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The Criminal Charges for Donald Trump

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Unlike civil penalties for breaking the law and paying fines or awards for damage, criminal charges if proven take away your freedom by putting you in jail for some time. That is a BIG difference for anyone but especially for the Trump, the ex-president of the United States. Imagine Trump in an orange Federal jump suit having to mop floors! It would be like the Book of Job in the Bible, where a former very rich man defies God with disobedience and later loses all his riches and becomes a poor man.

There is the potential for this to happen. Trump, as cocky and arrogant as he is, is probably concerned deep inside it could happen to his kingdom of wealth.

The January 6th public hearings are a rehash of what many of us know but now many nuances are filling in the blanks giving us a clearer picture. It is illuminating to hear the many of Trump's inner circle and those from his VP, Mike Pence, tell their facts and how they eventually opposed one another on and after January 6th, 2021. Once can tell the anxiety was immense within the White House just from the dialogue filled with everyday words: fuck, wimp, asshole, whore, pussy. These are uncommon words for a POTUS or his staff to voice aloud. Most of them were directed at Trump's vice president for not following the orders Trump gave him to try to steal the election from Biden, who clearly and narrowly, won. Even Trump's counsel, Eastman, agreed with it yet like a good, scared, soldier, he proceeded to carry out unlawful orders from Trump regarding the election. Even Trump's WH staff just wanted a smooth transition from the results and were horrified when Trump started to verbally attack his VP for not doing the right thing in front of an angry mob near the capitol. As one staffer said, "It was like pouring gasoline onto a fire", Trump was clearly angry and suggested to the crowd Pence would pay for his disloyalty. The crowd read in-between the lines and their already anger now forced them to storm the capitol to hunt down the traitor VP to kill him by hanging.

We learned that at one point when Pence was being hurriedly taken to a secure location, the mob hunters for Pence and Pence's escape route had nearly met each other. As Pence was just going down the stairs, the mob was around the corner and down the aisle by just 40 feet! It was just seconds before they would turn the corner where Pence had just been. They had just missed one another and imagine the horror had the timing been different. Pence would have been captured and hung or killed among others. Think about that. What a different story and hearing it would be. Shocking, effing shocking!

Trump's Criminal Charges

Will the US Attorney General bring criminal charges against Trump? It is kind of hard not to think so. It would be the first time in US history it happened. Here is a brief list of the easier ones to prove in a courtroom:

  • Conspiracy - two or more in agreement to commit a felony
  • Sedition - the act to incite others to violence and mayhem to overthrow or rebel against the government
  • Logan Act violations - After Trump lost the election, months later, he sent Ric Grenell, to act as an "envoy" to Serbia for better relations. Trump was not representing the USA, but himself then and his envoy was used. The Act was violated since Trump was no longer acting in behalf of the USA.
  • Witness Tampering - trying to make another change their testimony or not testify through intimidation and threat
  • Extortion - Obtaining something through threat of force or threat, usually money
  • Treason - attempting to overthrow the government in an act of betrayal
  • Attempted Murder - a person with specific intent and malice to kill another but is unsuccessful in the act

The hardest of all the charges to prove is the last one. This involves the threat against his VP, Pence. While Trump did express his anger in front of an angry crowd that he egged on and hinted about his displeasure if Pence does not do what he wants to overthrow the election, so far, there is no specific malice or intent to do harm to him. There is no action or words indicating Trump wanted Pence to be hurt or killed for his disloyalty. There are inferences by his demeanor and words but nothing more.

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