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The Case for Trump’s Re-election

Pendhamma Sindhusen is an independent political columnist and analyst.

President Trump at a campaign rally in Omaha, NE on October 27th

President Trump at a campaign rally in Omaha, NE on October 27th

As election day impends, the fate of America hangs in balance. Whether Donald Trump clinches onto the presidency or gets defenestrated from the Oval Office is going to be decided at the ballot. While many have indeed voted early, November 3rd will deliver the ultimate verdict. With only a few days left, the stakes are high. And with the exceedingly consequential nature of this election, the stakes could not be any higher.

Unlike any past presidential election in recent memories, this election is set to determine, not only the policy stewardship of the executive branch, but the character of the country. On one side, President Trump is fighting relentlessly to defend America, her values and her rank as the envy of the world and a brilliant beacon of freedom. On another, his opponent Joe Biden has cowered to the far-left faction of his party that eyes revamping America into a socialist utopia and engages in ochlocratic behaviors to try to do away with the rudimentary fabrics that begot her.

Since the first moment of his movement to “make America great again”, Trump has been resolute in his intention to protect the God-given liberties enshrined in the US Constitution. From his firm support of the Second Amendment to his unwavering championship of religious liberty and the right to free speech in the face of the notorious censorship of conservatives on social media platforms, his commitment is evident. Biden, conversely, has embraced many extreme proposals from the increasingly emboldened progressive wing of his party. Those proposals range from extensive gun bans to the multiples that embody their war on Christian faith.

Meanwhile, Trump has been dedicated to delivering results for the American people. From a prosperous economic boom pre-COVID promoted by his across-the-board tax cuts and eradication of stringent regulations shackling businesses, both of which Biden has avidly vowed to undo, and a landmark criminal justice reform that has reversed the many iniquities encapsulated in the 1994 crime bill Biden helped author to the dilapidation of ISIS precipitated by the increased resources and a more active strategy he has applied to the military that brought about the demise of the Caliphate’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the historic US-brokered peace agreements between Israel and its Arab antagonists that no one foresaw, there is no doubt he has been remarkably successful.

President Trump at the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords, a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, on September 15th

President Trump at the signing ceremony of the Abraham Accords, a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, on September 15th

He is also a leader who genuinely cares about the country and her people, not regard them as only votes and a passage for power. He has fulfilled his promises to keep them safe by securing the border and standing with the police in contrast to Biden who promises to substantially loosen control on illegal immigration and who was incredibly reticent to emblazon unequivocal support for the good men and women in law enforcement when they fell under the angry leftist mob’s crosshairs. He has contributed much to the African-American community with the lowest ever black unemployment rate before the pandemic and with policy successes like the aforementioned criminal justice reform, opportunity zones and initiatives like increased funding for historically black colleges, which earned him endorsements from many black celebrities, while his opponent has remained lackluster to act for 5 decades.

He has stood up for America on the world stage, taking on China and quashing inequitable deals and practices by other nations, notably negotiating a fairer trade agreement, the USMCA, to replace NAFTA. This crusade of his has helped protect American jobs and American businesses. Biden, on the other hand, spent his copious time in the government kowtowing to China and dismissing these inequities. His inaction allowed jobs to flee to foreign nations and American opulence to dissipate. With the proposals of his campaign today, we can rest assured the same will happen under his presidency.

President Trump announcing the launch of Operation Warp Speed at the White House on May 15th

President Trump announcing the launch of Operation Warp Speed at the White House on May 15th

True, Trump has made blunders. The COVID-19 pandemic is probably the most prominent, but not to an extent his detractors like to portray. He was quick to ban travel from China, at a time Democrats and the media were nonchalant, only to get censured as xenophobic and hysterical. When the virus finally landed in the country, he took steps to equip the nation to handle it, invoking the Defense Production Act and coordinating with the private sector to produce and distribute vital medical appliances, and his administration has been active in assisting state and local governments. Operation Warp Speed, currently ongoing, was also initiated to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

His strategy in combating the Coronavirus has averted the dire projection of a 2.2 million casualty count initially put forth by medical experts becoming reality. To say he completely bungled the situation is erroneous. Furthermore, his prescription for the future is optimistic and realistic while Biden’s — extending the lockdown over the “dark winter” — is pessimistic and will inflict a heavier toll on the country with lockdown-related complications like suicide, depression and addictions which will presumably be ubiquitous.

Overall, Trump is a president for America. Although his rhetoric can be incendiary at times and he sometimes gets driven by impulse, he knows how to make America great and achieves real results. He is an indefatigable fighter and a cheerleader for his country, and he stands to preserve her identity. By contrast, Biden has repeatedly failed to resolve the issues he was elected to address during his lengthy time as a career politician, and his language revolves around how “bad” everything is. His policy proposals from eliminating fossil fuels to instituting exorbitant government programs are radical and unpragmatic. Especially with the information revealed in the past week, from the Hunter Biden corruption story to the unprecedented 33.1% GDP growth in the last quarter that highlights the strength of the economy’s rebound after suffering significant damage from the pandemic, there should be no skepticism who the favorable candidate is. Donald Trump is, by far, a clear choice.

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