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The 2020 Presidential Election; the Candidates, the Campaigns, the Conventions - a Comparison

I took an interest in Politics at a very young age. The Goldwater-Johnson race fascinated me and I've been paying attention ever since.

They both have very nice smiles.

They both have very nice smiles.

Joe Biden

I've heard the words "integrity", "tried and true", "trustworthy", among many other complimentary adjectives...when Joe Biden is the topic of discussion.

As I channel surf, check social media and headlines, while waiting in line at the grocery store, he and Kamala are definitely all the rage and the hot topic of newsrooms everywhere.

It got me to thinking...if that were the case...if Joe Biden was all of these wonderful things that his biggest fans {mainstream media} continually try to convince us, he is, wouldn't Joe Biden and his handlers have spoken out long before today, as...yet another city is getting destoyed, by his supporters?

Shouldn't a "man of integrity" speak out against the atrocities his voters/supporters are out participating in, in the very communities and democratically-run cities, where many of them live?

Wouldn't the "tried and true" Biden team be speaking out against the looting of businesses of the people. People of all races, creeds and colors - as their American dream, their life's work is being destroyed, oftentimes in the course of one single day?

Wouldn't you think.....

  • Mr. Integrity, Joe Biden, would have spoken out before now against the constant targeting and relentless harassment of our Police Officers?
  • He would have come to the aid, "in a tried and true" manner, of the many innocent citizens; whether they are attempting to have a peaceful dinner at a street cafe or whether they are trying to save or salvage what's left of their looted business, from being yelled at, threatened, spat upon, cursed and assaulted?
  • As good Samaritans are mocked and pummeled, for attempting to do the right thing, by protecting innocent bystanders, from angry mobs, wouldn't you think that Mr. "Trustworthy" Biden, might have been trusted to have something to say about all of this madness...long before now?

These hate groups, in the streets, terrorizing many cities are going by the names Antifa and BLM, among others not as widely known, but rest assured...they are Biden/Harris supporters!

They've made it crystal clear that they hate President Trump and they hate everything that makes America, America!

They are anarchists and Marxists and social justice warriors...they totally and fully support the Biden, Harris team because they know...that Team Biden/Harris have no intentions of standing in their way or stopping them!

If they did, they would have done so, long before now.

They had the biggest platform with the biggest audience and all eyes were upon them, at their convention last week, (most likely, the biggest audience they will ever see) and yet, they didn't speak out, calling it what it is...contemptible. In fact, they didn't say a single word about it!

They were much too busy doing what the left does best, bashing the President, tearing down America and insulting Trump supporters.

There were no glowing endorsements of America, nothing in particular, seemed to stand out, shine through, as something great pride might be taken in. All they could manage, were weak attempts at portraying President Trump as the boogeyman.

There were no new ideas expressed, no excitement whatsoever, only negativity.

What better way to wrap up my thoughts on the Democratic Convention, other than to say - 'Here's your sign' America!

Donald Trump

Yes, I am biased, I am a lifelong conservative, I'll not pretend otherwise, but what a contrast, once the Republican Convention got underway.

Around this time four years ago, I had no interest in either Convention, I was not a fan nor a big supporter of Donald J. Trump, I was all in for Senator Ted Cruz and I was disappointed.

That wasn't meant to be...and so, I kept an open mind and waited to see what Trump would do next.

Was he in over his head?

Did he truly want to be there?

Well, he did not disappoint, I was won over right away, especially when witnessing the lengths that the establishment, D.C. swamp dwelling, sponge-like career politicians, sucking all of the life out of D.C....were/are willing to go, to get rid of him!

Their criminal behavior and belief that they are somehow above it all; certainly high above the people and the people's wishes for the best interest of this country, has only managed to turn me into one of his biggest supporters, one with a voice and a pen, that I am not afraid, nor the least bit reluctant, to use!


All of that being said, the differences between the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention are like night vs. day, darkness vs. sunlight and blue vs. red.

The differences between the two parties and the two men running for the office of the Presidency are as reflected, in the two conventions!

Donald Trump, from day one, has gushed over this Country.

He and Mike Pence are proud and patriotic, lovers of America, no doubt about it!

That has been on full display over the past few nights, at the Republican Convention.

Thankfully, for us, the President isn't so busy gushing that he neglects his duties.

Quite the contrary, every single day we hear the stories; we've seen just the tip of the iceberg, over the past few nights with the parade of citizens sharing their real life stories and giving the President full credit for the turn-around in those real lives.

It should be evident to everyone at this point, that he is not a fluke, he didn't run on a dare or because he lost a bet. It wasn't a bucket list thing to do, he felt as if he could do it better than failed career politicians ...and he has!

It's not only evident the kind of President he is and how he feels about this Country, the greatest Country that God gave man, it is evident that millions of people feel the same.

They are proud, they don't want transformation and they absolutely do not want to go to the dark side to explore the possibilities.

They know history and they know there isn't anything on the dark side that will bring them anything other than...misery!

Maybe we have gone through a tough year...maybe we have been knocked down a flight of stairs or two by a pandemic, but I believe that most individuals are resilient and so...they get up, dust themselves off and keep working to gain or regain, that which has been delayed or stalled, their American dream!

The Death of the Democratic Party

The Death of the Democratic Party

The Demise of the Dem Party

I think it is fair to say that the Democratic Party is no more; there are a few figure heads, but that's all they are at this point!

They have succumbed -

Wittingly or unwittingly, they have allowed for a takeover; one that is moving at warped {and I do mean "warped" on many levels} speeds, right smack dab into the eye of full-blown communism!

That in which, the greatest majority of this Nation wants no part of, will not stand for and most definitely will not fall in line with...far from it!

If this is allowed to persist...it will not end well!

So what do you say, we nip this in the bud right now and not go there!

  • We must speak out against any further support for the party formerly known as the Democratic Party, whenever and wherever we can!

I know for a fact, that all lifelong Democrats are not on board with this drastic move to the far left and completely understand that none of this, can be easy for them, but where are they?

Are they speaking out?

I can't hear them.

But, those in denial...pretending that this is just another election, no different than any before, with plans to support their Party no matter what...for that mindset, I have no sympathy whatsoever.

What else do you all need, a firm plant upside the head with the Communist Manifesto!?

Our choice this year, (Election 2020) has never been any more clear and Trump should win by the largest margin in recorded history.

No contest!

I am praying for all involved in this election and for this Country and always praying that God's will be done!

God Bless America!

Have you made up your mind?

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© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on September 05, 2020:

Sorry T, I didn't realize that Admin. denied all of your comments (with the exception of one) and left it to appear as if I am talking to myself....

This is STILL America is it not? Oh that's right...you may not be the right person to ask.....

Don't see anything controversial about anything you have written, but what can you do.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 28, 2020:

Oh gosh! I think Mrs. Harris settled down with time...well, with that aspect of her life, that is! There's definitely nothing "settling" about Kamala Harris! She is as radical as they come and poor Joe is just along for the ride.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 28, 2020:

Oh...and then, there's this, more from BLM, aka: Biden/Harris supporters in action:



A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 28, 2020:

Thanks T, appreciated! I had to tone it down a bit, my real rant was on FB this morning ;) (are you on FB?)

Did you see this by chance, Biden/Harris supporters, in action....aren't they precious?


T on August 28, 2020:

Sorry AB, I meant to say this but I had to run when I posted that last comment.

Your article is superb, you tell it like it is, brief and to the point! To disagree with anything you said would beg to ask the question “What are you smoking?“ although I would think even a pothead would have to admit everything you say is right on!

The writing is on the walls of the homes and businesses the “protestors” destroyed, Trump 2020!