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Democratic Dream Team 2020: Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris

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Harris taking on the men

Harris taking on the men

Warren hammering away

Warren hammering away

It's starting to be floated around in the media. Many voters are not that enthused with Joe Biden, who seems out of place next to all the much younger candidates. The idea is to have a Warren-Harris or Harris-Warren ticket to represent the Democratic Party in the end game of 2020.

This would be historic: two women in the White House running the Executive Branch of the U.S. government. While both are currently behind with voters when polled against Biden, that could easily change as we get closer to 2020.

Kamala Harris crushed Biden head-on in the first Democratic debate. She seemed to leave Biden speechless with regards to segregation and school busing when Harris hammered her point like any prosecutor would. She would also be the first black woman in the White House. (However, in all fairness, Harris has a black father and Indian mother. But like with Obama, who was half white and black, the media seems to ignore these facts and just claim one ethnicity, which is not accurate).

Elizabeth Warren is leading in the polls when compared to Harris. Her positions on numerous topics are far left for most, so for many voters that are middle of the road (Biden voters), this kind of dream ticket might be a turn-off and a gain for Trump. Many of the ideas both women have are similar in many ways, but I would say Harris would appeal more to the Biden type voters. She is tough and prosecutes a mean case but she uses logic to solve many issues, while Warren is more of a "dreamer" when it comes to issues, some a little too extreme for those in the middle. And let's face it, the "middle of the roaders" or moderate voters will determine the fate of the next election.

Even Trump took notice in a belittling way of Harris saying that she is overrated just because she whacked Biden. It would be interesting to see how such a Warren-Harris ticket would resolve the sticky issue of which woman would be president and which one would be vice-president, a mostly meaningless spot. Would one concede and be content with the VP spot?

Such a ticket might get most of the women voters to vote for them, at least in the Democratic Party. Of course, an all-woman ticket doesn't have to include Warren, as there are other women also running for president. It might also come down to a Biden-Harris ticket, which would have great appeal, or a Sanders-Warren ticket, since both have similar views on the same topics.

In any case, if there is an all-woman Democratic ticket against Trump, how would this play out? Would it be the smart thing for the Democrats to do?

We'll have to stay tuned to find out.


perrya (author) on July 02, 2019:

For most dems, the best candidate is who can beat Trump, now Biden remains the best choice and if he also had Harris on the ticket, THAT would be a great combo. However, Trump may dump Pence, and want Nikki Haley as the VP to counter the dems, that would also divide many of those in the middle and undecided.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on July 01, 2019:

I personally did not care for Harris attack on Biden. But it worked. She went up 10 points in favorability, Biden went down 10. But I don’t like cut throat shenanigans. And look, t shirts to go with it!

I’m pretty sure neither woman wants to be veep. And it’s also not true that woman want a woman prez. The majority of white women voted for Trump, not Hillary.

The one moment that struck me during the debate was when Biden said “I left my firm and became a public defender”.....that is why I like him. His humanity. All these other prosecutors and their tuff stance.....I like nice people! I like people who care for the downtrodden and defenseless of this world.

But that is not in fashion these days. Who can hit the hardest wins.

And frankly, the fans of Harris, warren and sanders are awful! Omg, I see what Rightwingers say about their intolerance and self righteous attitude. It’s as bad as the far right.

And I guess they think they own the dem party now....

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They should remember dems like jfk and Obama.... kindness matters. So does a nice smile and a great laugh....although harris and warren have that. Bush did too.

Presidents are presidents for all. Don’t be like Trump, and cater to a base.

Brad on June 30, 2019:

That is sad the left thinks that the best challenger is a pit bull?

The Judge Kavanaugh hearings showed the real character of those that are now in the race for the democrats.

Mike Russo from Placentia California on June 30, 2019:

Perrya: What is really telling is that Trump said that Harris got too much credit for the Biden attack. As far as I know, he didn't even call her a name or label her.

That could mean he is really concerned about her running, because she can come on like pit bull. The dems would like to see a pit bull take on Trump when he gets into his slander and defamation of character mode, like he did with the 16 republican candidates and Hillary.

Brad on June 30, 2019:

The presidency is not about gender or color, it is about getting the best person as president.

The democrats seem to think that it is time for a woman to be president.

That is like picking a race horse to bet on, not be performance but by some physical trait.

A good way to lose a bet.

perrya (author) on June 30, 2019:

I agree. Rice was superb, I really wanted her to run. Harris still has the potential.

Ken Burgess from Florida on June 29, 2019:

That may be the most competent duo the Democrats can come up with.

I am sure a good portion of America will vote based on sex. And if they are going to keep veering left, Biden is not the guy they want to lead that charge.

The person I felt was most capable of Captaining this ship years ago was Condoleezza Rice. She is neither a he, nor white, but she was the best person I knew of to have run the country.

But she wasn't a "politician" and she wasn't willing to go thru the rigors of a campaign and the attacks on one's life that comes with it. Unfortunately that's what it takes to become President, especially if you run as a Republican. Point of that is, I don't care if it is a woman... so long as it is the right person to be President.

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