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The Failed Impeachments of Donald Trump

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So, while one could, with some reason and argument, say that the first impeachment attempt of Donald Trump was on more unstable ground legally. That, Trump did nothing anything more wrong than other former POTUS's have done by using the leverage of the anticipated deals made prior (in this case, antitank weapons for Ukraine) to get a desired result that favors American interests and policy, A "this for that" arrangement. Many republicans argued that, but the problem was that Trump used the leverage for his own personal reasons against a political opponent during an election to obtain negative information on Biden, When the Ukraine refused, they weapons were withheld and long overdue until it started to look suspicious for Trump and his reasons for doing that. Granted, eventually, they were released but only after it became clear to many others as to why.

In any case, the Republican cowards claiming to be patriots has nothing to do with patriotism but just self preservation while Trump was POTUS and about his pathetic base that see him as a God. The Republican Senators all voted not to impeach Trump out of a baseless fear of him, his retribution, his anger, and about how it might cause them to lose in a re-election of their posh job. The lot of them are hypocrites.

Now, the second impeachment has failed. Unlike the first, where, one might get away with a defense of sorts that made some valid reasoning, the second was clear as day and if you did not see the connection between inciting his unruly mob looking for revenge and blood, then, you simply refuse to admit it because you are just an loyalist to a man that is despicable.

The evidence was overwhelming in videos, radio excerpts, that Trump knew his crazy mob had the propensity for rioting and violence from the far right groups of mostly white men and women. These people were just angry at the government for a wide variety of reasons but mostly because Trump told them to be angry for him. To march down to the Capitol and fight to get their country back again! Many were former vets who have gone to the dark side of anger for personal reasons mostly and many are simply racists hating to see America turn into a mixed race nation instead of a dominant white one. Some were just anarchists wanting to overthrow any US government building. Trump knew them for he was like them.

The failure of the second impeachment was that there was only one article-incitement. There should have been another one, dereliction of duty. This would be a back up article should the first one fail. Because, if you said Trump did not incite the crowd, that the mob just acted at their own free will, that Trump was just protected by free speech (the Republicans all said), then, Dereliction of Duty is what happened after 2 P.M. It was then the mob was storming the Capitol through police barricades into the Senate. It was at that time, Trump was watching it unfold on TV in the WH and basically gleeful as to what he saw. He did little to nothing to prevent it until it was obvious to him that it looked bad for him, politically. He did little to send more National Guard units, did not tell his mob to go home until after the storming of the Senate, he did not even walk down the street with the mob.

By Trump's omission to act after 2 P.M. is dereliction of duty of POTUS in face of such violence and danger to U.S. Senators. Even the Republican lawyers have stated this type of article of impeachment would be hard to defend were it present because it is so clear-Trump did nothing until it was way too late. It implies he liked what he saw and his ego was bolstered.

As it was, the second impeachment revealed a legal mistake of the Democrats and some Republicans of a second article was needed. Even so, the bulk of the Senate remains guilty for voting against impeachment when it was clear to those willing to see with impartial eyes that Trump rallied his minions with his usual lies about a stolen election and that a mob could actually change the vote outcome. Most of those followers already knew they could not change the result of the election but Trump told them to fight like hell.

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No doubt, Trump will be back for another bad movie-like role. He won twice and maybe in 2024.


perrya (author) on February 14, 2021:

I agree 100%.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on February 14, 2021:

What bothers me most is that 74 million Americans voted for him and a vast majority of them are gullible enough to believe his lies, the QAnon conspiracy theories, or are just downright white supremacists, and in all cases were willing to back a future hereditary dictatorship led by the Trump family. Tens of millions of MAGA cheered for the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol with coup on their minds and murder in their hearts. This, IMHO, is an unforgivable sin against the Constitution and the United States. Those who believed Trump's lies about a stolen election, voter fraud, and cheered the cop killers on January 6th no longer have a legitimate voice in America.

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