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The Disaster at the Southern Border


The Crisis

Anyone watching the news lately has witnessed the overwhelming influx of illegals invading our border on a daily basis. Our Border Patrol are overrun, understaffed, and lack the manpower and resources to control this crisis. Our government is now asking for members of our military and other agencies to volunteer to go the border and provide services such as housekeeping, cooking, medication runs, and storing and retrieving personal effects. We have veterans and homeless people who sleep in the streets and are not offered these benefits, which will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, which this president and his administration are more than happy to dole out. They say we should make them feel comfortable and accepted for breaking our laws.

The Effects

The effects

I live in a very small border town. Last week while driving to the grocery store I saw four illegals walking down the street with their backpacks and "Biden" t-shirts. They were heading toward the outskirts of town where the ranches are.

Our town is very small and does not have enough resources such as housing and food banks to take care of the residents that live here. This is the same in all the border towns such as Del Rio, Bracketville and Eagle Pass. There are no jobs and our schools are over burdened by not having enough teachers who speak Spanish and not enough funds. These small towns cannot absorp or accommodate the thousands of people pouring across the borders and being dumped in our towns.

Another effect is on our healthcare system. many of those coming across are sick or pregnant. This is another cost we must bear due to illegal immigration and our laws not being enforced.

Last but not least are the crimes committed by illegals. many coming across the border have criminal records or go on to commit crimes here. Among the crimes committed by people here illegally are rape, murder and robbery just to name a few.

The open border policy has also brought an increase in drug and sex trafficking to an all-time high. Fentanyl overdose deaths are at 300 or more a day. Minors and adults are being sold into sex trades by the cartels who help smuggle them into the country.

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The Solution

This president and his administration have abandoned the American people. Our borders are over run and money that should be used to solve crisis’s here at home is being used to support and abet illegals, while our citizens suffer.

There are solutions to combat this crisis. None of which this president and his administration are willing to reinforce or implement. The border slows down illegal immigration but they refuse to finish it. Title 42 which required illegals to remain in Mexico until their hearing is not being enforced and neither are our immigration laws. The truth be told most of the ones coming across do not have a valid claim for asylum. Wanting a better life is not a valid reason for asylum.

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