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The Coming Wars in 2022

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Like a pressure cooker building up internal pressure, the world is in a similar fate, as hotspots for conflict sizzle and boil, at which some point, explodes. This is what the world faces in 2022.


Most experts agree that if China does anything militarily, it will be done after February, 2022, after their Winter Olympics showcase China's capabilities to the world. The most obvious places are Taiwan and the South China Sea. Already in the latter, China is playing tough with the Philippines by challenging and using spray cannons with water to prevent the Philippine military from resupplying small outposts on disputed islands. Legally, these small islands are in Philippine waters, but China has been using soft tactics to challenge the Philippine military. The US has warned China to stop with the intimidation tactic because of a defense treaty with the USA, which will be invoked if these actions continue. As for Taiwan, China has vowed that it will retake the renegade island province one way or another. Taiwan could not survive a Chinese attack for long and it remains questionable if the US would sacrifice for this island province of China.


Again, it is the Ukraine, once part of the USSR and considered to be a key grain producer. Putin has once again massed 100,000 troops along the border, just like the days before in 2014 before they attacked. The Ukrainian government has proven to be very resistant to Russia and their attempts to "befriend" them, in fact, Putin cannot support their NATO-like prospects. Even if Putin starts a conflict again on some facade event, his objective would be just to take more of the Ukraine to cause upheaval and collapse of the Ukrainian forces and government. The panic an attack would cause would be immense in the Ukraine as it would come from Belarus also. Shelling the city of Kharkov, which is close to Belarus, would acerbate it even more. The Ukrainian Army is generally in a weaker state and would need to rely on Poland and the US to halt Russian aggression. But would they be willing? Putin is counting on a similar lack of response from the West to cherry pick off more of the Ukraine. Since there is no reason for 100,000 Russian troops to be along the border now, Putin is just looking for an excuse to attack.


The US and Israel are parting ways with regards in stopping Iran from getting the bomb. Biden wants to negotiate more, while Israel has said publicly, Iran will have a bomb within 2-5 months, some think, time is even shorter since they have enriched enough to 60% and getting to weapons grade material from 60% takes a much shorter time. Israel has vowed to stop it and has the capable bunker busting bombs that can penetrate deep underground, to do it. They had said that they will go it alone without the US blessings, if need be. The New York Times believes that Iran may have a bomb with another month or two. Israel has even stated that two Iranian nuclear enrichment sites at Fordow and Natanz would be crippled in any air attack.

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This whole affair has been simmering for years since 2015, and then, Trump pulled out of the agreement and placed severe sanctions on Iran. Iran made any monitoring of their enrichment impossible and added more centrifuges to enrich faster. Meanwhile, Israel formulated several plans to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. It seems that in 2022, something very dramatic is going to happen as Israel feels time IS running out and the urge to try something militarily must be attempted. Israel is willing to go it alone in attacking Iran.

Could Russia and China launch any military adventures around the same time? They have worked together before in training exercises and coordinating attacks would really test American capabilities and interests, as well as NATO's. They would be in different parts of the world, as well.

2022 could be a dangerous year with military aggression and Covid still around.

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