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The Democrat Plan for America

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


Illegal Aliens and Open Borders

For the first time in history, the new government's top priority is not to do anything for American citizens. The priority is to grant citizenship and voting rights to about 22 million illegal aliens, who either snuck across our border or came on a visa and refused to leave when it expired. Democrats rightly see them as the key to seizing permanent power over America. The illegal aliens will then be authorized to bring over their families, swelling the number of new Democrat voters up to perhaps 60 million. The Democrats' new open borders policy will entice even more to come, along with offers of cradle-to-grave free everything paid for by American taxpayers: food, housing, medical care, education, transportation, and communications. There will be no deportations, even for gang members and hardened criminals.


From Election Laws to Abortion

Democrats plan significant changes for our system of elections. They intend to legalize nationwide mass mail-out and mail-in ballots, and the elimination of any and all means of combatting voter fraud, such as requiring voters to register, proof of residence – or even having an address - witnesses to ballot signing, matching signatures – or any signatures – and poll watching. Nationwide ballot harvesting by Democrat operatives will become the norm, as well as filling out ballots for others by the harvesters. "Vote early and vote often" will be the mantra. They also plan to take redistricting away from the states and do it themselves, to their advantage, of course. These plans are designed to ensure Democrats never again lose an election.

Abortion must be without any restriction, including for middle school girls behind the backs of parents (even though you need their permission to give her an aspirin); for wives without the baby's father's knowledge; and right up until and after the moment of birth. Any opposition to the killings of the most innocent human beings must be silenced. Showing pictures of slaughtered babies must be criminalized. AND American taxpayers must pay not only for the exterminations done in their own country but also liquidations of unborn babies worldwide. No one must able to escape having blood on his or her hands for the butchery.


Destroy Health Care, Small Business, the Middle Class, Suburbs, and the Body of Christ

Democrats will kill private health insurance. What irks them is that the average bum does not get to go to the Mayo Clinic, while people who have made something of themselves can. Everyone should get precisely the same medical care, long the socialist’s dream. Exceptions will be made in the future for those with opinions outside the politically correct party line of the Democrats. You can expect to see the denial of medical care to them. Democrats are determined that they should decide who gets what medical care so they can punish their enemies.

The Democrat Party intends to continue the massively successful program carried out in 2020 by Democrat governors and mayors to destroy small businesses (because those who own them and work in them do not generally vote for Democrats), crush the middle class (always the hated group of the Left), and prohibit church services (Christians do not usually favor the Democrat platform and so must be denied what is most important to them – worship and community).

In a new twist, the Democrats will ravage the suburbs. In their ideology, it simply isn't fair that violent crime is not evenly distributed across all zip codes. To solve this, they will put the federal government in direct control of the suburbs and immediately ship urban criminals out to live in them.

At bottom, the hatred that oozes out of Democrats is hatred of Jesus and the Body of Christ. We can expect the full extent of the Almighty State utilized to persecute Christians, as well as an acceleration of the movement to drive them from the corporate world, prevent them from being able to make a living, and ban them from publicly stating the truths of their faith. The public square must be cleansed of any reference to God – especially His commandments regarding sexual immorality. The Left has always hated Holy Matrimony, the God-ordained Family, and Godly virtues as obstacles to total control over the populace. It would not surprise me to see the arrests and incarceration of pastors, priests, and preachers for quoting the Bible in a sermon.


Freedom, Dissent, Green New Deal, Student Debt, Free College for All

The only freedom that interests the Democrat Party is the freedom to be sexual degenerates. All other liberties must be strangled. There can be no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, and absolutely no free exercise of religion under the new regime. Anything outside the official part narrative will be deemed 'hate speech' and criminalized.

The Democrat plan is to declare anyone opposed to their ideology a “white supremacist domestic terrorist”—even if they are Black, Latino, or Asian. They will use the State and Big Tech to place everyone under surveillance who did not vote for them. The opposition will be criminalized, dissent will be silenced, and those opposed will face show trials, reeducation camps, and purges.

Using the excuse that the climate changes, Democrats want to implement the Green New Deal. That way, they can take over the enormous energy sector of our economy and agriculture and manufacturing. They yearn to tell everyone what to do in their own homes, eliminate private automobiles, and perhaps prohibit meat. The first step is to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which will cost trillions of dollars and eliminate the jobs of hundreds of thousands of working Americans—even though John Kerry admits there will be no benefit to the climate.

The Democrats owe much to our universities that indoctrinate America's youth and provide propaganda for the party, usually deemed "science." To repay them, Democrats plan to eliminate the $1.6 trillion of student debt on the books. The money is owed by people who signed contracts to borrow it for college costs. The new regime plans to have taxpayers pay the bill instead, including people who did not go to college, and those who already paid off their own student loans. Free college for everyone will be the new plan, because that way universities can charge whatever they want, while drenching our society in pernicious poison.


No to School Choice; Yes to Indoctrination, a Military Purge, and Gun Control

Democrats must eliminate School Choice. They do not wish to see any child in a private school – especially a Christian school – or homeschooled. All children must go public school – and government pre-school - where they can be brainwashed into leftist ideology from the time they are toddlers. All children will learn that America is the worst country ever. They should hate it - and their ancestors, too, unless they are recent arrivals. Schools must teach children that all heterosexual white men are evil, racist, sexist homophobes who have brutally oppressed the entire human race since time began, even though they are only 6% of the world population. Especially those awful Dead White Men who have contributed nothing worthwhile to the world, worst of all those horrible 'Founding Fathers.' Schools will teach that Donald Trump is even worse than the Founders and slightly more evil than Adolf Hitler. Schools must brainwash children to believe that perversion is to be celebrated, that there is no such thing as normal, that there is no such thing as truth. All schools must be forced to allow boys to shower with girls, use girls' bathrooms, and play on girls' sports teams if they want to. Anyone who disagrees with this must be canceled.

Police departments and all branches of the military must purge white Christians from among their ranks. However, they must welcome and celebrate men who act like they are women.

Guns and ammunition will become hard to get for law-abiding persons. New taxes will make guns and ammo twice as expensive. New licenses are being proposed that will be prohibitively costly. New laws will make companies that manufacture guns or bullets liable if anyone is injured or killed by their products. The lawyers of America love this idea. The lawsuits will run into the trillions and bankrupt manufacturers of weapons and munitions. Outlaws will still be heavily armed to terrorize good people.

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Criminals, Taxes, Regulations, & Equity

Democrats would like to release all criminals of color from our prisons back into your communities. After all, their crimes were but the natural reaction to 4,000 years of oppression. No one should have to provide bail to get out of jail. Any theft under $1000 should not be prosecuted at all. Destruction of public property should be celebrated, as long as the vandal is a Democrat. Anyone who defends themselves against a criminal should be arrested and imprisoned (unless they are a Democrat).

All federal and state investigations of Democrats will halt and be prohibited in the future. It doesn't matter what crimes and espionage Hillary, Hunter, and Joe have done; it was for a good cause: advancing leftism. Any conservative person, however, should be investigated by every federal agency. Indeed, with 880,000 laws on the books, everybody is guilty of something. "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime," being a well-known leftist slogan.

Democrats believe taxes should be doubled. Every nook and cranny of everyday life must be regulated and controlled. They will also resume a program Obama had going that funded groups of radical leftist activists with millions of dollars from taxpayers of all stripes.

Equity is the new rallying cry of Democrats. It means that all groups of people must have precisely the same earnings and own the same amount of wealth. The State must step in and make this happen, which will involve using force to take away half of my fellow Americans' wages and wealth. From brain surgery to nuclear physics to airline captains, each group must be equally represented in all walks of life, regardless of ability.


China and Globalism

The Democrats will make sure America is not a selfish country by sharing all of our technology, including military secrets, with China. As long as the payoffs keep coming to our politicians, China can take all the jobs from the Heartland of America and replace them with mountains of fentanyl.

The United States must surrender its sovereignty to the United Nations and other international organizations. We must share our wealth with the world because it is not fair that we have a higher standard of living than other countries. Any statues of white men should be demolished, and the names of white men should be removed from all streets, schools, and buildings. While we are at it, we should get rid of our flag and national anthem—those dreaded symbols of oppression and white nationalism. Not to mention that bothersome Constitution. It is so old-fashioned.


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on February 01, 2021:

KC McGee ~ Thank you for coming over to read my article. I must confess, your comments ring true about the Democrat Plan for America. I appreciate your communique.

KC McGee from Where I belong on February 01, 2021:

The plan of the democrats is to watch biden and his marxist admin thugs destroy our country as fast as possible. Further, to treat out Constitution like it is a piece of garbage. And all the low life democrats are more than willing to help their cause.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on January 31, 2021:

Caleb DRC ~ I totally agree with your assessment of election fraud. Thank you very much for reading my article.

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on January 31, 2021:

Mr. Happy ~ Hello! Thank you very much for coming by to read my work. I appreciate you for taking the time to offer your rebuttal of it. Are Europeans the only people with borders? As Milton Friedman wisely said: “You can have cradle-to-grave welfare or you can have open borders but you can’t have both."

Now, Americans built the most magnificent country in the history of our planet. Other people in other places did not. One survey says hundreds of millions of people from the Third World want to move here right now. I saw one leftist utopian say the other day that America ought to invite them all to move here now, swelling our population to one billion. That might sound good in a daydream but it would ruin our country and impoverish all of us living here now. I know some people say that the human beings currently living in prosperous societies should have no say about who moves into it. Some say Italians have no right to want Italy to remain Italian. I disagree that people wanting to flood our country have all the rights and those who live here now have none.

I understand you are middle class and very far to the left of the political spectrum. Surely you are aware that crushing the middle class – the bourgeois – is the centerpiece of the Marxist dream.

Like you, I would have thought “Only a "white supremacist" by definition is white.” But recently, more than one prominent person who shares your views said that Blacks, Latinos and Asians who voted for Trump were also white supremacists.

In Davos right now what its attendees call the Great Reset is being planned and it includes the phasing out of private automobile use.

Our universities are no longer educating but indoctrinating. They are using taxpayer funds from citizens of all political views to push one political view – yours. That is why the Left wants it to be free: Free Brainwashing!

School Choice is not about that silly term ‘white privilege.’ Minority groups want their children to escape the public schools just as much as white parents do. They want the same opportunity that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Biden and the rest have to send their children to private schools.

Part of the Black Lives Matter platform, heartily endorsed by Big Tech, academia, global corporations, and the Democrat Party, calls for the abolition of prisons, specifically for all people of color to be released from jail immediately because courts and jails are white supremacy. Along with math and merit. And pool.

Progressivism has been running our fifty largest cities with 100% power for decades now and it has ruined every damned one of them. Leftism ruins everything it touches.

Ballot harvesting is far from benign as you flippantly suggest. Stories of political operatives who routinely scam senior citizens out of their absentee ballots are so widespread that the term “granny farming” was coined. “Ballot-harvester” is a term for a person allowed to pick up someone else’s ballot and, in some cases, fill it in and take it to the polling place, elections center, or post office. Democrat Ballot-harvesters not only collect ballots, they fill them in. In this case, we no longer have the secret ballot, a cornerstone of our democracy. Democrat ballot-harvesters used illegal aliens to collect the ballots of citizens. They held “ballot parties” at large companies and went door-to-door. We have no idea what happened to all the ballots, since there are no chain-of-custody records. Like California, Oregon allows political parties to see in near-real-time who’s voted and who hasn’t. Harassment and voter impersonation follow. There’s no way to know how many voters are impersonated because no ID is required and no one checks. All you had to do was see who hadn’t voted yet and call your guy in LA to cast the ballot. There are no limits on the number of ballots a person may “harvest.” There are no rules about filling out someone’s ballot. People in nursing homes and other residential care facilities may have a friendly staffer help you out and take your ballot. This was as intended. Chaos. Confusion. Overwhelming the system.

While I join you in hoping all people on Earth receive good medical care, I disagree that it is a ‘right,’ as you and Bernie say. Since medical care is not ‘free’ the actual question is: Do people have a right to make other people pay for their medical care? The classical definition of rights are freedoms granted by our Creator because we are human beings that any good Government should recognize that you inherently have and these are negative rights, meaning they are rights not to have things done to you. The Bill of Rights is a list of things the Government cannot do to you—not a list of things Government ought to do for you. The radical left-wing extremists are turning CLAIMS into rights, meaning positive rights, which are things others MUST do for you because you want them to, a list that could have no end.

Who decides which of things you do or don’t have a right to make other people pay for you to have? Perhaps the provider groups with access to the deciders, access to political power through lobbyists? Do you have the right to force other people to pay for your medical care? Does that include Chiropractic? Acupuncture? Pharmaceuticals? Drug and alcohol rehab? Physical therapy? Holistic medicine? Alternative medicine? Nursing homes? Visiting Angels? Hospice? Wheelchairs? Wheelchair ramps for your home? Aromatherapy? Massage therapy? Grief counseling? Psychologists? Psychiatrists? Therapists? Hypnotists? Companions for the lonely? Hearing aids? Weight loss surgery? Eye doctors? Eyeglasses? Nutritionists? Shamans? Dental care? Dentures? Dental Implants? Nose jobs? Boob jobs? Liposuction? Genital mutilation for trannys? Hormone therapy for transgenders? Viagra? Abortion? Birth control? In vitro fertilization?

What else to you have a RIGHT to make other people pay for you to have? Water? Food? Clothes? Shoes? Housing? Furniture? Cell phone? Computer? Internet? Television? Transportation? Electricity? Appliances? Heat? Air Conditioning? A job? A ‘living wage’? Certain working conditions? Paid vacation? Flexible hours? Maternity leave? Paternity leave? Day Care? Government Babysitters? Government Schools? Private Schools? Trade Schools? Free College Education? Tutors? Adult education? Bilingual education? Inclusive education for special needs children? Special schools for special needs? Therapeutic pets? Pet food? Veterinary care? Sex? Beer? Cigarettes? Tattoos? Entertainment? Recreation?

What does a person have to provide for himself?

Some say a child has a ‘right’ to be raised by her father and mother in an intact family. Some say no child should be raised by an intact husband and wife because that creates an obviously unfair disadvantage to those who aren’t.

Now, do only American citizens have the right to make other people pay for all these things? What about illegal aliens? What about Mexicans? What about Central and South Americans? What about everybody on the planet? Most of the same people who make the claim that “I want” becomes a “right to make other people provide for me” also believe anyone on Earth who ‘wants to’ has the RIGHT to move to America. One study found that one billion people would move to America right now if they could—rather astonishing when one considers how unfair, unjust, shameful, racist, sexist, homophobic, and hateful America is. One wonders why on earth anybody would want to uproot from their homes to live in such an awful place as this. Anyway, do one billion people have the ‘right’ to come and live here, vote in our elections, and vote themselves a ‘right’ to have us pay for them to have all the things listed above?

James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on January 30, 2021:

Jack Lee ~ Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate your gracious compliments on it. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful insights. And I agree with your assessment of the situation.

Caleb DRC on January 29, 2021:

No, we did not vote for it; the election was blatantly, unquestionably and undeniably stolen from the majority of the American people, even with the dead people, pets', transferred and illegal votes going to Biden.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 29, 2021:

I like your photo with the people holding the "no borders" banner. "No Borders No Walls" is the slogan. Human beings, as all other God's creatures have roamed this planet freely for millions of years. The idea of having imaginary lines which one cannot cross is like a bad acid trip. Not only that but these imaginary lines are crossing through First Nation communities splitting them in half. That is true on your northern border with us and on your southern border. Just shows how ridiculous these borders created by European conquests are.

"witnesses to ballot signing" - We have that here in Canada. I can just show-up with my neighbor, or with a family member and they could vouch for me that I am eligible to vote. It works fine.

Honestly, I did not know what "ballot harvesting" was so I looked it up.

"in 2016, under Assembly Bill 1921, the state Legislature expanded the law to let any person, not just a family member, return someone’s ballot for them" - Ohh my God!! Someone else is allowed to drop off your ballot!! What an injustice and great threat! Haha ... are You serious amigo? You're pissed that someone else other than You can drop of your enclosed, sealed ballot? Have You nothing better to be upset about?

"Everyone should get precisely the same medical care, long the socialist’s dream." - As Bernie says: Medicare should be a Human Right! I second that and as such, it has to be made available for every human being on this planet.

"crush the middle class (always the hated group of the Left)" - Well, I am what is considered middle class and I am also very far left on the political spectrum. Much, much further left than Bernie, or AOC, or anyone in your political system. So, no I do not hate myself/the middle class LOL Stop the nonsense amigo. Si puede.

"The only freedom that interests the Democrat Party is the freedom to be sexual degenerates." - Haha!! Well, thank You kindly. I agree with the policies of the Democratic Party and I've been celibate and abstinent for over fifteen years now. How about You? Combined: You, your pastor and your pastor's pastor with some luck, might be able to match that. Keep talking about your "pureness" and You'll get to see how low You really are. *wink* lol

The Democrat plan is to declare anyone opposed to their ideology a “white supremacist domestic terrorist”—even if they are Black, Latino, or Asian. - Only a "white supremacist" by definition is white.

"eliminate private automobiles" - Where? Who said that? Please point them out to me. In what plan is that a thing? I really, really want to know because I drive a lot and I drive a lot by myself, in a private car. That will not end, nor are there any plans to end that. Change to an electric vehicle, yes that is in the plans but not to stop owning cars. What world do You live in? Where are all these "alternative facts" coming from about erasing middle class and eliminating private cars?

"Democrats plan to eliminate the $1.6 trillion of student debt on the books." - Education has to be made free and easily available for all human beings so that they can grow into competent and contributory citizens. The better one is educated, the higher the changes at a good job, then we can tax that good job and put more money into education, healthcare, day-care for all families who needed it, etc. This is a better plan than no education and a life of crime after, or a life of addiction. Those cost societies more int he long term than funding education for a child.

"They do not wish to see any child in a private school" - Very true. We're done with white privilege. Everyone gets the same opportunity then, we see who's good at what. Without daddy trump would have been collecting welfare checks and I am fine with that. Nobody should be starving, or without shelter.

"Democrats would like to release all criminals of color from our prisons back into your communities." - Like ... I can;t even get into this. "all criminals" released? Where? Who said it? When? Proof please. Sigh ... every other paragraph here has exaggerations and/or alternative facts. It's like I'm walking through a jungle anything can jump out lol You have no boundaries when it comes to truth: You twist it like it's play-doh.

"Democrats believe taxes should be doubled." - Just go back to the way taxes where during Truman's term. That's all.

Here You need this and before I go: I know You missed me! Haha!! All the best (for all of us, not just You and the rich people)!

"Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home—but not for housing. They are strong for labor—but they are stronger for restricting labor's rights. They favor minimum wage—the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all—but they won't spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine—for people who can afford them ... They think American standard of living is a fine thing—so long as it doesn't spread to all the people. And they admire the Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it."

— Harry S. Truman, October 13, 1948, St. Paul, Minnesota, Radio Broadcast

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on January 29, 2021:

You summarized it well. It is no secret. They told us what they plan to do and now people are surprised? They voted for this and now we have to live with it.

America is still great. They can't take that away. We are great because of the kind of people we are. Americans can do anything they put their minds to.

We will survive the next four years. The pendulum swings...

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