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The Chaos in the World Today

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Chaos worsens

Chaos worsens

It's just a feeling many have. A feeling that the world we live is coming to some sort of major event that will change everything. Many point to the Book of Revelations and End Times with some justification, others claim that all of the chaos in the world has always been this way, this bad and hateful. But some things are true, like the world population that has increased greatly making resources more limited, more competition as nations rise in power.

Events in the Middle East and with Iran are going to spin into a conflict that may drawn many nations outside the region as they fight for resources like oil, natural gas, minerals, and just pure hate. Experts on Iran agree that with the Iranian pursuit of a nuclear bomb could happen by the last quarter of 2020. This is based on their rush to create the required material. If Iran does have their first nuke then, experts feel that by sometime in 2021-2, they will have a rocket to place it on.

What does this mean?

It means that there will be a conflict sometime in 2020, 2021, 2022. Trump and Israel has vowed that Iran will never have the bomb. This may force either country to strike in 2020. If not, if Trump wins the election, in 2021,for sure. If he loses, the problem will still exist and even a Democrat will be force the same sort of action. Israel may also take the initiative since Iran will send their nukes to them. Once any strike occurs, Iran will declare war and mayhem prevails even more. Their false response to the Suleimani assassination was just a warning. Many feel the real response will occur around Feb. 11, when they celebrate their 1979 revolution. Should this occur, the U.S., will respond and things can spin out of control rapidly.

There just seems that a conflict in the region is inevitable. It will happen. The Revelations does predict it.

The extreme weather is growing more widespread across the globe. Snow in Saudi Arabia, deadly fires in California and Australia, flooding in Venice, Italy, followed by a tide that left it without water, multiple volcanic eruptions in the Philippines and earthquakes, more earthquakes and hurricanes, drought conditions, melting ice sheets and so on.

Many claim that it has always been that way. Maybe, but the intensity and frequency (key word) of these anomalies in weather have increased. No denying that. The impact on the world's ability to feed itself is threatened the more this happens. It creates more national angst as nations deal with calamities that consume for resources and money that create additional debt. Nations go to war over scarce resources as they become desperate.

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Both of these situations create the more chaos in the world as the Revelations did predict in End Times. So, believe it to be just a coincidence or "how things are", as many do feel, but the world is headed into a dark period in the next decade.


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 15, 2020:

"Maybe, but the intensity and frequency (key word) of these anomalies in weather have increased." - Yes. This is a very good point. There have always been hurricans, floods, forest fires and such but now they are more ferocious. At the same time, there are more of us on the planet than before so, each natural disaster displaces way more people than 100 years ago. We've seen nothing of mass migration compared to what is to come.

The other topic of chaos in many countries is indeed astounding. Just yesterday I was counting in how many countries there are protests now: US, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Spain, Poland, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon ... I'm giving up. It's ridiculous. I didn't even get to Asia.

A Romanian poet, Mircea Dinescu once said: "We'll die and see." Sigh ...

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