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The Facts About Election Fraud

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


Cheating in Elections is Nothing New

People have cheated to gain political power since time immemorial. The Heritage Foundation keeps a database of recent convictions for election fraud that runs over sixty pages. Those convictions are nothing but the tip of the iceberg because voter fraud is difficult to detect and prove.

In 2008, the Supreme Court issued a statement in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board that read, “Flagrant examples of voter fraud have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

Yet today, Democrats and their media arms, including social media and Wikipedia, claim there is no such thing as election cheating. And they censor proof that it is thriving, preventing the average citizen from understanding what is going on.

Cheating in elections has long been a staple activity amongst the Left. First, they cheat, then once they possess the power, eliminate elections. Yes, out of thousands of voter fraud cases, a few were committed by conservatives. Those cases produce front-page headlines for weeks on end because they are so unusual. Ninety-nine percent of bogus votes cast in America are for Democrats. That is why they insist it is a fiction of your imagination. They are the ones doing it. Democrats dismiss anyone who thinks it should be harder to cheat as "racist."


Democrats are Famous for Voter Fraud

Mollie Hemingway writes in her book Rigged, “For nearly 40 years, the Democratic National Committee [DNC] had a massive systemic advantage over its Republican counterpart. The Republican National Committee [RNC] had been prohibited by law from helping out with poll watcher efforts or nearly any litigation related to how voting is being conducted.”

She goes on to explain how such an insane thing could be true. In 1981, Democrats sued New Jersey Republicans for allegedly committing voter fraud. A Democrat judge ruled that the RNC could not observe voting or file suit about election tampering anywhere in the United States. That ruling did not expire until 2018. Democrats were free to wreak havoc on our voting processes all those years. And they did.

‘Vote early and vote often’ was long a public campaign slogan of Chicago Democrats. As Don Feder writes in FrontPage magazine, “When you’re a Democrat, you steal votes; it’s what you do. When was the last time the Party of Boss Tweed, Landslide Lyndon, and the Cook County machine didn’t try to hijack an election? It’s in their bones. Democrats are the party of big-city machines notorious for their ability to produce ballots like a rabbit pulled from a magician’s hat.”


2016 Bogus Ballots for Hillary

Over the past five years, Democrats stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome have given us ample evidence that there is nothing they will not do for political power. Think about the entire phony "We have seen proof that Trump is a Russian Agent" and the "Russia rigged our elections for Trump" hoax. Just as Democrats cry 'voter suppression' all the time when they are the only ones who have suppressed voting in American history, they shrieked that Trump was stealing an election that they were trying to steal.

Undercover videos from Project Veritas released a few weeks before the 2016 election show Democrats employed directly by Hillary Clinton and the DNC bragging about committing election fraud: "We've been busing in illegal voters for 50 years, and we're not going to stop now. We know this is illegal. I think backward from how they would prosecute us and then try to build out a method to avoid getting caught. We implement the plan across every Republican-held state. Our operation causes massive changes in state legislatures and Congress. Hillary knows what's going on."

Bob Creamer was the most famous Democrat operative forced to resign after the Project Veritas videos became public. He had visited the Obama White House 342 times. Even after getting caught admitting massive voter fraud, he was venerated by Obama at his farewell address with a front-row seat.


Democrats Cry Fraud When They Lose, Claim it is Nonexistent When They Win

I would also like to point out that Democrats are quick to claim election fraud when they lose, even while they insist it is as rare as a unicorn when they win. Democrat members of the House of Representatives objected eleven times to counting electoral votes that certified President Trump's victory in 2016. Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California stated the reason for their objections: “People are horrified by the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in our election.”

Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter continue to claim that the election of President Trump was "illegitimate." Forty-two percent of Democrat voters agreed that the election of President Trump was because of voter fraud in a 2017 Washington Post survey.

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Just this week, Joe Biden said the results of the 2022 election would be fraudulent if Congress does not pass his proposed federal takeover of our elections. "Oh, yeah, I think easily it could be illegitimate," Biden declared. “The increase and the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed.” This is the same man and his party that says even to question the 2020 election “undermines democracy” and constitutes “dangerous incitement” by “domestic terrorists” that foments “insurrection.”


Illegal Aliens Voted for Hillary

After winning the 2016 election, Trump tweeted, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." Democrats pulled their hair out in rage, accusing him of propagating "baseless conspiracy theories." Scientific research, including a study by True the Vote, shows President Trump was right. Several million illegal aliens voted, not only in the 2016 election.

A study by Old Dominion University in conjunction with George Mason University proved that 2.8 million illegals voted in both 2008 and 2010. The researchers concluded it was "enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes and congressional elections. Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

The Public Interest Legal Foundation published a study of the 2016 election in 2020. Many state governors and election officials—all Democrats—refused to provide data to the researchers. Forty-two states cooperated in various degrees. The foundation proved that nearly 10,000 dead people voted, almost 10,000 living people voted in two states, and over 40,000 people voted twice in the same state. And approximately 40,000 votes were cast from phony addresses. The Democrat states that refused to provide voter information may have had ten to one hundred times that much fraud. Therefore, the secrecy.

What was interesting about just one voter fraud bust in North Carolina was that Democrats received votes from illegal aliens of 18 countries: Guatemala, Malaysia, Mexico, Tobago, Cuba, Nigeria, Yemen, Bermuda, Sierra Leone, Israel, India, China, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador Honduras, Iraq, and Canada.

And lest we forget, eight of the nineteen September 11 terrorists were illegal aliens who voted in our elections.


1982 Chicago Election Fraud Case

It is well known that the 1960 presidential election was stolen from Richard Nixon in favor of JFK by vote fraud in Chicago and Texas. I could write more than one book about America's thousands of fascinating election fraud convictions. But I will close by highlighting the largest voter fraud prosecution in America, in Chicago, of course, in 1982.

Every tenth vote that year in Chicago was phony—over 100,000 fraudulent votes, according to Daniel Webb, the U.S. District Attorney in Chicago at the time. Sixty-three people were convicted of felony federal election fraud, although they were not the only ones involved. The investigation revealed the usual: Bogus ballots cast in the name of non-existent persons, senile nursing home patients, elderly and disabled shut-ins, state prisoners, those who had moved out of state, and the ever-present cemetery vote. All fraudulent votes just happened to be for a straight Democrat ticket.

As reported by Hans von Spakovsky, “What particularly struck FBI agent Ernest Locker was how routine vote fraud was for the pre­cinct captains, election judges, poll watchers, and political party workers he interviewed. They had been taught how to steal votes and elections by their predecessors, who their predecessors had in turn taught. This type of voter fraud stated Locker, ‘was an accepted way of life in Chicago.’

“On the day of the general election, dishonest precinct captains kept careful track of who came to the polls to vote. Runners working for the precinct captains not only supplied rides for voters but also noted ‘who would not be coming to the polls because they were too sick, were too drunk, had recently moved away, or had died.’ Precinct captains supplied the names of those absent voters to other participants in the fraud, and ‘ballots either were punched on the voting machines by people posing as the voter.’ Precinct captains would ask their workers ‘to encourage voters to apply for absentee ballots whether or not they had a valid reason to do so and turn the blank ballots over’ so that the captains could vote the ballots.

“Changing the actual vote count was another method of fraud. For example, one precinct captain and his son held their own fraudulent election after the polls closed by repeatedly running two ballots through the voting machine. One ballot was a straight Demo­cratic ticket that the precinct captain ran it through the counting machine 198 times.”

Eighty thousand illegal aliens voted in Chicago BACK THEN. Dozens of them were convicted for voting illegally. So we might imagine how many vote today when sanctuary cities protect their identities.


In Closing

Voter fraud is still being uncovered that was committed six years ago. It could be a decade or more before all the stolen votes come to light from the 2020 Presidential Election—if they ever do. The 1,300 voter fraud convictions of recent years may only represent a tenth—or a hundredth—of the amount of cheating that the Democrats have done. This is why they are vehemently opposed to any voting laws designed to prevent election theft or any investigations into past thievery.


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