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The Call For Freedom


The Internet As A Classroom

Back in the sixties I was still in high school while Joan Baez and Bob Dylan were busy making their musical careers. I remember especially being curious when Joan sang a particular protest song. In the tune she showed her angry side as you might expect, after all it's a protest song. In the tune she sang “not gonna let that Killer Kissinger turn me around!

I didn’t have a clue who Kissinger was. Thus some 50 ago I decided to find out who Kissinger was. Nowadays, I know all I need to know about him and I’m going to let myself forget all about these kind of people, and I actually think he can’t be human. Or maybe only God knows if he’s only inhumane, or not human at all.

How old is this killer Kissinger anyway? Looking on the internet I am at once appalled to learn Kissinger is 97 now!!

Eek. I am certain, he sold his soul to the devil to have such longevity here. He is but one of nine ruling families over the globe that desired to put into action a depopulation agenda, so far reaching, it boggles the mind that there couldn't be a God if this agenda is allowed to run its course. Yet, as I recall humanity has been through this type of genocide before this time in history. In WW2, God, it seems allowed the extermination of millions. At the time, people would say at the end of WW2 "Never Again." However, it is happening again, for those that have eyes to see.

Kissinger is part of a basically secret world control Oligarchy. Although to some of us, it’s no longer secret as we have the Internet records now. Nothing is secret if you are born to research for the truth. This group meet once a year or bi-yearly and discuss things like how to raise hell on earth. Like how to make a pandemic and forcing the “herd” to become vaccinated in order to participate in regular activities such as travel, or buying groceries, etc.


The People Will Win This War

The gist of this piece is pure irony over this plan that must surely fail. If for no other reason that there is more of us than there is of them, and one thing I believe the oligarchy left out of the equation for world dominance, is our spirit enjoined as a nation. The spirit of America is all about freedom. And lest I have to mention this, it is freedom from government and medical overreach as an attempt to control “the herd.” Younger generations never think about how this nation began with a civil war. I think they may need a reminder that freedom is a thing we need to protect in order to keep. It was in the civil war that brother fought against brother. In this war, people fight against one another the same, the muzzled fight against the unmuzzled, the anti-vaxxers fight against the pro-vaxxers. We have purposefully been divided. It is important to understand how this division happened. The storm is about to abate. We are about to become united in a common purpose and that is what is happening and why the people will win this war.

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I Want To See Your Face Again

No one can kill our love of freedom and of one another. Sure they managed to divide us one from another through fear control, but we are resilient people and I’m willing to bet we got this! We will unite again to fight tyranny over our land. Then there will be no stopping us. Yes we got this, but we are still in the midst of the battle that must play out.

In closing, what Kissinger said at the 2009 meeting of the oligarchy, was along these lines; “We will thin out the herd, and the herd will pay us for providing extermination services.”

They forgot. Most of us still believe in God. No, qualify that, I KNOW in God. For God is Love, and this Love is what is playing next on the big screen of Life. Get ready!

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