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A Non Presidential Presidency

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Planting Seeds

Despite the frustration concerning the integrity of the 2020 election, it seems Trump has been planting doubt in the minds of voters' for years. In 2016, Donald J. Trump ran for office against Hillary Clinton. During the 2016 last Presidential Debate, Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election should he lose. Trump's response was very similar to his accusations present day. He made it very clear he believed the only way he could lose the election was if it had been rigged. During his run for a second term, President Trump has focused on filling American citizens' head with confusion about this election as well.


Voting During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is still a serious virus affecting up to millions around the world. America has seen several rises in cases as well as deaths over the course of the pandemic. In attempt to curve the amounts of people affected by the virus, political leaders agreed to allow people to vote by mail. Mail in voting has been used throughout history with no indication of there ever being widespread, fraudulent interference. There has been isolated incidents where individuals would attempt to abuse the voting system in their favor. These cases have been easily resolved with those guilty being swiftly prosecuted.


Voting Discouraging Backfire

President Trump has been riddling his Twitter feed with numerous accusations suggesting the election is being corrupted due to using mail in ballots. He constantly encouraged his supporters against voting by mail. This alone should have been enough to explain why the majority of mail in ballots went to Joe Biden. Especially with the amount of people suffering with illnesses and unable to stand in line for hours at voting booths.

Joe Biden was reported as the winner of the 2020 election by several major news sources and officials after states tallied their votes. Unfortunately, the results of the election triggered an outrage among the Trump administration and Trump supporters. President Trump immediately began accusing the Democrats of rigging the election and took to his social media accounts to start his spew of misinformation. Furthering the turmoil of a divided nation.

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Causing Chaos for Leaders and Citizens

President Trump refuses to concede the election even though his lawsuits against states he lost in, in attempt to overturn the election, have come up unproductive. Trump has claimed countless times that there is so much evidence of fraud concerning this election. His supporters seem to be very trusting people. Taking anything said by Trump as facts with no need to see the evidence, which continuously goes without being presented.


Trading Integrity for Profit

Trump has managed to recruit a group of individuals with the same scheming mindset similar to that of his own. Some of these people are news reporters, celebrities, lawyers, and more. They seem to be cashing in on the confusion caused by the spreading of misinformation rather trying to set the record straight. It's been clear that those who follow these people look to them for guidance without questioning much of what they're told. When those leading thousands of others can be bought, it poses a huge threat to transparency and truth. It also gives those trying to cash in on the chaos incentive to uphold appearances. If the narrative they're trying to feed people starts to unravel, it means they will no longer be relevant. Also very likely to cause them to lose a great deal of credibility in the future.


Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino has been a conservative commentator for years after multiple failed attempts running for Republican office. He has a following of a few thousand on several large social media sites. Lately, Bongino has been one of the biggest contributors to the spreading of misinformation and conspiracy theories during the 2020 election. When post filled with misinformation are shared, social sites have taken the initiative to try and keep misinformation from being taken as facts while maintaining freedom of speech. They will attach fact checks to the posts in question. Giving viewers the ability to check the information they're seeing without restricting the speech of the users sharing it. This has provoked those who share misinformation to defend themselves. Their way of doing so is to convince their viewers that these sites and the media are against them.


An Opportunity for Taking Advantage

With the rage of a killer virus and little time to even think straight, it's no wonder why so many people are being taken advantage of by those on the wrong side of the media. Those who are afraid of losing their favor with the public know those following them trust them to certain extents. Some much more than others. They also know many struggle with day to day living and are unable to look up every little thing they're told. During this time when people need guidance, they're being used. Trump could easily end all of the hate and confusion by accepting his defeat with dignity the same as every President before him. He could easily bring this country together by going out as the leader he should have been this whole time. Instead, the people are having to pay for his failure to acknowledge reality. Those enabling him for their own personal gain are no better. This has been one of the most unprofessional elections in history. Then again, this has also been one of the most unprofessional administrations in history as well.

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