months.

The issue during Covid times is now about who should get the available vaccines? The first question that should be asked is:

Are you a Florida permanent resident?

If the person answers "yes", proof of residency (i.e., a drivers license) should be provided before any other criteria needed to get the vaccine. If the response is, "No", then that person should not be able to get the vaccine unless they qualify under different criteria.

The problem is this is not being done. Many out of state temp residents get the vaccine allocated to Florida's permanent residents. In states like Florida, it is a flaw that is detrimental to those who live here all year because it makes getting the vaccine much harder to get. Adding to this problem are those foreigners who are able to get it.

With limited number of vaccines available per state, non-permanent residents should not be able to receive the vaccine unless they fall into another qualifying category.


DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 17, 2021:

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Those seem like perfectly reasonable conditions. It's a shame that Florida's governor is not a reasonable person.

perrya (author) on January 17, 2021:

Some in Florida think that those out of state residents who come here qualify if they are paying state real estate taxes and own a 2nd home here. I would had that, in addition to that, must reside in the state for six + months out of a year.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on January 16, 2021:

I heartily agree with your assessment of the flaw as regards Florida. Here in NC, only health care workers and some first responders have received the vaccine so far. We've just started, in the last few days, having 75+-year-olds register to get vaccinated. Yesterday, the county I live in ran out of vaccines and the public health department doesn't know when to expect more.

As a teacher, I am in one of the early groups, but they haven't gotten to us yet. We have no idea when we might actually be given our first dose.

Much like their abysmal response to the pandemic itself, this government has failed to properly manage the distribution of the vaccine. Some states are starving for it. Other states are throwing away thousands of doses a day because it didn't get used in time.

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