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The Evil Spirit Over Trump's America

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Trump is sulking like a spoiled kid not getting what he wants. He is a loser in a big way and will try anything to reverse it to save face. But, this time, Daddy is not there to bail him out and 77 million Americans have fired him from his job.

It's a hard pill of truth to swallow especially for Trump.

Knowing this, even his relatives say he is unpredictable and could lash out against the Biden regime that will be taking over in January. In fact, Trump has already begun a purging of key cabinet members and prevented Biden from obtaining classified intel reports the new administration should be getting. He had prevented the Biden transition team from doing just that. Trump is hoping the Supreme Court will reverse the ACA that Americans enjoy, but that may not happen. Trump will no doubt take many unilateral decisions that Biden will have to reverse after January 20th, however, news reports are revealing that Trump may actually be more diabolical and sinister than we all expected.

Trump's leading military general has said that a U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear facility may be on the table, something that Trump would love to do and it would create a bad situation for the incoming Biden people, who want to return to the Iran nuclear deal with the Europeans. This strike, even if a small one, would show the world U.S military power, cause more damage and pressure on Iran, and prevent any return to the Iran nuclear deal for Biden. Biden would have to deal with a bad Covid-19 situation and a Mideast escalation against Israel and U.S. interests in the Persian Gulf.

There is no way to tell how this would end up. Trump could also enjoin Israeli assets in the strike also, something that Israel has wanted to do for many years- a joint operation instead of a unilateral operation.

Of course, Russia and Iran could also make escalations while Trump is in limbo awaiting for January 20th. They may feel America is in a precarious state with the turmoil in-country with election chaos and the virus. Iran still has not responded for the assassination Trump ordered on his top general. Perhaps Trump wants to put even more pressure on Iran with sanctions hoping they will be first to lash out and strike the USN with missiles in the Gulf or against the UAE. Either is entirely possible. This would force the U.S to strike, which would put the entire region on a war footing and cause the Biden team one hell of a mess on day one.

This would create a Trump grin. But the recent China-Iran deal includes military cooperation and any of the above could bring China into the Middle East in a bold way, which would complicate everything, but again, Trump would like this. It's a jab at Biden and the Chinese\Iran and he gets to walk away from it as a private citizen.

Of course, were Trump to decide to go this route, when? Perhaps, in Trump's mind, if he is going to walk, he doesn't want to have to deal with the fallout too much, so Trump will wait until a week or so before January 20th, 2021, This would really smack the Biden incoming people.

While the above not happen at all, anything with Trump is possible for he is a man with a vengeance and an especially bitter loser. It is so personal to him that America is of little importance in his last days in office.


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 14, 2020:

I agree With your assessment. Trump is simply a menace to society.

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But I also think people know’d have to be blind not to, and I think people will not do anything rash in response to him.

Netanyahu is another story. He’d love to attack Iran. And the Iranian general trump assassinated was supposedly really loved over there....was supposedly going to push the mullah’s out. Why should they have any good feelings towards us?

But I think they will wait for Biden. Same with the other powers.

The old men with their religious suppression and their dirty oil are on the way out.

We either join the 21st century, or fall by the wayside.

We LET China take the lead.

But Russia?......has trump sold us out to them? Has he? That’s what I want to know.

If you saw the report yesterday, Russia made moves on USA, and USA was told by USA to back down.

A captain of a ship asked, “are we being invaded?”

Who is looking out for us?

MG Singh emge from Singapore on November 13, 2020:

I expected better. China? entering the Middle East.? they are already there but that's about all and they do not have military capability to sustain any operation. They tried their tactics in Ladakh and failed and its back to status quo. Don't rate China too highly as a military power. Iran? the less said the better. Its no power at all. Even Russia is now after the breakup of USSR just a regional power. Their economy is in doldrums- dependent on China. Give the devil his due.Trump was not evil, he failed at the polls but that is part of the game but he did more in world politics to make a name than 5 presidents before him. I will spell these out in an article. If Biden wants to retain American no1 position he has to face China which is the successor of the Nazi regime. It has many weak points, Tibet, Sinkiang, South China Sea, Taiwan, Hongkong and a naked dictatorship. If Biden fails its goodbye to the US as a world power and he must remember there can be no accommodating with China, how do you embrace the devil?

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