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The End of Trump's Time in Office

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Election Denial

It was apparent long before the election that President Trump wouldn't accept a loss no matter the outcome. He made sure to convince his supporters that voting by mail wouldn't be safe. He then went as far as telling them not to vote by mail. Once election day came, it was no surprise that Biden won once mail in ballots were able to be tabulated. For President Trump, this was completely unacceptable. Democrats were the main focus of the President's Twitter rage as he accused them of voter fraud, and trying to steal the election. It wasn't long before he started a stream of legal battles attempting to overturn the election.


History of Denial

Donald Trump has been suggesting the possibility of voter fraud since he ran for office in 2016. He claimed there would be no way he could lose the election other than it being rigged by the Democrats. As President Trump prepared to defend his seat in the Presidency for a second term, he once again alluded to voter fraud and election corruption. After many hours of vote tabulation it was concluded that Joe Biden was the new President-elect. This brought on an outrage from Trump himself, and his supporters.


Army of Lawsuits

Trump immediately got his lawyers together to fight the results of the election. They challenged key states such as Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. There has been over 40 lawsuits challenging the election. President Trump continues to share post on his social media accounts suggesting there had been fraud on a wide scale. According to Trump, he won the election by far, and refuses to concede to President-elect Joe Biden. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged Joe Biden's win. Some Republicans close to Trump have maintained their loyalty to him alone. Following along with the idea that Biden did not, in fact, win the election.


Lack of Evidence

The Whitehouse released a PDF file to their website showing a few cases from around the country where voter fraud did take place. Those cases were from different election years. They also didn't really affect the outcome of those elections. Those who were found guilty got prosecuted based on their offense.

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Although Trump and his allies continue to allege voter fraud throughout the 2020 election, they have yet to come forward with any sustainable proof of such allegations. Trump's baseless claims have further divided the country causing citizens to doubt the integrity of American Democracy. As Trump continues to fight to overturn the election, his fellow Republican officials are faced with chaos and confusion of their own.


For Trump or Against America?

Most of the lawsuits surrounding this year's election hasn't quite turned out the way Trump had hoped. His legal team seems to also be struggling to come up with the outcomes President Trump is working so hard to see. Now that fellow Republicans are also having trouble supporting Trump's claims, the President has turned his fury towards them as well.

Biden, for a third time, was proven to have won the state of Georgia. Trump made sure to express his disdain for the Republican Governor on his favorite source for verbally attacking his foes, Twitter. He also made sure to encourage his 80 million followers to vote the governor out of office along with Arizona's governor. According to the President it seems accepting the outcome of the election means you are fighting against him. With Trump's determination to overthrow the election, his wrath does not stop with Republicans who chose the constitution over the President's denial.


Who's Really Trying to Steal the Election?

Case after case is dismissed on a state level. So of course taking it as high up in the Judicial system as possible is the obvious move. After all, Trump did appoint quite a few of the justices serving the Supreme Court. However, even the Supreme Court turned down President Trump's extreme voter fraud claims. As with anyone else who dares deny Trump his victory, they will have to hear about it on Twitter. Republicans, Democrats, and those serving the courts have denied being able to find evidence complying with President Donald Trump's claims. It's obvious Trump quickly turns on anyone who refuses to acknowledge his win. It has become clear to many Americans regardless of their personal political stance that Trump could be the one trying to steal the election himself.

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