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The Democratic Party Helped To Elect Donald Trump by Crowning Hillary Clinton As Their Nominee

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Valdimir Putin through Wikileaks exposed the corruption and unethical behavior within the Democratic Party. The arrogance of Clinton’s campaign thought they could just blame the Russians without addressing the content of any of the documents leaked. They strongly believed NOT confirming the authenticity of the documents would be enough for the American People. The establishment in the Democratic Party helped Hillary Clinton win the nomination over Bernie Sanders, which they should blame themselves for the strongest repudiation by the American People after losing all three branches of government.


President Obama’s Legacy

President and First Lady Obama, who are well-loved and respected, bet their legacy on Hillary Clinton and now it’s tarnished. The American People felt the President and First Lady was trying to convince them to vote for someone who was corrupt and deserve to be in jail. Therefore, it was a hard sell even for the Obamas.

If President Obama had the courage to speak out against his own party for the blatant favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, he would have saved the country from a Trump’s Presidency. Moreover, he should have asked Hillary to step aside during the nomination process for the good of the country because of the FBI investigation into her emails. The polls showed that the American People thought Bernie Sanders was a stronger candidate, who didn’t have scandals and corruption attached to his name. President Obama and the Democratic Party ignored what their own supporters were telling them.

Sorry, President Obama, we all love you and Michelle, but you share some blame for the election of Donald Trump and all the Republicans who now control all three branches of our government. Furthermore, everything you accomplished as President, Trump will annihilate and the American People will ultimately pay the price for the way the Democrats did unethical things for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination to be President. Consequently, it was selfish of Hillary to accept the nomination while under FBI investigation, but most of the blame lies squarely with the Democratic Party, who didn’t stand up to her. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is unbelievable as they called out the Republicans for not standing up to Donald Trump. The elite chooses party over country and the American People made them pay a severe price for it.

Now, President Obama MUST face the man, who kept the “BIRTHERISM” madness going, will be the one to erase everything he accomplished during his eight years in the Whitehouse. Can you imagine how President Obama must feel transferring power over to Donald Trump, his worse nemesis?

Only time will tell how much damage the first African American President’s Legacy will endure. We all love Barack and Michelle Obama as our President and First Lady and will miss them, but the American People feel deeply sadden that Trump will be the one who succeeds him. Subsequently, he rose to power questioning the President legitimacy. It may NOT be right, but that’s what happen when the establishment in the Democratic Party and President Obama was tone-deaf to how many people who didn’t want the Clintons back in the Whitehouse.


Did Hillary Clinton Read the Memo this Time?

The American People spoke loud and clear by choosing Donald Trump, who is unqualified and unfit over Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, they don’t want the Clinton back in the Whitehouse to have round two of scandals, cronyism, corruption, and investigations. The American People sent her the first memo in 2004 when they chose Barack Obama over her.

In her quest for the presidency, she ignored the first memo and decided to try again with all the elite of the party was backing her. Although she received special treatment and help from them to get the nomination over Bernie Sanders, the American People rejected her bid to be President. Hillary was fully aware of the problems most people had with her under FBI investigation, but being the first Woman President was more important than doing what was best for the country.

The American People are ready for a Woman President, but they just don’t want it to be Hillary. Obviously, this second memo to her spoke volume this time. She will NEVER be President and the American People sent that message in the strongest language by electing Donald Trump.

Hillary along with the Democratic Party need to share the blame for allowing Trumpism to win. Even though, she stressed how much she loved the country during her rallies, but refused to step aside while under FBI investigation and allow Bernie Sanders, which was more popular, to defeat Trump. Yes, it would have been a difficult decision but would have gained a lot of respect and admiration from the American People for putting the country over her own self-interest. Now, people will talk about her for years to come that she lost to a divisive, bigotry, misogynist, racist, sexist, bully, who doesn’t know anything about Domestic or Foreign Policies.

The embarrassment is probably worse than what she went through with Bill Clinton’s infidelities. Hopefully, the American People will show a little kindness and love as she deals with her second loss of a lifetime dream of becoming President of the United States. Hence, Hillary Clinton knew that her own ambition will cause discrimination against Latinos and Muslims under a Trump’s Presidency, but the feeling of entitlement wouldn’t let her give up her aspiration. Notwithstanding, she has to live with NOT stepping aside while under a criminal FBI investigation and giving a mandate to TRUMPISM in America.


The Democratic Party

Will the Democratic Party learn their lesson about putting their thumb on the scale to help the person they chose to win? How many people will leave the party in disgust over the elite decision to back Hillary instead of asking her to step aside? Can the Democratic Party survive after losing all three branches of government? Who will lead the Democratic Party out of the wilderness and clean up the corruption that Wikileaks exposed?

The day of “Reckoning” for the Democratic Party has left President Obama’s Legacy tarnished and the party in shambles. The American People fed up with corruption and unethical behavior in Washington. As a result, the rebuke from the American People came from the ballot box when they voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, who they strongly felt got away with criminal activities and should be in jail. The American People want the Clintons’ to go away and NEVER return. Maybe this time, the Party Elite and the Clintons’ got this message once and for all.

Right after Hillary’s surprising defeat, Bernie Sanders’ supporters felt vindicated and some are saying, “I told you so!” They all knew that Hillary Clinton had too much baggage to win the Whitehouse. The establishment thought they knew best when they crowned Hillary Clinton as the party nominee. That bad decision and corruption in the party have caused them enormous and the aftermath will linger on for years to come. Losing all three branches of government should make the establishment think twice before engaging in this type of behavior ever again. The only question left at this time, how long will the Democrats be out of power?

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Now, that the election is over, Trumpism TRIUMPH while the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and all her supporters have finally come home to “Roost”!!!

Personal Plea

To the Democratic Party & Hillary Clinton,

I know this is a harsh indictment of the Democratic Party coming from a former member, but it’s a much-needed criticism. I think I earned the right after participating in so many Democratic campaigns for the President, Congress, and Senate. I volunteer my time and also made many donations over the years. I just decided not to volunteer for this one since I saw this one coming from miles away. There are NO excuses for the Democratic Party to let Hillary Clinton lead them to one of the worst defeat in history and to tarnish President Obama’s Legacy. The young people and the far left knew that Hillary Clinton was a big liability and couldn’t win. It is just mind-boggling that the Super Delegates or the Establishment were NOT smart enough to see this coming. When Jeb Bush lost in the Republican Nominee Process very early, the alarm bell should have gone off in the Democratic Party that the American People didn’t want another Bush or Clinton in the Whitehouse.

Hillary Clinton is an amazing public servant, but she was too arrogant to accept that Bernie Sanders was a better candidate, who doesn’t have a lot of scandals and investigations for the Republicans to exploit. Why couldn’t she just put the American People over her desire to become President? Being under an FBI criminal investigation of her emails, she should have made the right decision to withdraw from the race. Even though, she had made so many poor decisions in the past that would have been the one right and the unselfish decision she ever made in her life. Make no mistakes about it, Hillary has to live with the fact that she destroyed the Democratic Party and caused a Trump’s Presidency. It’s a terrible thing to say, but a true fact to acknowledge. It’s time for people to speak the truth and stop going along with people and things we know is not right.

I love you Hillary and appreciate your service to this country. I hope what happen in the Presidential Election will make you do some HONEST soul searching by yourself. Someone will break the glass ceiling one day, but you are not the Woman to break it. Yes, some of the things that they say about you may not be true, but it’s your fault for all the scandals and investigations that have plagued you for years. The time has come for you to put on your “BIG GIRL’S PANTIES” and own all the mistakes you made in this election. Lies, secrecy, poor decisions, scandals, cronyism, investigations, and not being transparent are all the things the American People don’t like about you and would never allow you to become our President. Is it fair that Donald Trump, who may have worse flaws, get elected the 45th President of the United States? Probably NOT! Let’s face it, being a woman, the deck is already against you while trying to seek the highest office in the land. You have no room for all the excess baggage that you have to carry everywhere you go. It may not be fair, but it’s a hard reality. For the life of me, I will never understand why the people who supposed to care about you didn’t tell you the hard truth and save you from another crushing defeat.

I will continue to pray that this humiliating defeat doesn't stop you from continuing to help women and children. You are their champion. You don’t have to be President to make a difference. Allow yourself to heal and my prayer is that you don’t continue to make the same mistakes. I see that you have a big heart and a lot of good intentions. You just need to separate yourself from the wrong people who you feel may have the power and influence. Being attached to the wrong people will give you a bad rap. It’s time to re-invent yourself because you have so much to offer, but the things you have done and the company you have kept has tarnished your reputation with the American People.

Remember, this too shall pass, but it’s up to you what you decide to do next. You have so many people who look up to you, so it’s time to finally shed the reputation of crooked, corruption, and scandals. I know you think I don’t like you because I speak the hard truth that your girlfriends should be doing. I see a lot of me in you when it comes to getting knocked down a lot and refusing to never give up. I had to learn in Luke 12:48, it states that “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

Hillary, I expect more of you so get back in the arena and help the women and children who need you the most. Forget about money, power, and influence. It’s time to clean house and disconnect from these people with questionable character. Your image needs a complete makeover and you can start with getting rid of shady people in your circle. You are a good person and deserve to surround yourself with only people of good moral character. I am not saying everybody in your circle is bad, but there are a few bad apples that I hope you disconnect from them immediately. I believe you have better things to do for women and children, but the scandals and investigations MUST not continue to follow you. The only way to do that is to make a lot of changes around you. I may be a stranger to you, but at least I care enough to say what your best friend should be saying to you. I am the type of friend who will tell you the truth, no matter what and would shut anybody down who messes with you.

I felt so bad for you last night and that’s why I am taking the time out to be absolutely honest about how people perceive you and what you can do to improve your image. I want your staunch supporters to know that I care just as much as they do and that’s why I want you to get away from the wrong people because so many people want to see you locked up. I don’t agree with them so that’s why I am writing this plea to you. You have accomplished so much and I want to see you rise above the most heart-breaking defeat you have ever suffered.

© 2016 Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae


Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker from Old Bridge, New Jersey on December 19, 2017:

Only the young very gullible believe Hillary was the wrong candidate. And THAT my dear is a fact.

First of all, already those in KS, KY and the rest of the Corn Pone and Mutton Chops Confederacy have been interviewed and said Trump has NOT delivered on his promise to create jobs in their states.

Then, former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, himself a billionaire with REAL patriotism for his country said it best when he said that Trump's policies are making poverty worse and that those who have lived in generational poverty cannot escape it without education.

That education was IN Hillary Clinton's intended policies as it was in Obama's.

The Republican Party cheats to win as they have for the last 2 presidencies. If the only way to win is to rig an election using Russians or by deleting voting districts in minority parts of their states that now ended them up in the SC under a case, Gill vs. Whitlock, for their gerrymandering games, only truly gullible young people would fall for Trump's BS and the GOP's lies and deceptions.

When Geraldine Ferrara ran for VP, the GOP was the first to try and get rid of her using her husband as the excuse. Then, Hillary tried to get much needed healthcare reform during President Clinton's term of office and the GOP under that womanizing Georgia moron, Gingrich was first to dash it to pieces. Did healthcare become less expensive as a result?

You bet not. The same "receiver" Republican states live off "donor" Dem states to where now that moronic Trump tax so called "reform" is dumping the lion's share of the burden of federal taxes on Dem states while the GOP states sit back and whine and complain.

Sorry to burst your dream bubble, but try telling the truth about why YOU and the rest of the right wing rabble hate Hillary.

The married women in the south and midwest are THE MOST financially dependent on their husband's incomes. Not so up north, where women demand their right to equal pay for equal work and not as the southern and midwestern Walmartian women who have to supplement their incomes with welfare.

If Senator Warren or ANY woman dared to run against a white Corn Pone or Mutton Chop Republican, they would have done the same thing to her: get their Russian hackers to smear the hell out of her campaign with lies.

Now, the ball is in YOUR court. Either you support your gender now or you admit you are so financially dependent on a man that you have to vote as you are told to by Mr. Man.

Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae (author) from Atlanta, GA on November 30, 2016:

Thank you Duane. I just had to tell the truth and shame the devil

Duane Townsend from Detroit on November 30, 2016:

Very well done Bosslady.

Suzie from Carson City on November 09, 2016:

Yes, I realized this about your article. I'm aware you were not bashing Hillary. (I bashed her with no apologies)

I have always been an Independent and like you, I could simply repeat your last 2 sentences to describe my attitude in terms of "party" allegiance.

In fact, I voted for Obama both times. I simply could not do Hillary. My only other option was to not vote at all & I feel cheated by that.

Yes, corrupt is corrupt. No doubt. I'm holding onto to Hope & trust. DT has many others to account to, whom I'm sure will rein him in when necessary.

Thanks for your response.

Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae (author) from Atlanta, GA on November 09, 2016:

fpherj48, thanks for your comment. My article wasn't to bash Hillary, but to speak truth about what happened last night. Bill and Hillary are NOT the only corrupt politicians. The Republicans turn a blind eye to the folks in their party while blasting corruption in the Democratic Party and vice versa. Corrupt is corrupt. Until people stop making excuses for these liars and vote them out no matter what Party the belong to. I am an American first and I am not so attached to any party that I would forget that. I tell the truth about Republicans and Democrats

Suzie from Carson City on November 09, 2016:

Boss Lady Mae. I am very impressed with your straightforward honesty about the results of this election. Upfront, I need to state that I would have voted for anyone as opposed to Hillary. I am not disappointed at all. (and I DO mean, "anyone.")

Because the campaign, fighting & competition is over and DT is in fact the President Elect, I'm not about to clamber on about my extreme disgust and/or disrespect for Hillary. It doesn't seem necessary nor even appropriate at this point. I made my complete disdain for her quite public.

I have been through 10 Presidential elections in my adult life and never in my wildest imagination could I have suspected/expected of any politician (or as the crime duo of Bill & Hillary~~any 2 politicians) such utter, blatant and stark corruption......literal egregious corruption .

I basically wanted to convey to you that your comments are well-founded and make perfect sense. As I viewed the video of HRC's concession speech, I realized I was actually feeling sorry for her....and in order to keep my tears back, I simply reminded myself what an unashamed liar, thief, game-player, manipulator & down-right nasty individual she is at her very core. My pity for her lasted only 3 or 4 seconds.

BTW, your writing style is interesting and enjoyable. I do have hope for our country now. .. Peace, Paula

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