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The Continuing Saga of the Gabby Petito Murder

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To recap, Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were in love. They were going to get married. But, before they did, both wanted to travel across the USA to see places they had only read about. They traveled west from the east coast from Florida and saw many things they captured and posted on YouTube and other social media sites. On its face, it was just a young couple in love trekking across America before marriage. The images they posted truly reflected this. Gabby was vibrant and attractive to the eye, Brian was average.

It was not long until some of the videos or posts showed a discord between them that had developed. Gabby seemed overly emotional, and Brian seemed to be "that" jealous kind of guy. To an outsider looking in, the couple seemed to realize that maybe they shouldn't get married because the road trip together had revealed personality traits that neither liked of the other. It happens. That is why many couples live together first for a while, to be sure that one's habits do not become huge issues after marriage. In the end, Brian murdered Gabby and ran back to North Port, Florida, and eventually shot himself near a lake "known to have alligators" and partially eaten.

The Revelations Today

The whole case is worthy of a movie. It is a sort of Romeo and Juliet with some differences, but the core is a love that went sour.

It has been over a year since the end ended the hunt and the case closed. What was left in its wake was Brian Laundrie's diary found next to what remained of him near that lake (bones and partially crushed skull that only a gator could do) and the Petito's lawsuit against Brian's parents for emotional distress.

The Diary

The diary may or may not solve the riddle as to why Brian killed his fiance. It is quite detailed and if true (and it is hard to believe) would end the guessing to the astonishment of many.

In the notebook, Brian admitted that he killed Gabby. Brian called the murder and "unexpected tragedy" that happened while they were crossing a creek at the Spread Creek camping site. The water level was not deep, but Gabby had fallen, tripping on a rock. She fell hitting her head on a rock. The bump on her head was small but grew to a much larger size as Brian carried her downstream. Gabby was cold to the touch and shivering a lot and complaining about the pain in parts of her body. Brain started a fire to keep her warm and held her close trying to comfort her to no avail. Brian suspected that Gabby may have a concussion, but her pain made sleeping difficult.

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Instead of rushing Gabby to the nearest ranger station or clinic as most would do, he ended her life out of mercy. To him, it was the merciful thing to do. Is this what Gabby demanded? All she wanted was to end the pain! Brian does not write how he killed her, but most thing it is strangulation. Brian states that after it was done, he panicked. It was not long until he knew that it was the wrong thing to do.

Obviously, Brian was not "all there". His diary seems more like a pathetic excuse that is unreal. A mercy killing of the one you love? Now, if Gabby had died while rushing her to the nearest hospital, Brian would still be around. But, killing Gabby out of mercy? Brian's admission went on to say that he killed himself because he could not bear to live a day without Gabby and there was no future for him without her.

So, Brian killed himself. His diary specifically said that the location he picked for this final act was because he hoped that alligators would consume his body near the water bank. Brian got his final wish granted!

The Lawsuit

Gabby's parents have recently filed a civil lawsuit against the Laundrie family for emotional distress and seeking $30,000 in compensation. They claim that the distress is from the time Brian had returned from Wyoming back to Florida and that Brian had told them what he had done. The complaint states that from early September 2021, his parents knew where Gabby's body was via Brian's disclosure and that in the coming weeks, as the search went on, this caused emotional distress. After Brian had returned home to his parents, they went on their last vacation to De Soto State Park to camp. It was after that Brian would take his life with a bullet to the head. The judge seems to agree with the Petito's, in that, one can almost guarantee that Brian told his parents what he had done since Gabby did not return with him! They knew where her body was in Wyoming and said nothing as weeks went by and others searched the Carlton Preserve in Venice and North Port, Florida. Of course, the Laundrie's claim they had no legal duty to disclose what Brian had told them. Others claim they were an accessory to a crime by withholding this information. The judge indicated that if Brian's parents did know where Gabby's body was, at the very least, it is callous and cruel to withhold this information to Gabby's parents and police.

The courtroom drama continues in Venice, Florida. The Laundrie's tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, which was denied. Now the judge will make a final determination on whether it will proceed to a jury trial in 2023.

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