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The Circus Has Left Town -- the Aftermath of BLM in Minneapolis

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Shar, a retired RN that earned Her BA degrees in Science and The Science Of Nursing. Now, enjoying life between the US and Mexico.


The City Council Answer BLM Call To Cut Funds To Police

The Minneapolis City Council on June 7th, 2020 announced plans to cut funds to its police department and invest in community-based public safety programs following calls from activists BLM to defund the police,' in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. On July 24, 2020, Minneapolis City Council members voted on their first cuts to the police, trimming more than $1.5 million of the department's nearly $200 million initial budget for the year. The council cuts appear to have initiated many police officers to retire, some opting for early retirements.

City Council Call For Defunding The police.

The Budget Cuts Result In Officers Retiring Decreasing Police Manpower...

As of August 1st, 2020, Minneapolis police are at this point decreased by at least 100 more officers since the killing of Mr. Floyd — more than 10% of the police force has deeply straining department resources amid the recent increase of violence.

Over the past two months, since the protest began, 40 police officers have resigned, retired, or have been fired, and another 75 have taken a medical leave for post-traumatic stress disorder. Which they claimed was caused by the riots that were the results of the protests.


The Police Offer Some Tips To Citizens Of Minneapolis To Avoid Crime

The police department in the city of Minneapolis has offered a list to help residents navigate the increased crimes in their neighborhoods. Some of the examples on the list include, carry only items you need, and carry less cash; be prepared to give up your cellphone and purse or wallet; don’t fight with the criminal; remember your safety is most important.

Interestingly, a very vocal critic of police in Minneapolis."Lisa Bender" president of the city council, made the shocking statement in early June during an interview with CNN. She stated "calling the police when your home is broken into comes from a place of privilege.”

Her statement could certainly be understood to convey that she could care little about the people of Minneapolis, but only her far-left ideology. An ideology that certainly is idiotic in the light of the serious problems that are occurring in the city she represents. The people are now floundering and forced to live without police the proper law enforcement they deserve.


What Was The Aftermath Of The BLM Protests

This is a very sad situation these citizens have been left with, due to the demands of BLM, and the protesters that supported their ideology of defunding the police. As in most cases, after one hears the last cries " black lives matter" which were heard for many weeks in the streets of Minneapolis and the remains of burnt-out buildings that had been businesses that were depended on, the protest are over... The protesters have all gone home to their own neighborhoods, they don't have to look at the war zone, they need not be afraid that when they call the police they just won't come.

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Burn Baby Burn...

Minneapolis BLM Riot: $30M Affordable Housing Complex Under Construction Burned to The Ground ---The six-story, 190-unit affordable housing project had been slated to open in the spring of 2021," Twin Cities Business reported on Thursday. "A city of Minneapolis worksheet on the project listed the total development cost at approximately $37 million, including contingency and reserve funds; land and construction costs were about $30 million.

What Did The Protests In Minneapolis Accomplish?

Leaves me to ask a very simple question --- What was accomplished for the people of Minneapolis? I have considered this question, and I come up with zero. In fact, I have come to realize the very people that have and will suffer the most out of all of this are the black people of Minneapolis. The very people that lives were supposed to have mattered.


After all the cries are gone, all the protesters returned to their own lives, what now...

Thoughts Appreciated

Sharlee (author) on August 05, 2020:

Thank you for sharing this video. It certainly shows the police officers were very calm and respectful of Mr. Floyd until he totally resisted arrest. The media has completely misrepresented what went down. Thank God the police used the body cam. It certainly shows the truth.

Ken Burgess from Florida on August 04, 2020:

The MSM news is not covering the recently released Police Camera footage of Mr. Floyd's arrest (Body Cams).

While it does not excuse what happened to Mr. Floyd, it certainly adds context.

But just as the MSM used what happened to inflame racial divide in our country and to vilify our police (the people who keep law and order working... keep society and safety working) they chose to ignore this new evidence/information because it doesn't suit their narrative.

Just more proof that the MSM is working to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, as are the major social network platforms which choose who to censor and who to support.

Freedom of speech, only for those saying the approved things. News coverage of only those things that support the narrative, and if necessary taken out of context.

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