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The Falsehood of Make America Great Again

The following Article is about the Political Slogan Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again was the Trump Campaign's grand scheme to win the Presidency in 2016 and it worked because millions of people were tired of elitist figures controlling and changing the political and social spectrum of the United States of America.

How the Slogan Worked

Donald Trump tapping into this real world anger inflamed the idea that America was no longer great because everyday Americans and their culture had been spurned by public figures like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

As the campaign marched forward, Make America Great Again became a sustained rally cry to return to National Pride and Patriotism but this phrase has little to do with patriotism and everything to do with Nationalism.

What is Nationalism?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Nationalism as loyalty and devotion to a nation or a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or groups.

Here is what Donald Trump said when he accepted the nomination to be the Republican Party's Candidate for President of the United States.

"Our plan will put America First. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. As long as we are led by politicians who will not put America First, then we can be assured that other nations will not treat America with respect."

Sounds great, let’s Put America First but as I said above, Nationalism and Patriotism are not the same and here is a short laundry list why.

The Rebirth of Nihilism

Nationalism sets aside goodness, morality, stewardship and brotherly kindness for all and picks up a nihilistic attitude toward all aspects of life. A person with a nationalistic heart becomes indifferent to the plight and sufferings of other people, especially foreigners.

You see this attitude in Donald Trump Congressional and public supporters in regards to the Ukraine War. "We should stop sending Ukraine our money" is the often cry now of men and women who once believed America was the last best hope for world liberty but their hearts have turned from America's long held identity of rising to occasion when global liberty is at stake.

Normal No More

Another area and perhaps more predominate is the lack of concern for American norms and law. Time and time again Donald Trump has broken the law and ignored political norms but to a diehard Trump supporter, this does not matter because the Democrats break the law all the time and are not punished so law and order does not matter, "Only chaos that leads to victory matters."

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To a Nationalist, only winning matters, how you get there, who you hurt, what laws are broken and what norms are ignored does not matter. Nihilism was on display when people ransacked the Capital Building in attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election and bring to justice those who would not adhere to Donald Trump. 2021 Insurrection

On that horrible day, the insurrectionists did not care about law and order, they did not care about norms, they did not care about right and wrong, they did not care about life and death; they only cared about one thing, overturning the results of a legal election, punishing the opposition and restoring Donald Trump to his throne.

Grievance Politics

I remember a former member of Trump's inner circle being interviewed; in this interview, he said, Donald Trump and his family had wealth, they were well known in various circles of life but they one thing that grieved them was the lack of royal praise.

Donald Trump and his entire family are narcissists who constantly desire to be praised and worshipped. Donald Trump never sought to become President because he cared about America; he ran because he wanted to appease his inner ego and grief for not being recognized as a giant among men.

Trump took his grievance and transposed it upon America. he and his campaign knew there were people sitting at home upset about life; they knew there were voters out there grieved and itching to blame Government and the elitists of America for all their woes.

The forgotten man, the silent majority who were left behind, the man or woman grieved about their Rebel Flag being deemed a symbol of racism, the Republican upset that Hillary Clinton was never locked up for her crimes, the voter who simply wanted someone that was not a well-known figure in politics to step forward and be a conduit for his or her anger.

This is what Trump became to the millions of people who voted for him in 2016 and again in 2020 but Grievance Politics is straight out of Adolph Hitler's fascist playbook.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Adolph Hitler used real world anger and grievance to his advantage; portraying himself as a knight in shining armor he convinced millions that their German Culture was being destroyed and if it not stopped, Germany would no longer be the country they once knew.

Fast-forward to 2016 and beyond and you get Donald Trump portraying himself as the only person who could bring back the America everyone knew as a child. Just like Hitler, Trump and his campaign tapped into the real world bitterness and convinced millions that he would satisfy their anger and safe America by stopping those who wanted to take away their traditions.

As patriotic as “Make America Great Again” sounds it is a falsehood because Donald Trump never made America Great Again, our nation with all of its failures politically and socially has always been great because it allows every individual to right to work out their own lives. Yes, Government does cause problems; sometimes we are greatly afflicted but at the end of the day, we still live in a nation were average Joe and Jane can step forward with an afflicted heart and say No to what Government is doing.

Make America Great Again is a form of Fascism; it will never Make America better, it will only divide, it will only cripple the norms and laws that have made the United States the envy of the world.

© 2022 Jamie Richard Tankersley

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