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The Falsely Accused And Wrongly Imprisoned


Crimes of Courts!

It never ends. Do a web-search for the "falsely imprisoned". I hope you have plenty of time to kill. If you're like our law enforcers and courts- there isn't much time. There isn't much time for getting at the truth. It's an assembly line. It's an ATM for lawyers and judges. And you fellow Americans will pay and pay. No, you may not care now. It's not your turn in front of the "Injustice System"!

Do people who have been unlawfully convicted and falsely imprisoned have the right to a civil remedy? If no, why not? If yes, who pays?

Are judges and prosecutors in a court with subject matter jurisdiction immune from civil liability under all circumstances no matter how outrageous their conduct, without exception?


Bill O'Reilly says!!!

“The Factor” is the only news program in the country holding American judges responsible for their behavior, the only one."

"That means judges often get away with outrageous sentences and courtroom shenanigans because we can't be everywhere. And when judges do misbehave, they hide behind the, “We can't talk about the case” ruse. So they're not held accountable to anyone. This must stop.

Maryland Judge Joseph Manck is a perfect example of what I'm saying. Earlier this year Manck sentenced a brutal child molester, a man who sexually abused his eight-year-old daughter for seven years to just four months in jail. That is a totally irresponsible sentence."


The system is full of flaws in falsely imprisoning as well.

Ask these folks below.

Greg Taylor


Greg Taylor-17years

Greg Taylor was convicted of murdering Jacquetta Thomas, a woman he had never met. He swore his innocence from the start, but every appeal failed. Taylor got a break, when a novel fact-finding agency called the N.C. Innocence Inquiry Commission recommended his case to a three-judge panel for further review. The judges declared him innocent and set him free. He was the first prisoner in the nation to earn his freedom through such a process. He had spent 17 years longing for his home and family.

BY MANDY LOCKE - Staff Writer


Man Falsely Imprisoned for 24 Years Seeks Damages

Thomas Lee Goldstein files claims that allege misconduct by police and prosecutors.

Los Angeles

April 22, 2004|Henry Weinstein , Times Staff Writer

Attorneys for Thomas Lee Goldstein, who spent 24 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, announced Wednesday that they had filed damage claims, alleging that police officers and prosecutors had committed egregious acts of misconduct that cost the Vietnam veteran the prime years of his life.

"For the police to fabricate evidence and use perjured testimony to achieve their conviction" was an "egregious affront" to Goldstein and the Constitution that calls for compensation, said Ronald O. Kaye, Goldstein's attorney, at a Pasadena news conference.

Rick Walker

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Tainted Trials, Stolen Justice

An East Palo Alto auto mechanic will receive $2.75 million to settle a lawsuit that accused Santa ClaraCounty authorities of overzealous prosecution in a controversial murder case that stole nearly 12 years of his life.

Attorneys for the county and Rick Walker, who served 12 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, said the settlement received final approval from the county's insurance carrier Friday.

Walker, who has worked as a mechanic since winning his freedom in 2003, said he won't consider the case settled until the money is deposited to his bank account. But he also said he hopes the settlement will be "like a pebble thrown in the water" that has a "ripple effect" in preventing future abuses by law enforcement authorities.

"There's a lot more people like me that are not as fortunate as I am, that are still in prison for things they didn't do," said Walker, 51. "So ultimately, if this pebble in the water makes the county change what they are doing, that's a good thing."

Walker's 1991 conviction in the slaying of a Cupertino woman came after a trial that relied in part on testimony from a onetime co-defendant whose statements were later discredited. It was only after a friend of Walker's family developed new evidence that then-District Attorney George Kennedy decided to reopen the case in 2003.

The co-defendant and another man were eventually convicted in the case.

By Brandon Bailey
Mercury News


Evidence exonerates 328, but many still falsely imprisoned

Exonerations of defendants convicted of serious crimes more than tripled during the past 15 years as DNA and other new evidence overturned the convictions, a U-M study shows.

The study, "Exonerations in the United States, 1989 through 2003," includes what is believed to be the most comprehensive listing of exonerations in the United States to date. It was conducted by law Professor Samuel Gross and four students. The study reports that since 1989—when the first DNA exoneration occurred—328 defendants have been exonerated in the United States after being convicted of serious crimes such as rape and murder.

The exonerated were 316 men and 12 women; 145 of them were cleared by DNA identification technology, and 183 by other kinds of evidence. Exonerations increased sharply from about 12 a year through the early 1990s to an average of 43 annually after 2000, the study found. The study did not include at least 135 additional innocent defendants who were framed by rogue police officers and cleared within the last five years in two mass exonerations in California and Texas.

"The most important findings of our study concern the cases that we don't see—miscarriages of justice that are not detected," says Gross, an expert on criminal procedure and capital punishment. "The exonerations we see are just the tip of an iceberg. It is clear that there are many more false convictions that are never discovered."

The research indicates that the justice system must continue to improve its investigative methods to reduce the number of convictions of innocent people, Gross says. The study focuses on three common causes of false convictions: misidentifications, false confessions and perjury.

According to Gross, police should implement different tactics to reduce the danger of false convictions based on different types of faulty information. For instance, convictions based on false confessions could be reduced greatly by videotaping police interrogations so judges and juries can see for themselves the circumstances that led the defendant to confess, he says.

Another key finding in the research involved racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. Ninety percent of exonerated juvenile defendants are African American or Hispanic.

The students participating in the research were Kristen Jacoby and Daniel Matheson, Law School; Nicholas Montgomery, LSA's Department of Economics and Ford School of Public Policy; and Sujata Patel, School of Public Health.

May 18, 2004
By Jared Wadley
News Service


James Woodard

James Woodard is now 55 years old and he spent more time in prison than any other wrongfully convicted inmate in U.S. history.  It is an unforgivable record. Mr. Woodard said he intends to help the Innocence Project of Texas, which worked to release him from prison, however he can now that he is finally out of jail.

"Unfortunately, you're not getting justice today," State District Judge Mark Stoltz told Mr. Woodard. "You're getting the end of injustice."  DNA testing freed Woodard a full 27 years and four months after being wrongly convicted finally exonerated him.


"After a careful review of the files in this case by our Conviction Integrity Unit, it is apparent that James Woodard did not have a fair trial back in 1981 and the results of his post-conviction DNA test exclude him as the perpetrator of any sexual assault that may have occurred, making him eligible for bond while we finalise our investigation on this case," Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said in a news release.

"I thank God for letting me live through the experience," said Mr. Woodard. "I never learned to give up, especially when I'm right." According to the Innocence project, Woodard now becomes the 18th person in DallasCounty to have his conviction cast aside with the assistance of DNA test results that proved their innocence.

By Gene Byrd
May 1, 2008

Jeffrey Dicks


Jeffrey Dicks, the son of an impoverished  Tennessee Mother, languished on death row for a robbery he didn't commit and a murder he didn't even see....  the tense,  personal  highly moving true  story of the bloody crime of which eighteen year old Jeffrey was accused. His  family was unable to afford a competent legal defense. At the trial,  they watched in horror as vital evidence was never presented to the jury. Jeff, who had no history of violent or criminal behavior was convicted of a murder and sentenced to die in Tennessee's electric chair. His mother fervently pursued an appeal, but time ran out  Strong bonds between mothers and their children, especially their sons, is the emotion that grabs the reader, and  squeezes him in a stranglehold read on in a crescendo of heartbreaking pain until the bitter end. And a bitter end it is for the  author, fighting to save her innocent son in any way she can, as the legal clock ticked toward the final hour.


Judges Free Inmate on Recommendation of Special Innocence Panel

It was the first winning case brought by a North Carolina commission established in 2006 after a series of wrongful convictions. By ROBBIE BROWN

February 18, 2010



Vindication Now Arrives After a Battle of 28 Years


DNA evidence exonerated a Rochester man who was convicted and did time for a rape he did not commit.

February 5, 2010



The Pulse: Tillman Goes Free, but Others Still Wait


More than 20 black men who also say they were tortured into confessions by the Chicago police from 1973 to 1991 remain in prison.

January 17, 2010


Biurny Gonzalez


William McCaffrey

Woman Who Made False Rape Charge Is Guilty of Perjury


Biurny Gonzalez testified that she lied in a trial that led to the 2006 conviction and imprisonment of William McCaffrey.

December 8, 2009



Fewer Officers, Attracting More Lawsuits


Payouts on claims against the city have climbed to more than $100 million a year. But no one seems to be responsible.

December 2, 2009


Fernando Bermudez


Man Jailed for ’91 Murder Is Cleared by Judge


A judge dismissed murder charges against Fernando Bermudez, who had served 18 years for the crime, a shooting in Greenwich Village in 1991.


Picked From a Lineup, on a Whiff of Evidence


Procedures in which dogs choose a suspect’s smell out of a group are under fire.

November 4, 2009


Dewey Bozella


October 29, 2009 -Dewey Bozella-26 years

Unyielding in His Innocence, Now a Free Man


Dewey Bozella, 50, who spent 26 years in prison in the 1977 killing of a 92-year-old woman, went free when his conviction was overturned in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


Innocent but Dead


Scientific analysis has shown that Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas in 2004 for setting a fire that killed his three children, had in fact been innocent.

September 1, 2009



Fewer journalists are pursuing investigations of wrongful accusations, death penalty opponents say.

May 21, 2009


The Right to DNA Testing

Courts and legislatures need to do more to ensure that prisoners have access to DNA that could help prove their innocence.

May 19, 2009

Peter Shellem


Peter Shellem

Peter Shellem, whose relentless digging into dusty court records, erroneous crime-lab reports and coerced confessions during his 23 years as a reporter for the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, PA, led to the release of five wrongly convicted prisoners, died Oct. 24 at his home in Gardners, Pa. He was 49.

In a profile in 2007, American Journalism Review wrote of Mr. Shellem, “No one keeps records on such things, but experts on journalism and the wrongly convicted cannot think of a present-day reporter who by himself has compiled a résumé of freed prisoners as thick as Shellem’s.”

“He got into the nitty-gritty details of cases, and when he began to believe that somebody was wrongfully convicted he wouldn’t stop until he got justice,” Mr. Scheck said Monday. “Justice from the Fourth Estate has always been a great safety valve of our legal system, and Pete Shellem was that safety valve in Pennsylvania.”

In one case, a man who was a teenager when he was convicted of killing a neighbor was released after 28 years in prison. In another,DNA evidence that Mr. Shellem recovered from a professor’s refrigerator in Leipzig, Germany, exonerated a retarded man of rape and murder.

Steven Crawford was arrested in 1970, when he was 14, after a friend was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. In 2001, Mr. Shellem learned that an old briefcase had been found in the attic of a deceased detective who had worked on the case. Notes in the briefcase suggested that a state police chemist had altered laboratory results to help convict Mr. Crawford. The Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office supported Mr. Crawford’s release after 28 years in prison.

In 1988, Barry Laughman, a man with an IQ of about 70, was sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of a distant relative, Edna Laughman. Fifteen years later, Mr. Shellem’s series in The Patriot-News pointed to flaws in the case, including a confession that appeared to have been coerced. He also tracked down microscope slides of semen recovered from the victim’s body that had been taken to Germany by a professor who had tried, but failed, to identify the DNA. DNA techniques that had improved since the trial showed that Mr. Laughman was not the killer. He was freed in 2003.

“In the Laughman case, Pete was beating his head against the wall for years and no one would listen to him,” Bill Moushey, director of the Innocence Institute of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, said Monday. “Some law enforcement people brought personal attacks against him, trying to debunk his work, but he stood strong and eventually that retarded kid walked out of prison.”

Among the other prisoners freed by Mr. Shellem’s investigations is David Gladden, who was convicted in 1995 of killing a 67-year-old woman, Geneva Long, and burning the body. Ten years later, Mr. Shellem discovered that a convicted serial killer had lived next door to Ms. Long; he had killed his known victims in the same way.

Mr. Shellem interviewed a witness who had testified that he was with Mr. Gladden at the time of the crime. The witness recanted, saying he had been coerced into confessing a role in the crime. Mr. Gladden walked out of prison on Feb. 16, 2007.

“I don’t start writing until I’m sure I’m right,” Mr. Shellem told The American Journalism Review, “and if people need to be embarrassed into doing the right thing, I’m happy to oblige them.”

Peter Joseph Shellem was born in Philadelphia on Oct. 6, 1960, one of five children of Harry and Josephine Shellem. Besides his son Philip, he is survived by his wife of 24 years, the former Joyce Elser; another son, Alek; a brother, Paul; and a sister, Karen Cain.

Mr. Shellem graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism in 1983. While in college, he worked at The Delaware County Times. He was a reporter for The Mercury, in Pottstown, Pa., before being hired by The Patriot-News in 1986.

A bearded, barrel-chested man, Mr. Shellem could have been cast as a B-movie reporter. He knew the first names of many bartenders in Harrisburg. He would sit in a bar poring over court transcripts and interviewing sources.

“I don’t want to lead anyone to believe I go to bars only to get stories,” he once said, “although it would be nice if my editors did.”

Peterson is still a prosecutor in Oklahoma.


Exonerated Wrongfully Imprisoned Sued By Prosecuter


A local man who spent 11 years in an Oklahoma prison for a murder he did not commit is now being sued by the prosecutor who put him behind bars.

Dennis Fritz was exonerated in 1999. Last year, Fritz published a book called "Journey Toward Justice" about his experience. The book pulled no punches about the prosecutor in his case, KMBC's Martin Augustine reported.

But the prosecutor said Fritz got it wrong, and is taking him to court again for libel.

"It's just totally ridiculous," Fritz said.

Fritz told Augustine that he believes the lawsuit is less about the law and more about the heat his book is bringing down on his prosecutor Bill Peterson.

Augustine reported that the story details Fritz and his friend, Ron Williamson, co-defendants in the case, who were wrongly convicted on bad evidence for the slaying of Debra Sue Carter. DNA later proved that they did not do it.

With another man now in prison for the crime, Fritz said he finds it strange that the prosecutor wants him to pay for his account of those 11 years.

"He's actually going to try and sue me for punitive damages, monetary damages from the man that he falsely convicted. It's totally insane," Fritz said.

Best-selling author John Grisham wrote a book of his own account of the case, focusing on Williamson. But Grisham spent a lot of time interviewing Fritz, even warned him that their books might prompt a lawsuit.

Augustine reported that Peterson's lawsuit argues that he did the best he could with the murder case based on the available evidence. Peterson is also suing Grisham, saying in court papers that the books by Fritz and Grisham have maligned him.

Peterson is still a prosecutor in Oklahoma.

Las Cruces Magistrate Court Crooked Cop Stupid Judge


Police Brutality Compilation - Extremely Disturbing

Mark Clavarella


Judges Sold Children Into Slavery

Two Pennsylvania Judges Jailed

Mark Clavarella and Michael Conahan, judges from Luzerne County in Northeastern Pennsylvania admitted to making more than 2.5 million dollars by selling children into prison. For at least 4 years, the judges took money from 2 privately operated children's prisons in exchange for imprisoning children in the prisons.

This is an example of why private prisons are so bad and why contracting with private firms to imprison people is so very bad.

These "private" prisons were so terrible after the Civil War and during "Reconstruction" that life for former slaves was worse than slavery to many.

Albert Sabo

Albert Sabo is a runt. He's a runt both in body and spirit. In January 1998 Philadelphia finally rid itself of his blight. He was a judge for 25 terrible years. He liked to sentence black men to die. During his career he gave 27 black men death sentences. To round it out a little, he also sentenced 4 whites to die.

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court also dismissed the testimony of Philadelphia court stenographer, Terri Maurer Carter who overheard Mumia's original trial judge, Albert Sabo, state in his antechamber in relation to Mumia's case, "Yeah, and I'm going to help 'em fry the nigger."

Judge Michale Joyce

Judge Michale Joyce has been indicted for a slew of lies and defrauding two insurance firms out of almost half a million dollars. The feds had to bring the indictment because Pennsylvania's courts are so corrupt that they can't be trusted to weed out even the most corrupt judges.

Judge Pazuhanich

I'm a Pennsylvania attorney who had the utter displeasure of dealing with former Monroe County District Attorney Pazuhanich. He has since become a judge and been been charged with sexually molesting his 10 year-old relative. 


Debra Schmidt Case

 Debra Schmidt Case, Alameda County, California. A convicted sex offender, an illegal immigrant, a man who molested his niece in front of his wife, raped his wife in front of one of his daughters, and later molested another child, Manuel Saavedra, received custody of his young daughters, but their mother, Debra Schmidt, was arrested and charged with kidnapping.  Ultimately, after six years (nearly half of cognizant childhood), Schmidt regained custody. 

Wendy Titelman

Wendy Titelman Case Cobb County, Georgia. Wendy Titelman is the mother of two daughters who wrongfully were taken from her by a Georgia judge September 15, 2000, and turned over to their father after the children claimed he had sexually abused them, and their mother reported this abuse. Their mother was jailed. Months later, the criminal jury was so outraged that after acquitting Titelman, they took it upon themselves to write a letter of complaint to Judge James Bodiford and the responsible District Attorney who had brought the charges. But it was to no avail: in all the time since, Wendy Titleman has not had her children returned to her.
"Medical and mental health experts confirmed the abuse.


Claudine Dombrowski

Claudine Dombrowski Case, Shawnee County, Kansas. Claudine lost custody of her baby daughter Rikki to Hal Richardson, the man who did this, thanks to Judge James P. Buchele, who refused to permit adequate testimony at trial, shortening it to benefit his docket, and also ordered Claudine to move back to Topeka to live near Richardson, for the sake of their "co-parenting." WHAT?! Richardson is a man with multiple criminal convictions for violent behavior (Battery, Attempted Battery, Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer, Obstruction of Legal Process, violation of Open Container law), a man who has beaten and raped Claudine multiple times before and after her divorce from him, a man who has threatened to kill her and her child.

This is a never ending HUB! Americans, the citizens of the United States of Apathy consider America fine. The Injustice System of the US is the best so it needs no repair. The religious wrong posture with "well they must have been doing something wrong or else they wouldn't be in jail. If they were in Bible study this wouldn't have happened."

The lady above didn't deserve what she got whether she was in church Sunday or not.

I don't expect Satan worshipers to do anything.

Satan worshipers are who Christians vote for.

Evil runs the government.

I expect Christians and people of all faiths including atheists who practice the LAW to be appalled. and speak out.

The LAW is adopted by every religion.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Q: How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?
A: His lips move

Q: What is the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?
A: There are skid marks in front of the dog.

Q: What do you call a lawyer with an I. Q. of 50?
A: Your honour.

Q: Why won't sharks attack lawyers?
A: Professional courtesy.

Q: When lawyers die, why are they buried in a hole 24 feet deep?
A: Because deep down, they are all nice guys

Q: What is the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of crap?
A: a bucket

Q: What is the difference between God and a lawyer?
A: God doesn't think he's a lawyer.

Q: What does a lawyer and a sperm have in common?
A: Both have about a one in 3 million chance of becoming a human being.

Q: What is the difference between a lawyer and a gigolo?
A: A gigolo only screws one person at a time.

Q: What do lawyers use as contraceptives?
A: Their personalities.

Lawyer Gifts - Statues of Justice, Scales & Gavels


Yes, you can now buy that perfect gift for that lawyer you love.

And- no- I won't be listing the website.

A lawyer and two friends, a Rabbi and a Hindu holy man, had car trouble in the countryside and asked to spend the night with a farmer. The farmer said "There might be a problem; you see, I only have room for two to sleep, so one of you must sleep in the barn."

"No problem," said the Rabbi, "My people wandered in the desert for forty years, I am humble enough to sleep in the barn for an evening." With that he departed to the barn and the others bedded down for the night. Moments later a knock was heard at the door; the farmer opened the door, there stood the Rabbi from the barn.

"What's wrong?" asked the farmer.

He replied, "I am grateful to you , but I can't sleep in the barn. There is a pig in the barn and my faith believes that is an unclean animal." His Hindu friend agrees to swap places with him. But a few minutes late the same scene reoccurs. There is a knock on the door,

"What's wrong, now?" the farmer asks.

The Hindu holy man replies, "I too am grateful for your helping us out but there is a cow in the barn and in my country cows are considered sacred. I can't sleep on holy ground!"

Well, that leaves only the lawyer to make the change. He grumbled and complained, but went out to the barn.

Moments later there was another knock on the farmers door. Frustrated and tired, the farmer opens the door, and there stood the pig and the cow


The biggest problem I have with these PESTS is that they will not clean up after themselves.

They will not police themselves.

They perpetuate a terrible, terrible system that is indeed their own ATM machine!


Lawyer: "Judge, I wish to appeal my client's case on the basis of newly discovered evidence."

Judge: "And what is the nature of the new evidence?"

Lawyer: "Judge, I discovered that my client still has $500 left."


One federal judge got arrested for driving drunk while dressed in drag. Others stood accused of frequenting prostitutes, a strip club and a shady escort service; sexually assaulting female court employees; sucker-punching a stranger; or slapping a spouse.

Federal judges have made illegal campaign contributions, falsified court records, and illegally concealed cash gifts and gambling debts. Many more have engaged in unethical or irresponsible acts, according to an investigation by the Houston Chronicle of more than 3,000 judicial misconduct matters nationwide and analysis of related records over 10 years.

Most get away with it.

Only seven judges in the last decade have faced formal disciplinary action as a result of the nation's secretive misconduct review process. In that same period, citizens filed more than 6,000 formal misconduct complaints, the Chronicle found.

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DREAM ON on February 08, 2017:

So many cases and people that have their whole life destroyed.Thank you for sharing and making us realize justice is not always served. Hopefully proper changes in the future can happen to make this less possible. Have a great day.

Micky Dee (author) on July 05, 2014:

I'm undergoing injustice right now.

The insurance policy I paid into for decades, $36,000, no longer exists. This happens every day.

The house I'm buying was sold to me fraudulently - in my eyes. Realtor kept promise money of $500. Another realtor and the owner hid problems to the tune of $4,000 so far. The insurance companies have no presale inspection but want you to make updates and repairs that the owner should have made. The inspections differ from pre-sale and after sale. Everything is to smooth and grease the wheels of commerce - but never justice or for the will of God or His law of the Golden Rule.

I could go on about lawyers and such - but I called the district attorney and the attorney general of NC. They got a laugh. Turned paperwork over to police - the lawyers and such have things the way they want them.

Sorry I can't help.

I hope someone does. God bless.

Jebo on July 05, 2014:

My friend in S. Carolina was put in prison for 35 yrs, because his stepdaughter said he touched her breasts when he was teaching her how to ride the 4 wheeler, what an injustice. He needs someones help to get him out, it is a life sentence he is a retired veteran, and 56 yrs old. I don't know how to help him. The judge in the case was flippant and made terrible comments towards him for no reason. Someone please help.

Micky Dee (author) on November 23, 2012:

God less you all. I am merely a writer and I've seen the abuses of the injustice system. Our pleas mostly fall on deaf ears. There is little freedom, few choices, false elections, and injustice in our courts with the secrecy that shrouds every facet of our lives. God bless.

Jenny Johnson on November 23, 2012:

Is there any financial help for people that have been wrongfully accused of a crime, put in jail for over 1 yr. and was pushed from one D.A. to another and nobody wanted to dismiss the case.

I was unconscious for 3 days... accused of murder and put in jail.

A private lawyer cleaned me out totally, without defending me in any way. He abononed the case after 13 month, another private lawyer got me out on $ 100000.00 bail.... (I am charged with murder) out on bail and nothing is happening.... I lost my house, all of my belongings, all my savings, my clothes, art pieces.... everything gone... I am on my 3rd privat lawyer.... waiting for a trial.... I know that I never committed a crime, I know I will be found not guilty by a jury, but who is paying back everything I lost...

Quentez Brown on September 27, 2012:

Please,Please,Please someone

help me I'm in the Stiles Unit Prison, on a assualt on a minor and I am innocent. I have letters from the victim writing of my innocent and I send a copy to the Dallas D.A. also. I need a pro-bono lawyer to handle my case, I am truly innocent.

Quentez Brown#1638961

3060f.m. 3514

April Seldon from New Orleans on July 18, 2012:

God bless you to

Micky Dee (author) on July 18, 2012:

I've gone back and I am back.

I went to Ireland in between.

I may never speak again,

But I've seen all that's ever been seen.

God bless dear Pan

April Seldon from New Orleans on July 18, 2012:

Micky awaken and go back to your ancient self that's the way out, the ruler of this world are after the ones that are conscious, aware,awakened, those who's light shines bright in the darkness. I feel your pain, I've been through harsh tribulations, and I know why, and people wouldn't understand because right now the unseen has the upper hand. Spiritual warfare. Study, research and go to the source of your roots, even f it leads back to England, and don't stop there keep digging the more you open the graves in your soul the more awakened you will become, you will start to recognize information, and you will become your ancient self.

Micky Dee (author) on July 17, 2012:

God bless you Pan.

I had a resolution - to not take any drug - not an aspirin. I kept that resolution.

Honor means something.

If not - the world is atilt. We are lost at sea.

I was framed for a crime never committed.

But my real crime was being different.

In a society of White versus all color I was the darkest - to the powers that were.

It is THAT way today.

We all live in a gated society.

But the apathetic hold the keys.

God bless Pan.

April Seldon from New Orleans on July 17, 2012:

I did a report in school on Carlos Daluna, an innocent man whom Texas wrongfully executed. It did a lot of research on this case and it brought tears to my eyes. I 've done alot of digging into other things to. Society as been so dumbed down so much that people can not see what's really going on. These people in high places working in the crminal justice system, they are nothing but a bunch of criminals selling souls. If only you knew what I know. Do research on their back grounds and find out where their loyaltys really lye. The system loves innocent blood. People are surprised when a child molester is only given 7 yrs. Im not the least bit surprised. Some of these people that work for the criminal justice system are child molesters themselves. Research how many innocent people has been put to death by Texas. It's a legal blood sacrifice.

Micky Dee (author) on July 17, 2012:

I also am a Veteran - Vietnam. I'm sure you are too.

Americans - by and large - are plastic.

Americans are in denial of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH that American justice is ABSOLUTELY a LIE.

You and I stand.

You and I - VETERANS of OUR Country - are a REBUTTAL of AMERICA.

No sir - Larry - I know of no lawyer with integrity.

I know of no lawyer that will stand for a Veteran.

No Larry - I am very remorseful - sorry to say WE HAVE NO VOICE.


Americans will read this.

They will have plastic replies - such as: "We sense anger and resentment at our self perpetuating contentment".

"We wish you well in your new endeavor and hope you find the success you seek."

"We're at different places in our lives."

No Larry - you and I have no support group.

No Larry - this is an America that exports terrorism around the globe but ESPECIALLY to "our" own people.

No Larry - we will receive stupid rhetoric for every sensible question we ask.

I am truly sorry Larry - but America does not care about us. They may buy a bumper-sticker made in China that professes some plastic slogan that is meaningless.

Poor high-school kids will not have a support group.

The Liberals will save gays and whales.

Conservatives will not save anything.

I'm sorry Larry.

There are Veterans For Peace that we can join.

But there are no Americans to come to the justice for another American - especially a VETERAN who fought for their right to be selfishly indifferent.

I no longer say an audible word.

I do not speak.

I have taken a vow of silence.

It's lonely.

But I'm hearing fewer lies from my fellow Americans.

This America is high on estrogen.

There are few men of honor.

There are even fewer women of honor - but I am only speaking from this Veteran's view - I have never chosen a love. I've been played upon and preyed upon - but I have never chosen a woman.

My bet - without knowing you - a woman ihas probably helped in the relieving of your property.

The courts have sided with a person of little morality.

Perhaps an arbitrator slept with the principle parties.

I also am a victim.

I was framed for the senseless crime of having grains of cannabis in Prince Albert tobacco.

I would never.

My resolution of months prior was to never take any drug - even aspirin.

I was sentenced to the chain gang.

No Larry we have no help from an America that is brainwashed to hell and back.

I shook all this ugly off me. I worked day and night. I built a business. I built another business. I built a home while being a volunteer fireman, etc. etc.

All was taken from me.

And this America laughs at us with bumper stickers made in China.

All we can do is write.

I can't even speak.

Perhaps some day - my voice will return.

I doubt it.

God bless you Larry - but this ameriKKKa doesn't exist but in the plastic minds of plastic Kens and plastic Barbies.

God bless you Larry.

~Micky Dee~


Vietnam 68-69

Larry Lyster on July 16, 2012:

I found your website focuses on state corruption. I am a transplant form California to Alamogordo New Mexico. I had assets of over two million dollars when I arrived in 2007. Today I am homeless, with a story of unbelievable corruption by justice system here, to include being jailed for a crime I didn't commit while my life savings were taken from me. Can you help me with any information to where I can get legal assistance. Many people in Alamogordo want to see me get justice, but fear the people that control this town and there legal system. I am a 62 year old Vietnam Combat veteran with a disablement and very little assets. Thank you, Larry

Chauncey on May 16, 2012:

I have yet to understand how one individual get charge with a crime but another is charge as well.I know of a case where one individual inform the authority of a law that was broken and end up getting charge. Sure the informer kept there mouth shut?

CRAZY CALIFORNIA on April 05, 2012:

Well, this California is MORE worse and out of control. Putting too many innocent folks behind the bars and prison including Matthew White who is 22 yrs old. Still his computer held a child porn even he was disgusted and deleted it off but FBI don't care and have him be prosecuted. He lost his future: marriage, family, and be among his friends and children around him. California has gone bonkers. I found it's strange that when I counted the charges of similar one from my friend's court paper, why didn't they arrest her in first place but they chose to wait until recently to arrest after the charges were showed different dates on the example: the charges were 2002, 2004, and 2005 but a person was arrested on January 2011 for those 3 charges, now they're putting many innocent folks in prison because of accidentally downloading of CP video starting last year and this year and it will GO on for more. California don't care and they're happy arresting so many innocent and decent folks and putting them behind the bars. Someone once told me to move out of California. I was pulled over a few times which they thought my description matched me. WTH ???? I pray for those innocent folks behind the bar.

Another one, I can't help but figuring how can this father be charged for molesting a child when this woman WANTS more kids but he had enough with her for 4 children together. She wears a child undies because none of the adult undies fit her she was short and slim. But that undies don't fit the 6 years old, still the cops and DA put him behind bars after the 8 charges were put on different dates and he was arrested 5 years later. *scratching my head* This woman is very smart in any technology on computer and other sorts, glad they hate their bipolar mom (kids hate but cops believe her) but they feel sorry for their innocent dad, their father spent a lot of time in happy moments with them until the prison took him away because this woman clearly wants MORE kid. Prayers for wrongful convicted and innocent inmates in prison.

Wife In Need on April 04, 2012:

if someone can help me please email me at

Wife IN Need on April 04, 2012:

How do i get help with my husband , he have been accused for murder and have been in prison for 8 years for a crim he did not commit , and we found out today that he is not able to go up for parole for 40 years , its not right we have the evidence that he did not do it but we have no money for an attorney can someone please help me, my husband does not deserve to suffer for someone else wrong doing.

nazra mungeoo on April 01, 2012:

i was falsely accused and spent 3yrs in jail i need fair justice and advice on how to go about getting my life back the justice system is so unfair and need to be put out there i am willing to do what ever it takes to free my self to a fair trial i hope some one can help

Lori on March 13, 2012:

I need to talk to those in which have been falsely accused....please help me...I was released after 17 years of o false rape charge...I don't know where to begin please help me...or just tell me the truth, do I have to go media to get heard...please help....

April Seldon from New Orleans on November 26, 2011:

That is so sick that that judge only sentenced that child molester for 4 months, he is probly a child molester himself to have given him that light of sentence.

SanXuary on October 14, 2011:

The whole system is flawed at times and even the jury system is often ridiculous. Spend a day in court and scratch the hair off your head realizing that you can even legally harass the hell out of anyone you want. Perhaps, worst of all is the creation of laws to simply create criminals. The phony drug war proven beyond a doubt as a failure and a fraud now replaced by the war on terror is a perfect example. The first thing that happens when America gets involved in any foreign country is the amount of drugs being made in that country. Every Government system is a business that insures that those incarcerated have only one job and that is crime since they can never get a job or vote. Read history it is all truth and I wish it was not. There are many great people in the system doing the right thing but we all know that it is not perfect. Unfortunately, this system has to get it right because lives are being destroyed including the innocent. All debts paid should be forgiven. What is illegal for the common person should be even more illegal for those we place our trust in to up hold the laws of the land. Most of all it is only a crime when we create laws and some of them may not be serving any purpose at all that we originally intended.

Micky Dee (author) on September 26, 2011:

You're right komobo81f. Our biggest problem in the world but especially the United States of America is trust. Lawyers rule our country and therefore the world. Yet - America returns to depths of hell every election to bring one of the dirtiest forms of life to rule us.

Lawyers are liars and American are liars by default. Sorry Americans -we'll talk about the rest of the world later but - Americans are dumber than bricks. They impose this dumbness upon themselves.

Americans are self imposed stupid. They vote for lawyers. Lawyers help people break the law. They vote for lawyers. Endless insanity. Thanks for your comment.

komobo81f on September 25, 2011:

I am going to stir it up a little because this is touchy,but anyways Casey 'tots mom' given that her moral compass is totally screwed up a jury found her not guilty, but was this excepted no, on every channel the first thing you heard " casey anthony is the most hated person in the world" so even if you spend three years of your life in prison then are found not guilty if the public doesn't agree then you are still destroyed. so where is the Justice.the prosecutors stated that they presented every piece of evident's they had. and the jury still felt she was not guilty. but do you think that she is ever going to live a normal life I don't see it for one the media won't let her. she really needs help not crucifixion. why isn't the media on the women that threw her baby off the fourth floor parking garage or the women the shot her three kids in the back of the head.they even found notes around the house showing that she was planning this act.I don't know what to say it seems like we have become such a judgmental and hateful society. what amazes me is that everyone knows that the media is ful of shit you can't believe haft of what they say yet everyone acts like there the gospel and we all know that all there about is ratings they could careless about the truth. even the judge expressed his disappointment in the way the media covered the case giving there opinion based with no evident's.

Micky Dee (author) on July 22, 2011:

Thank you all for caring about your fellow brothers and sisters. God bless you.

George on July 21, 2011:

it is sad that innocent people go to prison and have there lives ruined.

Maude Keating from Tennessee on July 21, 2011:

wow, a very thought provoking hub. I knew people slipped through the cracks because we are not God. What nightmares for these wrongly accused people.

whoisbid on July 13, 2011:

My good friend (a strange lawyer now passed away) told me that the LAW IS AN ASS! He was a good lawyer because he knew it was all a joke!

Micky Dee (author) on June 14, 2011:

God bless drpastorcarlotta. You have been through some fire I know. I love you sister dear.

Thank you - always - for your wonderful comments.

Pastor Dr Carlotta Boles from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC on June 08, 2011:

I can relate to this Hub for back in 1994 I was conviced for a crime I DID NOT COMMITT! I served 3 years! I often wondered if that was a death sentenced how aweful that would have been. Praise God it wasn't, but still I sat in that prison for 3 years not being able to do nothing about my situation. Not saying I was an angel because I was a mess back then, but I did not committ that crime!

I remember the Holy Spirit speaking to me telling me, "this soon shall pass. This is when I rededicated my life to Christ and never looked back! To be truthful for me, it was the best thing that could of happen to me at that time in my life! It was a shock treatment! It saved my life because I was on durgs, out of control and dying inside! That was 17 years ago, I haven't touch nothing since! AMEN! I love your Hubs Mickey Dee and I love you too!! God Bless you!!!

Gio on May 31, 2011:

cool hub!

Micky Dee (author) on April 01, 2011:

God bless you Phillip Goodson!!! The world turns its back. Christians TURN THEIR BACKS on their own.

Its America's biggest scandal! It is America's DISGRACE!

NOT ONE POLITICIAN WILL TOUCH IT! Amen and Amen! It is unbelievable and -



I am a follower of Christ.




Sorry if I get carried away Phillip. I see Christians scurrying to vote another RAT into office.

God bless you Phillip!

phillip goodson on April 01, 2011:

Micky Dee, wow, what a great hub! It is truly mind boggling that with all this going on, not one politician will touch the issue. The only people that get fair trials in this country, are the ones that can afford it. Also another little tid bit, America has 7 times the global average of it's population in prison!

Micky Dee (author) on March 21, 2011:

Yes sir mquee, it's still going on too. God bless you brother Veteran!

mquee from Columbia, SC on March 17, 2011:

It is truly a heart breaking experience to read and hear about so many wrongly convicted or even executed people. If prosecuting attorneys and judges were prosecuted as criminals for their wrongful acts, things would change. Some, if not most know when they are prosecuting innocent people and at the same time allowing the guilty to continue to walk the streets. Thanks Mickey for sharing.

Micky Dee (author) on February 21, 2011:

God bless Shinkicker. Good luck with your part of the world but- America will NEVER get off its knees to SAtan. The religious here in the U*nited States of Apathy will never give a damn. If it isn't their butts going to jail- why they will elect these lawyers to rule the world. America is no more than average at best. America is brainwashed- all the way to hell. Ask the imprisoned. America is the most imprisoned nation on Earth and Americans don't give a damn. God bless your heart Shinkicker.

Shinkicker from Scotland on February 19, 2011:

Awesome Hub Micky

Any advocates of the death penalty should read this. Appalling that many innocent people have spent many years in prison. And in many cases it's science and not the law that has freed them.

Micky Dee (author) on February 11, 2011:

God bless you Fay! You're right on all accounts. And yes ma'am! I love your writing! You are a positive force for good in the world! God bless you!!!

Fay Paxton on February 11, 2011:

This is a powerful hub and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you took the time and did the research. I remember when Governor Ryan of Illinois had all the imprisoned removed from death row. He said there was too much corruption that led to the likelihood of innocence. Needless to say he didn't win many friends and not long afterwards found himself charged and convicted of corruption.

While I'm certain he was probably no prima donna, I will always believe the system was simply getting even. When officials are convicted of crimes they are always sent away to what we call "country club" prisons. Not so for Governor Ryan.

It's sadder still, when you consider that we imprison more people than anyplace else in the world.

Micky Dee (author) on February 10, 2011:

Hi theseus. It will not admit it. This injustice system will not police itself. There are no checks and balances. If so they are ignored. It's an assembly line. The quality of the verdict is of no importance. God bless!

theseus from philippines on February 10, 2011:

A very good hub. An eye-opener indeed. The problem is the justice system may be crooked but what it always say is dura lex sed lex.Even if it commits so grave a wrong, it will not admit it. Instead, what it does is make it a part of the jurisprudence. What a pity.

Micky Dee (author) on January 28, 2011:

Amen! Amen! Amen! God bless you sligobay! We have no unity. Americans are brainwashed to be separate and at each other. Most will not admit that the form of capitalism in these United States of America today is slavery. And the rest of the world is goose-stepping as well.

America needs a true revival of spirituality. The churchanity and capitalism has failed. There is more to serving God and country than going to voting booths where EVERY ELECTION is rigged. The candidates are goosestepping lawyers and businessmen.

You are so correct sligobay! Americans are sitting on their couches under the glow of the TV while AMERICA is the MOST IMPRISONED NATION on our Earth. We're preaching to the choir brotherman. America will not awake soon. God bless!

Micky Dee (author) on January 28, 2011:

lisadpreston! God bless you! You can see! "We" have to "give up". ALL of America, pretty much, is just BRAINWASHED! The most important thing in their lives is the news. They get that from almost on source. They worship the TV. Football, basketball, etc. Men and women show their manliness by sitting on the couch watching a ball. Manly men speak up! Manly men don't get their dumbing down news from the networks. I love my couch too but I will not believe every lie that come from democrats and republicans. These are just cults. God bless you lisadpreston!

sligobay from east of the equator on January 28, 2011:

OK Micky Dee- I'm the late entry here. This is an abomination and repugnant to our constitution which is being cancelled for lack of interest. I read an article about the US Supreme Court watering down the Miranda Rights last term. Both Right to Counsel and self-incrimination rights were reviewed and scuttled.

Homeland Security and the Patriots Act have eroded rights. The 9-11 attack facilitated the erosion of rights and was never properly investigated. The irregularities would make a grown-man cry. Corporate ownership of the media has molified the fourth estate. We are now the fourth estate. Freedom of the press has been hijacked.

Take a look at how "public safety" has become more substantial than individual constitutional rights by villifying persons who " pose a potential danger" to society. Today it is sex offenders and tomorrow it will be political agitators. God forbid anyone object to the deprivation of the rights of persons who have committed a crime. Their debt to society can never be paid and the nature of their crimes justify the erosion of civil rights. Today it is one group and tomorrow it will be another group and they won't know what hit them. The jews were the scapegoats of Germany and people put their heads in the sand and said I'm glad I'm not a jew. Keep your eyes open. The move is under way to require persons convicted of domestic violence to register. Weren't the jews first required to register before they were exterminated. Gun registration laws inform the government of the location of all weapons. That will be very convenient when the confiscation begins. Charleton Heston was a patriot with foresight and mistrust of power. They'll have to pry the gun "from my cold dead hand" he said. Great Hub. You are a true patriot.

lisadpreston from Columbus, Ohio on December 04, 2010:

This is a wonderful, powerful hub. You presented the facts and cases I hadn't even heard of. Our system is terribly flawed, there is no consistency in sentencing, and it all boils down to money. I am having a hard time finding a rich white guy sitting on death row. Let's face it, money talks and bullshit walks. Prisons make big money. Cheney knew the profit margin and was caught investing in private prisons. I have stacks and stacks of files on corrupt judges. I have just about given up.

Micky Dee (author) on December 01, 2010:

Oh Katie! You make the tears well up! God bless you Dear Katie!

Katie McMurray from Ohio on December 01, 2010:

I've said my peace and counted to three...

Katie McMurray from Ohio on December 01, 2010:

WOW Micky, What amazing research. I give thanks to strong men such as yourself for this little ole girl has not the stomach for such battles. Thank you sir for being our David during times of many a Goliath. Ah shut it, don't you dare go all humble on me now! Love, Peace and Joy my dear brother. :)

Micky Dee (author) on November 24, 2010:

Kathy- I believe EVERY word. This injustice system is a lie. God bless you Dear. I believe every word. My alternative is to believe in a lawyer or the system and this system is a lie. God bless you! The lowest lifeforms on earth perpetuate this misery!

God bless TonyMac, BrotherMan!

Tony McGregor from South Africa on November 24, 2010:

Justice perverted is worse than no justice! Thanks for sharing these eye-opening stories. Gotta stand for justice, my brotherman, and you do it so well! Bless you!

Love and peace


Kathy on November 24, 2010:

I began trying to report criminal acts with the evidence that unfolded to me from 1995 to now. Nov. 2010. I spent over $ 2 5 0,000's in my attempt to do nothing other than report criminal acts as they unfolded to me. I went through living hell (home burned, loaded gun planted, false police reports filed, churned out of over $25 0,000's due to corrupt attorney's covering up for other corrupt attorney's, judges, bankers and law enforcement agents. I now know that while corrupt attorney's and corrupt judges, DA's and law enforcement agents were preventing my reports and evidence (later stolen) from being reports of court record or FBI record; that fraudulently created documents were filed of court record and FBI records. I have been sit up. Why and for what reason? I learned in 2008 that my identity had been taken by associates of convicted drug money launder, Amy Ralston POfahl "before she went to prison" (Nov. 1987) and when her Drug King Pen Lord, Sandy Pofahl; attorney from Harvard and Yale was released from prison; then, a scheme knowns to law enforcement agents as a method used to launder large amounts of illegally obtained money (drug money to appear as illegal breast pills) is to target (me), an unsuspecting person (who Sandy Pofahl, Larry Morrow, Larry Sullivan brother of the Chief of POlice of Addison Texas, Amy and others knew from targetting me before they went to prison). To make said unsuspecting person (me) think that I was investing in a legal business (Ultra Sound and ad sales/health products) and then by way of corrupt insiders of State BAnk and Trust associates and corrupt attorney's involved in this scheme; the money launders stole my drivers license three times; fraudulently created several companies, bank accounts and merchant accounts (to most likely launder Sandy POfahl's estimate $350 million dollars plus) and fraudulent real estate and mortage fraud deals which SAndy POfahl and his associates have been doing since the mid 80's.; the money launders sit me up as a fall guy by simply having the clout as attorney's, judges, and inside the FBI, DA's and DEA, police, to prevent my attempts to report such things as they unfolded to me; while insiders of the FBI and courts and DA's and police were allowed to file fraudulently created documents of court record, police record and FBI records which I learned in March 2010 was done. I wrote a book due to ex FBI agent, Gil Torrez telling me to do so but, I have reason to believe that Torrez has done his fare share of preventing factual reports and evidence of mine from being of FBI record. When Bill Clinton released convicted drug money launder, Amy Ralston Pofahl; she went to live and marry the man (Derek Povah) who stole my identity before she went to prison. Amy called me from the Dublin prison to tell me that "what Doug Mulder did to Mel Jetter is what Doug Mulder was going to do to me". Doug Mulder attorney, did conceal evidence that would have proven I did not break a $ 72 window. I went to jail for 10 days due corrupt Doug Mulder attorney. Mel Jettor and Randall Williams lives were destroyed due to Doug Mulder, a judge and their power to prevent evidence and prevent testimony in a court of law. All I have ever sought from 1995 to now. Nov. 2010 is "to report criminal acts with evidence and go on with my life". Since I am repeatedly prevented from reporting criminal acts; and I keep finding out about ways by which I have been sit up by attorney's, judges, organized crime, FBI, DA's, DEA, etc. for their constantly preventing my reports and evidence from being of record; and, even false police reports were created to discredit me (according to Det. Dodson's boss, Lt. McGowen who when I asked him why Det. Dodson filed a false police report; I was told quote "so no court of law will accept your testimony". It has taken me over 500 pages in a book to discribe 100th of what I have been put through "just trying to report criminal acts with evidence and go on with my life". When 3/4ths of my evidence was discovered stolen from my home; the police and FBI agent, Gil Torrez refused to let me report the theft of evidence. When Amy called me from the Dublin prison (one year before Bill Clinton let her out of prison) she also told me to learn about the tilted justice system and the good old boy network. She knew what was planned for me. She knew even though she was in prison while this scheme of me was in the making from 1995 to when Clinton let her out of prison in June 2000. I have now read on the Internet sits: Rodney STinch; The Jewish Drug Money Laundering Society that Owns Bill Clinton; the FBI, banks, CIA drug money laundering enterprise. There's nothing any of us can do about such criminal enteprises. The media can't expose such things because to do so could get them sued. The power of this criminal enterprise is far too high up. My life is destroyed. It has been 15 years and every year for the past 1 5 years; I learn of more evidence planted or created to sit me up and destroy my life. If anyone has any idea who will actually help me get this reported; tell me now. I have written and called and sent documents to every government agency that I can think of. Kaye Bailey Hutchison's office who told me quote "whenever you say that attorney's are involved in any criminal acts then there will be no government agency who will ever meet with you". I wrote to the U.S. Department of Justice; Marshall Jarrett who told me that this is serious allegations but the FBI has the authority to decide who they let report criminal acts and who is not allowed to report criminal acts. Wow? the laws that I read said that it's the duty of every citizen to report criminal acts and to not do so could subject anyone who knew of a crime and didn't report such to be guilty of aiding a criminal. There are alot of laws on not reporting criminal acts. So, what's the law say when the FBI, DEA, DA's, police, alot of attorney's, and other government agencies won't let me report criminal acts or when such agencies falsify documents of public and court records as they have done from 1995 to now? I've been sit up and there's no government agency anywhere who will help me.

Micky Dee (author) on November 02, 2010:

Thank you Dear Katie! Love and peace Dear!

Katie McMurray from Ohio on November 02, 2010:

Oh my, the sooner man realizes that he knows nothing and is useless to pass judgement the better. A body of honest and collective integrated people should truly determine the outcome without muddy water. Well done, you must be relieved to express this truth and reality. Ride on dear one, Much Love and Peace :)

Micky Dee (author) on September 24, 2010:

surviveprison!!! Thank you for stopping by! With this New World Disorder that's coming down just may help! God bless you Sir!

surviveprison from New York on September 24, 2010:

It almost makes you want to stay indoors and not interact with society - out of sight out of mind - Anyhow - great hub - kudos for putting it all together. If anyone wants to find out how long their prison sentence would be - go to

They have a prison sentence calculator that determines length of stay based on good time credit.

Micky Dee (author) on September 09, 2010:

Hi pintails! The world should be real. Our law officers should be real. Judges should try to find justice and fairness. The lives ruined by our injustice system make me weep too Bud.

pintails7886 from Memphis TN on September 08, 2010:

WoW is all I can say. Great hub. as a man I dont like to admit this but it brought tears to my eyes. I have heard about much of this before, but it has been years since i put any thought into it, and being a different person now.

Micky Dee (author) on August 12, 2010:

Bobbi, you know that's right. Some seem so nice. It's just sad we can't trust anyone today.

BobbiRant from New York on August 12, 2010:

Police fabricate evidence? Oh my no! Police are such liars that it spills over into their personal lives as well, they don't have boundaries for lying. I was asked out by a cop once my answer to him was: "Thanks, but the last thing I need is to date a guy who can manipulate the system and legally carry a gun." :0) Great post.

Micky Dee (author) on August 03, 2010:

Hi mquee! Our injustice system has not worked since our country began. I cannot work. The folks who run it will not police themselves. There are no or there are very little "checks and balances" to make it work. It's run by the lazy and crooked. All involved in it must know how fallible it is. Thank you Sir.

mquee from Columbia, SC on August 03, 2010:

Hi Mickey, this is an excellent hub that brings out the truth about justice. People having political aspirations love to show the public they are tough on crime. There is nothing wrong with being tough on crime, but how about getting the right person. It's hard to imagine that for 10, 15, or 20 years telling the world you are innocent and having no one believe you. Great research Mickey and thanks.

Micky Dee (author) on June 12, 2010:

Hi Darlene, It really is appalling how Americans go along with this "injustice". It is without doubt a stupid system these horrible people have shoved upon us. It is insane to make someone pay for representation to appeal for some fairness when it is a racket. It is an ATM for lawyers and judges. This system, clearly, does not "work"! Thank you Darlene.

Darlene Sabella from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ... on June 11, 2010:

Hi Ricky, when it comes to court cases, I'm in and have been following them for years. I learned about the game and realized everything you wrote in your awesome hub was true, that was the OJ trial, I was never so shocked in my life, and that is when I realized the game. Oh, I mean the Money game...if you are poor don't break any rules or stand next to someone who is breaking a rule. Great hub, thumbs up and useful

Micky Dee (author) on May 18, 2010:

Hey Petra! I see comments about Obama on some hubs. They say he's ruining "America". These people must know they lie. America has never existed. It's on maps and in heads. If an elected leader makes any worthwhile attempt to change America for the better- that leader will not be a leader long. Americans are so content in their captivity. They can't even express a change when they vote. Thank you Petra!

Petra Vlah from Los Angeles on May 17, 2010:

How right you are Micky: “We are living in the most charming dictaroship in the world” How right and how sad!

Micky Dee (author) on May 11, 2010:

Amen Sister Blackreign! The Charleston bridge is named after the "Ravenels" of SC's lowland. A few years ago one was arrested for trafficking. He of course went to rehab for a while. Then his charges were reduced. "They" go to rehab. They pass "go" and collect $200 too! Thank you Blackreign!

Too many lives are ruined by a system that is horrible.

It's absurd to be able to "buy" a chance for fairness in a court of law. The most money wins! The system is an ATM machine for attorneys. Thank you Dear!

blackreign2012 on May 11, 2010:

Freakin superb Micky... Very informative and fluid. Wrongly accused people are the product of a bullshit legal system that truly does not dull out blind justice. And there is definitely two sets of laws. One for the wealthy and a set for John Q public. Its utterly ridiculous that so many have been locked away some forgotten others not. Rate up on deck ~hugs~

Micky Dee (author) on May 11, 2010:

You're right William Sir! There's no effort. I put the lawyer jokes in because "this system" is "the part" of our government that is so flawed and has ruined so many lives that I "drone on" about it often. I see no point in delivering "our" system of government to any part of the world until we fix "this". You're probably right about the lawyer jokes but folks don't visit this much anyway as it is too serious. Thank you very much William! Happy trails Sir!

William F Torpey from South Valley Stream, N.Y. on May 10, 2010:

In my opinion, Micky Dee, there's nothing worse than being falsely accused -- and nobody worse than someone who will accuse another falsely. The system is badly flawed. Unfortunately, there's no effort to correct the wrong. Corruption should be ended ... no matter what the source. You've certainly made your point. The lawyer jokes are funny, but I'd rather see them on a separate hub because I feel they distract from the central point of this hub.

Micky Dee (author) on April 21, 2010:

Hi Tina. I'm concerned that the "system" was/is flawed from its inception. We have to "pay" for an appeal for fairness. Some have more money to "appeal"! Thank you very much for coming and commenting!

TINA V on April 21, 2010:

There were other similar cases shown on TV shows such 48 Hours, Dr. Phil and even on news. It is just so sad that people suffer because they were falsely accused and put in prison for something they didn’t do. There was even one case that one man was jailed in 1999 for a murder case. He appealed 3X but was denied. He was released last year because his case was re-opened by one female lawyer. They found out that there were evidences that were not given before to his lawyers. There were other possible suspects that were not considered. That man is a victim of injustice. But he is a free man now.

On the otherhand, there was also news about a doctor who was already accused of child molestation. It was said that he already molested more than 100 children. But his case was still pending and was not given much attention by the Medical Board. He just transferred from one state to another and he can still continue to practice his profession. This is another sad and disappointing news.

I believe that “Laws” are formulated to guide and discipline a country. However, justice and injustices depend on the authorities whether to implement it properly, neglect it, abuse it, or even corrupt it. I sympathize with those who experienced and suffered because of authorities’ negligence and abuse of power. But I hope the government will look into this matter.

I will bookmark and share this to others. Great hub!

Micky Dee (author) on April 18, 2010:

Oh you Sa'ge. Thank you very much. I sprinkle a little extra sugar in occasionally so I don't scare too many off at once. Thank you Dear. Let's tell the truth and love one another! Thank you Ma'am!

Sa`ge from Barefoot Island on April 18, 2010:

wooo Mickey; I think you got a few hobs here not just one. You steaming now for over a month. Something got you going back there and seems you not let it loose yet, maybe a little but it still there. I not gonna say to much cepting, GREAT work! "and the TRUTH shall set us FREE!" If we do not put the truth out there no one else will. I been creeping in there a bit myself. gotta watch it or I get lost in the steam that starts to pour out. AMEN! go get 'em brother. Love and Peace -- Aloha

Micky Dee (author) on April 16, 2010:

Thank you terced ojos! These folk drunk on power act as if there is no reckoning. But there is! Everybody has an Armageddon to attend. If OJ had one lawyer or a bad lawyer he would have swung. Claus Von Bulow the same.

People should not be "required to buy a better lawyer" to achieve some kind of fairness. Thanks terced ojos!

Micky Dee (author) on April 16, 2010:

And they didn't believe your story? who hasn't driven off with a loaded van occasionally? Unbelievable. It's an easy mistake!

nomoretrucks from scotland on April 16, 2010:

Well MD i guess i must come clean, i was falsely imprisoned a few yrs ago for a short time for taking a vehicle which i took in a desperate situation to get somewhere. I regret it now, i guess they though i knew about the 400 tv sets which were in the back at the time!

Micky Dee (author) on April 10, 2010:

Thank you AEvans! We need a "justice system" for everyone, not the "injustice system" that we have. Thanks you for caring for those "falsely imprisoned and murdered" by the courts! Thank you Dear!

Julianna from SomeWhere Out There on April 09, 2010:

I have heard about somany innocent people put in jail it turns my stomach so many stories the only thing we can do is stand behind them and fight for our rights, speak out and let our voices be heard when it comes to corruption in our courts. :)

Micky Dee (author) on April 06, 2010:

Yo Bro! We'll take it with us. The last will be first. The first shall be last.

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. There ain't no way that people aren't going to pay.

They can look the other way. Expect "Somebody" to say nay.

There will be some kind of judgment day.

There's science. There's karma. There's hell. There is some kind of heaven!

Straddle that fence. Make me whence.

Do what you crave. Don't make a wave.

You better treat your brother right.

Or it's going to be good-flippin'-night!

Be mean. Be greedy. Be a fool.

Build yourself a pool. Try to stay cool.

God's going to take your sorry butt to school.

You better you keep your heart wrapped around God's Golden Rule.

50 Caliber from Arizona on April 06, 2010:

YEEEEE HAAAAAAW SPUR THAT SCHWINN 'TIL THE TIRES SMOKE! 'Bro they just added the straw that broke the backs of the ass and elephant. Both parties guilty, one for doing it the other for quietly watching the parchment that the words by the people, for the people were scribbled with a quill pen was set afire dropped in the metal refuse container and the weenies of all who fought for it roasted in plain sight. Welcome to hell on earth keep your eye and your heart on the prize as all thing bent will be straightened in the hour or minute that has been chosen since the beginning that the alpha and omega, will change the order where the first will be last and the last be first. I have Faith in the words anointed and delivered. Faith and integrity, you can take it with you. Yes?

Micky Dee (author) on April 06, 2010:

Amen Brother 50 Caliber! Amen! A thousand times- AMEN! "At the end of the day if they want you they'll have you"- you know that the the Lord Jesus God's TRUTH is it was ever spoken. People love to be apathetic. They embrace apathy and go to bed with it. They will use the phrases like, "lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas" and "well he/she must've been doing something!"

The United States of America, folks, it's a mirage. It never existed as the teachers teach and the preachers preach and the politicians reach!

Yes, Lord, please tell me again some of you how it's the best in the world! If this is the best we are in hell already.

Here in America- we purchase everything -including an attempt to plea for fairness, for our very freedom. Buy a lawyer.

Kids should be taught the Golden Rule but reality is -stay in school- make the most money you can -screw whoever is necessary - you will need it in a court on "injustice! Now THAT is a STAY IN SCHOOL SPEECH!

Americans - teach your children THAT or

Overhaul the INJUSTICE SYSTEM which is NO MORE than an ATM machine for LAWYERS and JUDGES who CANNOT and WILL NOT DO THEIR JOB.

Demand that America adopts the GOLDEN RULE as its motto!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If one of us is in prison- none of us are free.


What is not compromised? Our food, our water, our air, our God given RIGHT to be healthy is stolen. Our freedoms are stolen. More lives are destroyed by this stupid system of INJUSTICE! Where is the outrage? Get thy head out of the sand.

OK 50- I'll back off. I'd better ride my bike for a bit. I'm wearing my keyboard out.

We are living in the most


Sure for all those who will say it- yeah, it's the best- that's why it's so frickin' charming.

Now tell me to love it or leave it. My family has defended this country for a century and by the way- where is it that you can get away from business people who will kill anybody for a buck? Where is this land? There is no place safe on earth from greedy merchants!

OK 50. I'll "up" my meds!

50 Caliber from Arizona on April 06, 2010:

Mick, hold on to your hat bicycle cowboy, it's fixing to get worse instead of better. Folks think DNA will set them free and given the chance it is a dream come true for those already convicted and evidence not conveniently lost. Eye witness accounts that convicted are slapped down time and again, giving true merit that folks just are not that aware of faces and height and the color of shirt down to the shoe, none the less they are considered top shelf. I can see them good in many cases but across a dark street at a mere fifty feet, I begin to doubt their worth and on a jury I'd hang it if that's all they had. I suppose in most cases you could never get past the "shadow of doubt" I'd hang a jury probably 75% of the time if a cops testimony made the case it'd rise to 100% of the time, I know there are good ones but few and far in between. Better 1000 guilty set free than one single innocent sent to loose the bulk of his life, or sometimes all of it to the system that hardens a heart. Imagine parole after being 20, knowing your right and the gate swinging open at 55, still knowing you were right. How hard a heart would you carry into the world, after 35 years of learning from being pent up with folks who were dirty, coming and going while your forced to stay. I'd be thinking about the record and setting it straight. If you didn't do the crime but spent the time, with all you've heard and seen as well as learned over the course of the better part of your life. Thinking about the time they held you down and took turns at your ass, if it were me I'd have an agenda to earn my degree in prison survival and how best to pay back the tuition you were wrongly billed for.

Think about that for a little bit, if I were a dirty cop, judge, prosecutor, or appointed attorney who didn't even try, after all he gave what he was paid for by the system that was wanting it over as quickly as could be, these should spend their lives looking over their shoulder for guys like me, the next docket number called while in a cage men sat dressed in orange waiting their turn. For those who never saw this process I recommend go to the court house and for a few days just set in, listen and watch as the gavel falls. It will set your mind in motion to the what if's, like if he'd had a high dollar lawyer would the result be the same? Look at O.J. Simpson, an innocent man, but none the less he was barbecued for wrongful death of which he was acquitted, but tried twice for the same charge that ultimately swallowed him whole. It bogged down the airwaves of radio and TV I never believed him guilty, just a trophy of a dirty racist pig who hid behind his badge after planting evidence is what I believed. He'd be rich and famous for taking down this guy, who may not have been so spiffy clean, but I sat back and listened and when the jury went out I cast my vote of nay and the jury agreed. How is it then in this land of the free, he was charged again for the same crime and convicted, they wanted all his holdings trophy's and money, and were granted all that he owned for a crime he didn't do, said a jury and me. No telling how many felt as the jury and I, the golden rule set afire on both ends, in my mind this country will never be right, and now they have DNA to plant sealing ones fate, I trust no one a feeling I hate. At the end of the day if they want you they'll have you, that's all there is to it as we turn the page it's empty, but with pencil in hand some one will come by and fill it again with the same old shit just another day.

Micky Dee (author) on April 01, 2010:

Hi Fastfreta. Thank you for dropping by!

I regretfully report though- if you research all the people who has been falsely accused, imprisoned, and put to death by the government and the "injustice system"-

Fastfreta- your search will never end. It will never end.

The World Trade Center is/was a terrible thing-

The "injustice system of the US is even more terrible.

It cannot even be taken into account the lives that been ruined by this system. The awful verdicts.

If you want to "appeal" for the best chance of beating this "injustice system" make a lot of money. Then - you can buy a chance. It is an ATM for lawyers and judges.

Our system doesn't work. It is a cash cow for attorneys.

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on April 01, 2010:

What a great, but sad read. I'm sure for every one that you've named here there are probably 50 or more for each one. What exhaustive research, I applaud you for this. Very, very good hub.

Micky Dee (author) on March 19, 2010:

There is trouble all over. I hear there is also injustice in the Philippines. Wherever there is power there are unjust people to take it. It seems we can't lay the groundwork necessary to make the crimes over the many punished correctly. If one is in a position of power they should be punished appropriately when they abuse that power. Thanks Maita!

prettydarkhorse from US on March 19, 2010:

Hi Mick, That is why personally I dont go with death penalty as there are many who are wrongly accused, after so many years of falsely accused onme individuals sense of life is destroyed! Justive is always at some percent for the rich specially in developing countries, justice is both!

Hard work again and this is just "beautiful" hub from yours again, anyway it is always like that hehe, Maita

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Thank you for your compassion Coolmon. I'll try to see what's new over your way tomorrow. Thanks for coming.

Coolmon2009 from Texas, USA on March 17, 2010:

Good article it is sad how the system took the lives from those men; I feel for them.

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

It took a while. It was in my head for a very long time though. I have a lot of hubs in my head and I like to collect info on various themes but sometimes I lose focus on THE theme I should concentrate on at the moment. Thank you Tammy. I appreciate you.

Tammy Lochmann on March 17, 2010:

How long did it take you to write this hub? You definitely have a great big heart! Keep up the good work.

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Very nice comment herbivorehippi. Thank you very much. Things aren't "weighed out proportionately". Thanks very much for coming by.

theherbivorehippi from Holly, MI on March 17, 2010:

Fabulous hub! Not fabulous for the poor people but very well written and informative. I can't imagine how much it must hurt for the innocent to lose part of their life knowing the whole time that they are telling the truth. So disturbing...yet then they let those go early that should be rotting away in jail for things that they actually did. So ridiculous!

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Thank you very much Prasetio. It's hard to speak out about bad government. There can be retribution from losing jobs, your freedom, etc.

There is a county in North Carolina where they brag that if you were a Democrat the people would not sell land to you. people can be very "clannish" about relatives, politics, ethnicity, etc.

This has been a successful country in spite of its problems.

Successful in a better standard of living often but never justice. Never justice.

Thanks Prasetio.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on March 17, 2010:

I found something new you from this hub about Law, prisoners, crime. I hope we can living peace after read this hub. I'll read twice to know deep meaning about this hub. Good work, Micky

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Thank you Dim. Shock and awe rule the day from our "rulers". What we need are more shock and awe absorbers. Thank you very much Dim. Hey- are you Xing me? You know I'll X you back!

Dim Flaxenwick from Great Britain on March 17, 2010:

When I started reading, I felt this is the most scary thing I've read in a long time, then it brought me to tears. Thanks for the lawyer jokes so I could laugh too. I believe in a loving God who just happens to have a timetable that I don't quite understand, but I have enough faith to know that The Almighty will serve out jusr\tice in His time. Thanks Micky for drawing attention to something so serious. Love, Dim x

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Thank you very much Parrster. I'm mostly glad that I got this one "more" out of my head. It's been in there a long time. We could go on till the end of time with facts and figures, examples and dates. But- the LAW is "love your brother and sister". Thanks for stopping by.

Richard Parr from Australia on March 17, 2010:

Thanks Micky Dee. I can add no more to what has already been said. great hub.

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

You are so right Hummingbird. We are people and come from the same mold.

I too hope that the solution is not a greater problem. How could we know? Thanks!

Hummingbird5356 on March 17, 2010:

This is a very good hub. It shows the truth which many people have to live with. The fact that because they may be poor or the wrong nationality or skin colour they do not get justice unless they are lucky.

Putting someone in prison wrongfully can never be put right even if the person receives millions of dollars because you cannot buy another life. You only have one.

There is too much corruption in the world. I don't know how we can get rid of it but if things do not improve there will be another revolution. People can only take so much before they break.

I only hope that the solution to the problem is not greater than the problem in the first place. With the destruction of everything.

Micky Dee (author) on March 17, 2010:

Hi Deborah Demander. You're right. Justice isn't what it's all about. It's some kind of different extortion racket.

David Koresh and the most of the Davidians would have a story of Waco than the government. The survivors sure have a different story than the government and wikipedia.

Ruby Ridge. Our government isn't smart enough to plan better than they have shown us? So the government is full of idiots and mean people covering for idiots and mean people.

Thanks Deborah- If they really want us- no matter where we are -we'll be "gotten". Thank you dear. It's about time I moseyed on over your way and saw what you've got over there! Thanks Deborah!

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