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The Danger of Covid-19 Bill H.R. 6666 Lies Within

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How odd is it that a pandemic bill is labeled H.R. 6666? Why not 1489?

Those who follow the Bible and Book of Revelations know about the how the Antichrist comes to power, probably in Europe, and forces many nations to worship him as a God and has "666" marked on their hand. Those who refuse it will not be able to buy or sell goods. That is pretty black and white as the Bible gets.

Then, how odd and seemingly nefarious is that in the U.S. Congress there is a new law, not yet passed, with the number 6666? This is H.R. 6666. This bill is for the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. About $100 million has been funded for this. Because of the 6666, many viral posts on social media falsely claim that a House bill would “give the government the power to forcibly remove” children from their homes. They even cite a few examples that seem dubious. There is nothing in the bill about if a person who tests positive being sent to a quarantined center after being forced to leave their home. There is a need of at least 100,000 tracers to see where the virus has been and where hotspots may develop.

The nefarious thing about this could be a way to amend the law later enforcing such actions. Any state can involuntarily isolate a person who is both sick and dangerous to the community. A number of judicial decisions have been issued over time that pertain to isolating a person who has, for example, drug-resistant TB, and they consistently have held that the person must have both characteristics to be lawfully held. Additionally, state laws establish vaccination requirements for school children. These laws often apply not only to children attending public schools but also to those attending private schools and day care facilities. It is possible for either state or federal government to mandate vaccination, but usually it is state law.

Trump and most people would like everyone to get the vaccine once available, but what if this bill turns into law and amended to force everyone to get the vaccine whether they want it or not for the good of the general public. What if instead of using the legal hammer of state law, states force all to get the vaccine via draconian choices: If you refuse to vaccinate, you cannot work at all, or, in designated types of employment? Were this come to pass, then, followers of 666 surely would be wary of the mark because vaccinations can also imprint RFID or other marks into the skin with the vaccine. Would this be the "Mark of the Beast"?

Because Covid-19 is pandemic, whenever there is a vaccine all nations will want it for their populations and due to demand and fear could impose any of the above conditions to force all to get it. There will be a rush to vaccinate all mankind and this is the perfect way for the real 666 to come to pass across the globe. If everyone wants the vaccine, those who dispense it, can make whatever demands they want and if you refuse to go along, no employment? Unable to sell things? A danger to others to be isolated from loved ones?

That is the insidious danger H.R. 6666 could become. Laws are always innocent at first, then amended later to become an issue later.

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