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The Crisis at America's Southern Border

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Biden's Crisis at the Border in Del Rio, Texas

President Biden surely has shot himself in the foot on several recent issues, such as, the debacle withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Americans left behind there, the French connection fiasco when the US made a deal with Australia for nuclear subs and their subsequent cancellation with France to buy 12 of their submarines (as the French said, who needs a friend that backstabs an ally), to the now, 15,000 asylum seekers at the Texas border.

According to Biden, there is no crisis because we will deal with it. That is BS and I wish reporters would tell him that. Anyone in their right mind would declare it a crisis. For weeks, these people have been arriving and until recently, CNN, seldom had any coverage. In fact, only FOX, persistently covered it long ago as the numbers went from 5,000 to 10,000 to 15,000. Finally, CNN decided they could no longer ignore the problem.

The underlying problem to all of the immigration problems is Title 42, which covers the US asylum claims that all these people living under the bridge at the border will use. The way the law is written is so broad regarding persecution, just about anyone can claim they are being persecuted in their home country. These are:

  • Physical violence
  • Torture
  • Genocide\Slavery
  • Threat of harm
  • Unlawful Detention
  • Economic harm or discrimination
  • Infliction of emotional or physical harm

These people at the border, each single or family must prove that some sort of governmental agency or just about any organized group that the government cannot control (drug cartels) has persecuted them consistently for some period of time and must rise above just harassment. Even if they do not know who the persecutors are, if they can prove it with documents, witnesses, etc., it might be granted.

The persecution must have been based on at least one of five grounds: your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group and they must prove the connection.

Hence, while it is easy for them to claim asylum, proving it is another thing without proof. They just can't say "we fled because of an earthquake, or, our president was killed. But the crisis now is all about waiting to be processed with their claims.

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Biden seems to be allowing many of these waiting for their case to be determined to live in ICE camps, or, giving them a paper for a future court date and releasing them, while others, are being sent back home (mostly single adults) by airplane. In the meanwhile, thousands more continue to arrive at the river crossing.

Where is Mexico in all this? At least Trump did some things right by getting Mexico to do something about the immigrants travelling through their country and halting them at Mexico's southern border. He clearly told asylum seekers that after you have applied, you can only wait in Mexico, not in US detention camps etc. Biden has done nothing except talk in trying to halt the flow of people coming. They ignore him.

Maybe the Border Patrol and National Guard should do what police departments do all over America to displace homeless camps - show up in force and dismantle the shanty structures on the US side and force them peacefully back to the Mexico side. This would surely get a Mexican response who would probably also disperse them.

Asylum cases take anywhere from 6 -18 mos. to resolve. Those who have already been processed could stay in the ICE camps, those who have not yet applied and have no waiting number, forced back to Mexico. Once the backload of cases are mostly done, allow more in. But, this open door policy will always cause a crisis because it is BAD policy.

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