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The Female Predator: Is It Rape?

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Why? Mugshots of Some More Famous Female Predators


A Few Words First

I have to start off this article by saying that I am having a bit of difficulty writing it. I am filled with a little fear and trepidation. By that I mean, I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am trying to belittle sexual violence against women. As a man, I have to apologize for this and make a disclaimer, which is unfortunate.

Second, I know that I will encounter an audience of women who "do not want to hear this". As someone who has worked in female dominated professions his entire life, I am familiar with the fact that only men are bad and should be punished. If a woman committed a transgression or an act of violence in the workplace, there was always justification for it: She had a fight with her boyfriend is the typical response. (Man blaming again).

I was also told I should watch my talk if I complained about a woman who made remarks towards me which were unprofessional when I asked my (female) supervisor what would happen had I done the same to a female coworker.

So I write this article with a little fear, but also the need to have people recognize that there is not only a double standard out there when it comes to gender issues and criminal responsibility in the justice system, but that young boys are not helped when an older woman shows them attention.

I ask you to read this article with an open mind and consider the facts from a gender neutral perspective.

I ask you to provide feedback, answer the poll questions and see the links for assistance at the end of the article should you have more concerns.

An Arizona teacher sentenced to 20 years in prison

An Arizona teacher sentenced to 20 years in prison

What Are Their Motivations

Certainly this is a question that might have some answers which seem obvious to many of the people reading this article. There are those who will say, "they do it for the same reason men do it." Most of the people saying this will probably be of the male persuation.

A feminist thinker will say something along the lines of, "she was motivated by emotional reasons, she did it out of love". One such dateline reporter spoke about a female teacher who was pursuing a teenage (female) student. The (woman) reporter made some keen observations as to the differences in motivation between male and female predators.

Men did it purely for sex and women did it out of love - which sounds like there is a justification there. That it is all right if women do it because they are emotional...

I beg to differ.

Some Comparisons with Notorious Cases

The above is a list of several (female) teachers who have been arrested for sexually inappropriate student contact. The provided ages are at the time of the crime

Teacher (Name, Age)Victim (Gender, Age)Outcome (sentence)Other facts

Melissa Ann Andreini, 29

male, 15

120 days

special education teacher, paid her victim $1,500 for the acts

Sandra Beth Geisel, 42

males, 16 - 17

6 months

several boys in several locations; provided alcohol

Keri Ann Brekne, 30

female, 14

7 years (NJ); 15 - 30 years (PA)

bought her cell phone; family friend; warned by colleagues relationship was too casual

Lisa Lavoie, 27

male, 15

18 months

took boy up and down the east coast

Autumn Leathers, 24

male, 15

1 year suspended sentence

involved with student for three months

Vicky Lynn Lewallen, 45

female, 16

2 year sentence (8 year sentence suspended)

was basketball coach

Lisa Robyn Marinelli, 40

male, 16

one year house arrest

Abbie Jane Swogger, 28

several (6+), 14 - 15 years

3 - 6 years

provided alcohol, drugs, took photos with several boys in hotels she rented

Andrea Cordosa, 26 (?)

female, 12

10 years

was an assistant principal. Woman confronted her on YouTube and then another woman came forward


Steve Albrecht, in his Psychology Today article, Female Teachers as Sexual Predators, asserts that "other motives may come into play: the desire to “care for” a male child from a broken home" which plays on the nurturing role which women are believed to in charge of. Albrech observes that many females are motivated by the need to feel desired by a younger man who may be emotionally unprepared to respond to a relationship with a more mature female.

Other women are believed to be pursuing a need to get revenge against a husband - most of these women are married and many have children of their own. All of these reasons are used - and many more - to justify the motivation of the woman when she crosses that line. Men, as stated earlier, are simply believed to be motivated by the need for some perverse, sexual gratification.

Whatever the reason, the act itself is wrong. And harmful to the child - male or female.

Society however, seems to treat the perpetrators completely different, based solely on their gender.


Boys are Harmed Not Helped

What more can be said about this than a pretty concise statement as listed above. It should be noted that females are harmed as well - particularly if there is a female predator.

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Of course there are those who say "I wish I was one of her students". And people who make such statements should be put on notice.

16.1 % of men who are in state prisons reported some sort of sexual abuse prior to their incarceration as youths.

While not all boys who have a sexual relationship with an older female will become rapists or criminals, this activity certainly doesn't send a good message.

Basically when this behavior is tolerated, it tells the man, that seeking a teenaged partner is not a problem as long as it is consentual.

I think most people would object to a relationship between a 40 year old man and a 15 year old girl. And rightly so.

A woman contacts her childhood rapists teacher by phone

Jaime and A. Cardosa

"I regret it..I only just wanted to help you.." - Andrea Cardosa on her abuse of her former student.

"You ruined my life...I'm the age now that I pretty much met you at and I could never..."

— From the YouTube video

Nadia Diaz, Fresno

28 at the time, Diaz was offered probation for sex with an underage student

28 at the time, Diaz was offered probation for sex with an underage student

Is There a Lack of Gender Inequality Here?

Well looking at some of the sentences that are offered female offenders, they seem rather light compared to what their male counterparts receive. The few noticeable exceptions are when the victim is female. And even in those situations, the punishments seem less severe.

The one misinterpretation I am afraid that readers will make from this observation is that the male violators should be given lighter sentences. I certainly do not feel that way because there is no reason an adultl male - espeically if he is in the position of authority - shoud be engaged in personal activities with students. There is no such thing as consent in this case because a minor is not capable or providing consent.

Yes, to answer the question, there is definitely a lack of gender inequality in the justice system in these situations. You can look at the table above which has a small sample of teachers that have been caught and very rarely is the female teacher who was arrested given any serious jail time for her acts.

In some cases, the violator had multiple encounters, with many victims and provided drugs, pornography, money, gifts and even paid for the hotel room. If you don't want to call it rape then it is child prostitution or sex trafficking.

At the very least it is a form of child endangerment.

Will the laws change soon?

Not unless more females speak out against this...And honestly, I don't expect that to happen.

Sad Boy



Finn (author) from Barstow on November 13, 2019:

thanks for the positive feedback and i'm grateful for it because many times females are reluctant to speak out about wrongdoings committed by females. I'm more concerned with what this says though about our times and what is happening to our society because I'm sure this has happened before, but I see a lot of sensible, talented women throwing their lives away. I also see a this with the male perpretrators and don't understand why they think it is all right to have a "relationship" with a child like this. And of course, the way younger people are behaving today and their attitutdes. It seems vastly different from when I was that age.

Lorna Lamon on November 13, 2019:

An excellent article which gives a voice to those children who have been violated by woman. As a psychologist I have seen the effects of sexual abuse by woman and how destructive it is. There is no justification for this kind of abuse be it male or female - a line has been crossed and the perpetrator is very aware of what they are doing. This type of crime is sadly on the increase and awareness is so important. Thank you for sharing.

Finn (author) from Barstow on October 22, 2019:

one of the points I was trying to make

Finn (author) from Barstow on October 21, 2019:

You make some very interesting points. I think that some of these incidents were with "consenting" teenagers - even though you are below the age to provide consent. The adults in these situations should known better.

And there is a higher degress of pedophile. Manyof these groups like NAMBLA for example, have been around for awhile - it actually goes back to ancient Roman times if you do your research.

But they should be understood to be a higher degree of offender and their "sicknesses" shouldn't be permitted to get the attention it does.

Thanks for your reply.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 21, 2019:

I believe we as a society need to distinguish two seperate types of incidents.

Sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person's will.

Slightly different from sex with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of intoxication, or unconsciousness.

What really gets under my skin, is how sex with a consenting teenager as is exampled above in the article is prosecuted with more vigor than Pedophiles that prey on innocent children.

We have pedophiles that commit crimes over and over again, get sentenced to six months, and then are released to do it again.

We have pedophiles openly advocating for their sickness on Twitter and Facebook for cripes sakes... with no repercussions.

Finn (author) from Barstow on October 20, 2019:

Well that is interesting to hear your story about your wife's educational goals because my impressiion is that most women feel quite the opposite....

About this topic, I think it is sensitive, but it seems to be happening a lot more and more. Or it is always something that has happened but people have been quiet about it.

I don't want to come across as someone who is angry and bitter - especially towards women, because I am not. I just don't understand the double standard mentality when it comes to topics like this.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on October 20, 2019:

You bring up some very important points here in regard to a sensitive subject. My wife studied psychology at University but never pursued a career in the field because she felt it was biased towards females, in regard to matters like you discuss here. She asked, "What if the victim is a male and the perpetrator female, and was basically told, "that doesn't, or rarely happens."

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