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The Demonization of the American Past by Liberals and Leftists

An senior air warrior and political observer who has the pulse of the region and can sense a change when it comes.



The United States is comparatively a younger nation compared to ancient civilizations in Europe, India, and China. American history is just about 400 years old but during this period it has done enough to merit a place in world history. One can correctly gauge that the rise of the United States was on the basis of the policies it followed in the 19th and 20th century and after the end of World War I, the United States for the last 100 years has been the omnipotent economic and military power in the world.

We have seen from history that great powers and empires when nearing the end of the span actually imploded from inside. This can be seen in the collapse of the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire. the Mughal empire, British and French empire, Soviet empire, and also the Chinese ruling dynasty's.

America is moving dangerously in that direction. I have observed that certain elements of American society have started an unprecedented attack for the last one or two decades on the American past. Members of this society have banded together and are bringing out flaws in the previous generations in US history. They paint the American past as something to be ashamed of without realizing that America would never have reached the present position if it had not followed the path that it did. Look at slavery everybody agrees it is abominable but it served a purpose in society and was not an American invention.

These attacks on the American heritage are not logical and I have not been to understand the logic of attacking prior generations in US history.

There is a significant group of persons in America that is carrying out a judgemental action over the earlier generation to which they apply their own standards and condemn that generation who are now mute and dead and cannot defend themselves.

One can understand if it is a scholarly appreciation of the past but at the same time to black wash, many of the revered and important figures of American history is not the correct way to go forward. Whatever good we see in America now is due to the time of this particular generation which is now being maligned. The men and women who are now calling for the reappraisal of the American history and that are being manifested in so many ways like pulling down statues, doing away with old iconic concepts are forgetting that they also will be at the bar of history in a few decades from now.

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The men and women who are calling for the rewriting of the American past have also to answer to the coming generations. They may well be asked the reason for having brought in $30 trillion national debt. They will also have to answer why and how the society in America has recorded the highest number of murders which are continuous in 12 of its major cities and yet they are talking about defunding the police. They will also have to answer whether any purpose is served by talking of the color of the skin and equality of opportunity and blaming it on iconic figures of the past era.

I have a feeling that the present generation has become so affluent that they now have time to indulge in such activities. They need to look at the fact that experts have pointed out that in most of the standardized tests of student knowledge and achievement the results are declining despite the highest investment ever in education. I do not have the exact figures but I have been reading that only six out of 10 Americans in the labor force are working at the moment and the others are just living on the fruits of society and the government. It is worth pondering what if this state of affairs had been there during the war years and whether America could have won World War II.

The fact is the present generation has to do much better than what it has been doing. After decades there is talk of infrastructure but can anybody tell me whether anything comparable to the Hoover Dam, the interstate highway, or the California water project as well as the man on the moon has been replicated.

There must be the realization that it was the older generation that brought about the prosperity of the present era and put the shoulder to the wheel, the defeat of Nazi Germany, and the dismantling of the Soviet Union would not have happened. It is worth pondering that America is now slipping as it has lost its pre-eminent position and even in the automobile manufacturing, of all countries to China.

I do not think any purpose is served by a historical revision of the past. We have seen the frenzy of toppling and renaming. I understand many old hero statues have been toppled or defaced and that includes big names like Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt.

The Americans need to bear in mind that they have the best of everything at the moment and this is because of what happened in the past irrespective of the fact that there was racism. That time cannot be written off and is a step in the progress of America. if the World thought American society was so racist, would there be 2 million people knocking at the door of the United States to enter inside to what they feel is a haven of prosperity

Last word

America is now imploding from the inside and China is taking advantage of it. Bacon wrote that 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' I think in a way this is what is happening here because the leadership is corrupted and men like Joe Biden are the ones who are giving an impetus to this movement against the past. American citizens may well ponder over one very important fact of world history and that is the prosperity of many of the empires like the golden age of the Mughal and Ottoman empires ended and they were colonized by other people. To think that such a thing will not happen in America would be the most foolish thing for this generation to believe in.

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