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When Government Shuts Down, Democrats Play Games - With People's Lives

I took an interest in Politics at a very young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

Senator Ted Cruz - Setting himself apart

Senator Ted Cruz - Setting himself apart

Government Shutdown

Sometimes it happens, Politicians can't/won't get it together and Government shuts down.

Back in 2013, it happened!

As a result or I should say, out of spite, the Obama Administration took it further, much further than it ever should have gone.

President Obama doubled down by taking it out on one of our National Treasures, our Nation's Veterans

He chose to use them as pawns, when he and his Administration planned and then followed through with the decision/the choice/the act of barricading access to the Washington Memorials.

Yes, the Obama Administration decided that blocking off.....

wide open to the sky, literally no overhead, multiple War Memorials to visitors, especially American Veterans, was the right thing to do.

It was important to him, that all take note and pictures too, of Veterans closed off from their Memorials, for optics!

Why, I cannot begin to understand!

They'd show - somebody!


Our Heroes?

The World?.

This is how we treat our heroes?

Those eighty five years of age and even older than that....he'd show them?

Access Denied

Veterans Stay Home

That was the message seen and heard by all of us, including our heroic Veterans, all across the land.

Barack Obama sought to deny them entry into their very own Memorials, it was beyond pathetic, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Conservatives weren't having it, the barricades were removed, physically by Senator Cruz and others, so that Veterans could walk or be pushed on through!

It was a sight to behold!

It was a beautiful thing

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The Democrats devious plan backfired, much like has been the case with Schumer, Pelosi and all career Democrats...all their plans are devious plans!

You'd think they'd learn -

Our Veterans would not be denied, not on the watch of the good Senator from the great State of Texas and many others.

Senator Cruz made way too much sense when he asked this simple question,

"Why is the Federal Government spending so much money to erect barricades to keep Veterans out of this Memorial?"

Why indeed?

I don't know if his question was ever answered, that didn't really matter, for Senator Cruz had no intentions of standing idly by, waiting for some type of reason or logic to come out of the Obama Administration.

He and others, that actually care about the issues of the People, would not allow for this egregious maneuver to play out any longer.

IF you weren't a fan of the Senator before, if Cruz wasn't a name you were familiar with, that was no longer the case.

He became the face of the opposition!

But, it wasn't about him, it wasn't about Ted Cruz, he isn't about the games.

He is all about the people and the business of the people, as all in Public Office are supposed to be!

Cruz did set himself apart, once again, as he has done right from the start.

Whether it's the multiple times he has taken to the floor of the Senate, on behalf of the American People, against Government mandates and Government intrusion.

At the Republican Convention, where he eloquently said what needed to be said, nothing more, nothing less and...

especially when he stood with our Nation's Veterans by boldly taking a stand on their behalf, questioning why such tactics were being used against a group of WWII Veterans.

A lot of time and planning goes into bringing WWII Veterans to Washington, via Honor Flight, to visit their Memorial and while the President and the Democrats played their petty, divisive little political games, Cruz and other Conservatives, saw to it that these Veterans would not be turned away.

When people now see Cruz in different venues, they remember him standing out from the D.C. crowd...set apart, with the People not those with too much power playing games with people's lives!

Cruz set himself apart by making it about the Veterans, during the 2013 Government shutdown and he will always be remembered for that!

Senator Chuck Schumer - Self-Serving

Senator Chuck Schumer - Self-Serving

More barricades placed - only these aren't visible

Chuck Schumer's name was attached and written all over, Government Shut Down 2016, just as Obama's had been in 2013.

Barack and the Barricades!

Sounds like a good book title to me.

How do these sound for book titles?

Shan't Schumer - As long as Schumer has a say, you shan't get pay


Schumer's Stand - too bad he is always in the wrong line, for the wrong cause

The bright spot in 2013 was not Obama or the Democrats or their dastardly deeds!

The bright spot was Veterans having their access granted, as Senator Cruz led the charge.

The bright spot was the Tea Party and other Conservatives, removing the barricades all across D.C., and surrounding and embracing America's Veterans, in solidarity.

Who would stand out in 2016?

Who would be remembered?

The most notable for a time, was Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, he reminded us that the Democrats were "opposing a Bill that they didn't oppose", appropriately labeling it, "the Schumer Shutdown". It was all about making the new guy, the outsider, look bad.

Trump, was a bright spot and remained steadfast in seeing to it that our Military families and our Veterans were as minimally affected as possible, for as little time as possible!

His focus remained on the Citizens of the United States of America, including America's children, making it all about the People of this Nation!

Not sure what was gained by Schumer and company.

Their constant, in everybody's grill, infatuation with those here illegally, only placed 'barricades', once more.

There weren't any physical barriers placed, as was the case with Obama, requiring removal, but they existed, no doubt about that

Chuck Schumer placed barriers between himself and his Constituents.

The Democrats shot themselves in the foot, yet once more with yet another, backfire.

I had hoped that their Constituents were paying close attention to where their Representative's priorities always seem to lie {everywhere but with them} and hoped they were taking note.

Isn't it ironic, that those that yell the loudest, in opposition to border walls, are the very same ones constantly placing walls/barriers where they don't belong - between themselves and the public?

What's worse, the left constantly places walls/barriers, between themselves and our Republic!

I am just wondering what the Left have up their sleeves (in their bag of tricks) for the next time and you know, there will be a next time, they cannot help themselves~

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© 2016 A B Williams

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