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The CIA Torture Report

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The CIA torture report reminds me of those who travel the lofty high road in ethics and humanity and appalled by what reality is and determined to drag the CIA agency and how America obtains hard to get data through diabolical means. So what? For most Americans, it is so far removed from their own personal world, it is like what happens in Switzerland. Who cares? When America has to deal with the scum of IS, al-Qaeda, and all the those haters fueled by satanic forces but cloaked under the cloth of "Allah", all bets are off. Just because America is the greatest country in the world, does not mean we always have to play nicely and fair and consider the humanity of interrogation and the more lofty "ethics" question that IS or any terrorists gives a shit about. They show no respect by the numerous beheadings and other barbaric actions, so, why should the CIA show any mercy when their believers are caught? Just because we do hold those lofty notions most of the time, when it comes to certain nefarious forces, let the CIA loose. Let them ream them until they talk. Until the critical truth is given. Do whatever it takes. Who cares? Why should the CIA consider if it is human and ethical to ream these satanic derelicts? The information could be useful and could save America from another horrid attack. How would those ranting how bad the CIA is when interrogating feel if such an attack would occur again? They would all shut up.

Yes, the methods the CIA has used is gross and seemingly unamerican because we always go to a higher standard, but when those opposing us do not reciprocate and going to even more extreme to provoke and attack us, the NSA and CIA are the agencies America relies on to obtain intelligence to destroy them. Sometimes, even America has to employ nasty and dirty tactics against certain entities to protect all of us. If you muzzle these agencies, it empowers the POW because America will not stoop so low of tactics and they know it. It is okay to monitor them so that their power does not intrude on average Americans, but when it comes to enemies such as these, this should not be the case.

Would those currently calling for change and full exposure feel this way if they were captured by the Islamic State or al-Qaeda? Of course not, they only do so now because they are safe and in America. They would want to be rescued and the CIA to use whatever methods available to get the information from existing prisoners. Does America really care about treating vermin like those terrorists with fairness, humanity and ethics? I doubt it. Not when it comes to other Americans in the crossfire.

When it comes to terrorist groups, any treaty the USA has signed regarding POWs etc., does not apply. It is war, even if undeclared and unconventional. This is not the "good" war but the dirty and nasty one. Sometimes, even a gentleman (America) has to drop down to the level of those against to fight it. The war against terrorism is one of them. Curtailing how the CIA and others interrogate the enemy only helps the POW protect the information needed. The info may help defeat the terror.

Whose side is Congress and the Senate on?


perrya (author) on December 14, 2014:

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Despite all the attention on the report, I suspect that when a terrorist is interrogated, not just coffee and cookies will be served, LOL.

Judy Specht from California on December 13, 2014:

Sorry you are completely correct. Breath in. Breath out. Some of my close friends work in this field.

perrya (author) on December 13, 2014:

Thanks, its okay to be critical but lets not lose reality.

Judy Specht from California on December 13, 2014:

Good work.

I wish as much noise would be made about the sick people who use this kind of torture on young girls 12-14 years of age by those in the U.S. sex trafficking business. Those who look perfectly respectable on the outside, who target the young girls in foster care who just disappear from the system. I read yesterday the Super Bowl is the biggest event for selling these young girls.

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