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The Covid-19 Pandemic's Long Lasting Impact

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For all of Trump's disgraceful personality traits that turn every parent's head, Trump tried to treat the Covid virus as a non-event that will pass and life will be like it was. For all his mocking of it, the wearing of the mask and social distancing, which does work, Trump was trying to preserve personal freedoms. While I do not like anything Trumpism, I do agree with his personal freedom stance. A person should have a right to decide to accept a dangerous situation knowing of its possible ramifications, whatever the danger is.

The virus changed this. Personal freedoms are eroded and in many places are gone, replaced by government rules and regulations. In areas that are locked down, the Draconian measures eliminate freedom of movement etc. The virus pandemic is harboring in a new age and accelerating the cashless society unified in a one world government, of sorts. The technology means are already available to do this for the most part, as people and society try to buy and sell with credit cards. In China, using cash in many places is no longer acceptable. Payments are all done a QR code or a credit card. The biotech industry is using biometrics to identify a person with a fingerprint, retina scan, or by an implanted RFID chip under the skin.

The virus is pushing the world towards this new age that will be a "reset" of how buying and selling is done. This will begin in 2021 with the virus vaccinations. Millions will need it. Millions will get it for free. Millions will need to be tracked to know who and who has not received the vaccination and when, whether or not a second dose is required. The technology is available to do that when one receives the vaccine.

As world governments deploy the vaccine, so will restrictions. These could be mandatory by Federal, State, or just local authorities. One can see how if one does not get vaccinated, they may be restricted as to where they go, or, even to enter a store to buy things, or, to continue working or get a job. One can see schools requiring a vaccination if your kid is to go to school, or, getting medical or dental care. The list is endless. But, as this becomes our new world, it preps us for a cashless society and what that entails. Banks could easily force one to go cashless with electronic payments or requiring one to use biometric identification techniques. Ditto for businesses that no longer accept cash.

Trump's position on the virus was putting a person's personal freedom first, and science of the virus second. He was slowing down the fast approaching "reset" that was coming. His election loss and a Biden win means that the reset has nothing to slow it down, Biden will accept anything to end the pandemic to get the economy going but the at what cost to your personal freedom of choice?

When the vaccine is available worldwide, most of the world will want to get it, but how will governments handle those who do not? Will it be a crime not to? Will a resister be segregated from those who do? Will governments further restrict a person's freedom of choice and movement?

The vaccine and pandemic is prepping the world for a new age or "reset" and how the world operates. Once the world or most of it are in a cashless society the real danger is when a person or entity takes control and can restrict if you can buy or sell by accepting a "mark". A biological mark of some sort that identifies you and that you accept this person's belief that he is God.

As I said, the virus has accelerated this new world order. It is getting people use to less freedoms with more logical restrictions. A cashless society is here for many who only use a credit or debit card and seldom NEED cash. I am one. But if banks make it even easier to go cashless and it is 100% safe, it will attract many. If stores find that handling cash is a pain and that electronic bookkeeping is easier, that is what they will use.

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A cashless society is still a few years off, maybe by 2024-5, it will become much clearer, maybe sooner due to the virus. Be nervous when your bank forces you to take a mark of some sort under the excuse of better service and easier access.


perrya (author) on November 16, 2020:


Mike Russo from Placentia California on November 15, 2020:

Perrya: This article says it all.

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