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The Breakdown of Rights in America - The Cultists of Molech, Pt. 2

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If you asked them directly, and in the unlikely event that these people would give you a straight answer, most of them wouldn't claim to be cultists of Molech. The majority of them don't seem to have any idea that this is the historical derivation of their cult. They're acting on a set of behaviors, in-group terminology, body language and symbolism that's been given to them by one of any number of sources: their "friends", their drug dealers, their fraternity, some group they learned about in jail, and so on. This is because this cult of Molech has been the original template and organizing model for any number of variants, all working for the same people. It's surfaced in many forms over the generations, and each incarnation has seemed completely different and unique. They more or less share the same underlying symbols and techniques, though. Here's a field spotter's guide to some of the incarnations of the cultists of Molech, now and historically. Not everyone who identifies with these scenes is necessarily a cultist, but each of these scenes is predominantly led and shaped by them working together.



The cultists of Molech had a heyday in Britiain starting in the mid-1970's. Lots of angry, unemployed teenagers needed to be kept under control, and so a network of cultists sell-outs was used. Cunningly, imagery of anarchy, free-thinking and imminent revolution was employed to perpetuate the illusion of genuine societal dissatisfaction. Needless to say, the language and lyics of the vast majority of punk music demonstrates just the sort of grotesque "suckage" imagery I'd just described, indicating that these were sell-outs to the system rather than true independent, free-thinking people. The Mohawk hairdo references both Native American Indians - long used as an invocation of the fool symbol due to their use of feathers - and the helmets of Roman soldiers. The significance of the Roman Empire we've already discussed in the previous Hub. Worth acknowledging also are the Liberty Spikes, themselves a nod to the Statue of Liberty. The symbolism of the Statue is not only solidly founded on the goddess Columbia, who was emplaced as a societally-acceptable invocation of the concepts of slavery, misery, oppression and so forth, but she's also a hollow metal figure with a torch that people enter into. In other words, she's textbook Molech symbolism as well. Safety-pins in obscure anatomical locations, and shaved heads? Piercing, head-shaving and tattoos have all been symbols representing slavery for hundreds of years. In fact about the only symbol for slavery they didn't re-use in the punk scene was foot-binding. Unless you count the knee-high Doc Martin's, that is.

Still not convinced? Knowing how the cultists of Molech work, peruse this list of punk band names from that era and compare the predominant mindset and symbols with what I've given you already.

By keeping the youth of Britain involved in their variant of the cultists of Molech, the system managed to distract them with drugs, covert sexual hookups, violence, and staying on the lookout for any real dissidents in their neighborhood in return for bribery money.



From the latent undertones of repressed homoeroticism and androphilia within the college fraternities, the U.S. now has the "Bro" scene. Big, athletic guys calling each other "Brother" or "Bro", and pledging "Bros Before Hos" - that is, their allegiance to each other ahead of their interest in women. This ostensibly straight male community has plenty of ridicule for its "bro-mances" - said as if in jest, but actually it's the mainstay of the scene. By adopting the values and priorities of the "Bro" scene, these guys become modern-day cultists of Molech right out of the Old Testament. About the only thing they haven't yet done is sacrifice babies, and that's only if you don't include the "Bro" community that comprises the soldiers in wars overseas.

It all started off well enough. We're "brothers", in a spiritual kind of sense. Alright, that's actually pretty cool. But it gradually took on that specific undertone of "Great White Brother" used in Aryan meetings. Local groups of "bro's" have a tendency to become like the boys in Lord of the Flies, with the only difference being they're still in an urban society - they just don't acknowledge it. As part of a covert network loyal to the same hierarchy, what you end up with are highly-testosteronized, drug-addicted plainclothes soldiers for a fascist government, just waiting to be activated. These guys are, in a covert and not-completely-obvious sense, a Caucasian gang loyal to a fascist system. Not every single one of them, but it's the overall agenda of the scene and it's what it tries to indoctrinate the joiners into through bribery with sex, drugs, cash and influence. A nationwide army of athletic jock thugs in Abercrombie. Doubtless intended as a way to offset attrition within the military when martial law is declared; they're planning to just augment the numbers with their cultists.

African-American Ghetto-ites:

I can probably spare us the unpleasantness involved in recounting the details of all the wretchedness and nastiness of the African-American urban ghetto scene, and the plethora of gangsta rap MTV videos which have glorified it and emplaced it into the public mindset. A network of crack cocaine dealers vending CIA-imported cocaine and creating a new market - as well as a new cultist control group - for it, along with media-based onslaught of materialist prioritizations to sell to them as an unhealthy mindset. Add to that a glorification of prostitution - with the blatantly-obvious cultist connotations - and you have a "scene" chock-full of values that are unworthy of anyone, of any racial profile. I have to wonder what healthy, noble scene and system of values would have become prevalent if this artificially-concocted trend hadn't displaced it instead. And how many people would have been living drastically more fulfilling and worthwhile lives as the result.


The hippie movement that started in the mid-1960's threatened the NWO by potentially becoming an effort to unify the People. They were against the War, pro-human consciousness and in favor of nuclear disarmament. Into the scene another implementation of the cult of Molech was spread, to undermine and distract the People with drug-based explorations of consciousness and, er, "free love". It became an effort to build a "hip" control structure among the People and placate them during the war. Additionally, their intention was to emplace a drug-vending, deceptively passive network of spies and informants among the People, sort of like a more tranquil and high-minded version of the Punk scene.


Peace has long been a symbol referring to passive acceptance, and the bright colors and rainbows were both textbook symbols. Rainbows and peace doves are synonymous with the Biblical flood, which is a covert reference to using an informal social movement to overwhelm an established group or system. Water refers to this kind of opinion-based, emotion-rather-than-reason popular movement, and to be engulfed by water means to surround an established group or structure with large numbers of those like-minded people, and use them to shift a situation in a new direction. This is textbook Vatican symbolism; in fact this is the meaning of the Whore of Babylon prophecied about in Revelations. It was known in advance to become such a widespread problem that the prophesiers made sure to alert mankind to it.

This full-page ad from the 1950's says it all.

This full-page ad from the 1950's says it all.

To the dark lodges of the Freemasons, rainbows and bright colors are not only indicative of the fool symbol, they're what you get when you put light through a prism. In other words, taking light-based motives and distorting them. Often it's used to indicate disruption of benevolent groups or structures, and specifically the first or second phase of the process I'd described in the previous Hub. Fun and merriment, bright colors and frivolity are present as they first move in to establish themselves; it's only after they've gotten established that they really start tearing up the place.

Firesign Theatre were a psychedelic comedy group in the Hippie scene at that time. Their drug use enabled them to be quick-witted, mentally agile lateral thinkers who used their productions to put out cultist of Molech symbolism while presenting the appearence of embodying counterculture ideals and morals. Their radio plays make great source material for learning how the symbolism is used in context, though their deft manipulation of the symbols makes it difficult to discern as an introductory primer. Once you've learned many of the symbols, their special proprietary use of them becomes evident.


Gay Priders:

We again encounter the rainbow symbol in the Gay Pride scene. And very aptly so. The Gay Pride scene has been engineered as a counterfeit alternative to the Gay Rights movement. For decades the Rights movement has been attempting not only to make "gay" a household word and bring gay people out of the closet, but also to demonstrate to the straight community that we're not aberrants but rather normal, mature, responsible people. The Rights movement had been striving to show the mainstream that being gay isn't the same as being a cross-dresser, and to work diligently in support of equal rights.

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In contrast, when you catch news footage of the Pride parades, the first thing you see is the outlandish costumes, drag queens on floats performing yet another lip-synch of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and middle-age leather daddies leering creepily into the news camera. This is the image the Pride scene conveys, presenting as lewd and debased an image of gay people as it can. The idea is to put gay people back into the closet and make them seem as lewd and defiled by the mainstream community as possible - a sort of false flag operation, acted out by cultists of Molech within the Pride scene. It's rather easy, with all the meth and ecstasy going through the scene and broke young guys attempting to find a "sugar daddy" willing to pay their rent. If you've ever been to a Pride event, you've doubtless witnessed packs of effiminate men gossiping and jockeying for position just like a more traditional womens' sewing circle, and this is precisely the reason.

Speaking of effeminate, there's a very interesting aspect of how the cultists of Molech within the Pride scene and those in the Bro scene have been used to engineer something that's been rather effective. The Pride cultists have been co-ordinating trends that drain the masculinity from the openly-gay Pride scene, leaving the vast majority of them effete twinks who are looking for a masculine role model to get with, in the hopes that some of that masculinity, assertiveness and self-confidence will "rub off" through sex. It's left gay men feeling an acute "lack", that only masculine guys can fulfill. Meanwhile, the Bro cultists have been doing just the opposite: Deliberately learning to emphasize that dominant, butch masculine quality. The inevitable result is to cause most guys who finally realize they have same-gender attractions to opt in favor of the Bro scene rather than the Pride scene - and thus, find themselves with a major reason to become just another closet case. When they pursue their needs in this covert way, the cult of Molech becomes their only source of satisfying their needs and they become more dependent upon it. All these closet cases also become more maleable by the cult due to constant fear of being exposed by the other cultists if they don't adhere to the cult's agenda in every way. So it's done to generate increasing complicity. If you'd like more information on this, see my Hub Gay Pride Has Stolen My Gay Pride. I've even researched how the rejection of the gay community began with an edict from the federal government, whose connection with the Freemasons is a matter of general public knowledge.

Finally, the Bro cultists for their part deliberately vilify being gay increasingly. It's easy to do, being in kahoots with the Pride cultists' agenda to enable just that mentality. The result is that, working together like a pincer movement, being gay becomes increasingly reviled by society once more. This is all done to make it tougher and tougher to be openly gay - and thus, to make joining the cultists of Molech more and more appealing out of sheer necessity. It strategically undermines the efforts of the Gay Rights movement, and strives to make being openly gay physically impossible. This is a blatant move towards fascism, and exposing it becomes an important priority for anyone interested in rights and freedom. The same mechanism is used within the African-American Ghetto cultists, not to force them to become closet African-Americans, but simply to put everyone they can into what they hope will become a physically threatened minority group of some kind or another. It factionalizes society, and puts everyone on a sort of defensive mentality where they have no hope but to toe the line and be good NWO participants, lest they encounter life-threatening disapproval within their own communities.



The Emo scene does essentially what the Pride scene does, for ostensibly straight kids. We again encounter the trend of effeminitization, and in this case it's accompanied by pushing a mentality of helplessness, low self-esteem and victimization on young adults. Of course it does; people with that mentality are more likely to become "joiners" rather than assertive individuals with a good sense of competence and self-mastery. Add to that the ideology that whining and sniveling are perfectly valid lifestyles - labeling them merely "emotional", and you have an ideology that indulges emotional cowardice and promotes acceptance of that state rather than a healthy effort to outgrow and overcome it. It's designed to turn young adults into the emotional consistency of yogurt, at which point the cultists of the Bro scene will appear to be valid and healthy role models.

LOLcatters, Internet Trolls:

I know, I know. It's counterintuitive to put cuddly LOLcat types in the same category as internet trolls. But they're part of the same cultist of Molech effort. The trolls are just a more distorted version, and the LOLcatters are less so. Corrupting people requires that you start where they're at, before you can reshape them.


The memes of the LOLcat and "internet culture" have been specifically designed to use cultist of Molech symbolism. The idea is to take people who are generally functional and get them involved gradually. Relationships form, offline social groups become established in their local offline communities, and at that point you have just another social arena where they can apply their centuries-old cultist techniques of gradual recruiting and slow corruption. Consider the corrupted English of LOLspeak, and the rainbow inherent yet again in the Nyan Cat meme. It's the same darn thing, a cultist movement in its early phases. So while it seems nice on the surface, these standard cult of Molech symbols are being used to organize a social transmogrification. You'll be able to see the beginnings of this on the Cheezeburger Network, as the new crop of memes become more aggro, psychotic, distorted and ugly. The idea is to get people desensitized to more and more heinous memes, as well as recruit them covertly in order to gain their complicity. Eventually, the gap between where they end up and what an internet troll is becomes very small indeed. And that's the point at which you can start compensating these people covertly to become part of a network of willing plainclothes, internet-wielding NWO lackeys.

Above - Ella Fitzgerald put out these lyrics in 1940, referencing the plan to use the media to recruit people into the cult of Molech via symbolic usage and bribery.

Below - Gershwin put these lyrics out in 1937, dropping many Masonic dark lodge symbols and historical references in an effort to rally people to the cause. The NWO Rockefellers are mentioned by name, and Columbus is of course a reference to the goddess Columbia detailed earlier in this series. Throughout it all is use of the fool symbolism, invoked by referencing laughter.

A rough timeline

Since the color black is a centuries-old symbol for evil, and since one faction of the New World Order were drug-and-slave-traders, within the Union African-American people have become used by the cultists of Molech as a symbol for the form of human slavery they use and strive increasingly to implement more and more overtly. The Prohibition created a major illicit alcohol trade which favored the burgeoning dark lodge networks, and brought them recruits as well as profit which became investment capital. As these dark lodges were just beginning to form their networks among the people in the 1930's, they brought jazz music to prominence and spread a lot of their code via the lyrics of jazz music. Speakeasies became In the 1930's and 1940's as they began to multi-level market their dark lodge cult to the mainstream, they also brought swing music to prominence and embedded their codes in swing lyrics, making those tunes a great primer for people interested in learning the covert language as it existed at that time. By the 1950's, mainstream television had become consolidated. You can see Lucy and Desi hyping their local nightclub on episodes of I Love Lucy, as well as spreading the cult's memes of that era. One example was to have their women henpeck their husbands into buying them the newest and latest consumer goods; this was meant to artificially create the trend of consumerism and reliance on mass-produced "time-saving" appliances. Another was to continually ooh and aah over celebrities throughout the series - to instill the newly-formed mainstream media with a sense of grandeur and veneration it wouldn't otherwise have taken on in the public mindset. The "playing up" of their local nightclub was important, because it gave local entertainment venues a sense of status. Remember that Church infiltration process I described in the last Hub? Not only does the Vatican use churches this way, but the dark Freemason lodges use entertainment venues with essentially the same technique. Carnivals, circuses, speakeasies, nightclubs... all of it plays a modern equivalent to the role of the fool in medieval Europe. Covert symbols become established there, seemingly only meant "in fun", which later become the mainstay of the covert network's symbology. In places like these, there's often more "fun" to be had than is overtly advertised, for those willing to become recruits to their covert structure. The structure is tentative and cautious at first, but then gradually takes on more confidence as it accrues more people.

Something Awful presents this Internet Troll use of the Molech symbolism, for those looking for source material to learn from. Their Photoshop Phriday archives make a good starting place, because the nature of the images very often means the symbols are presented clearly and can be spotted through context and recurrance.

I can think of a few applications for something like that in a fascist system. Can you? How about working together on chat boards to shout down ideas unfavorable to the NWO? I've had that happen a number of times, and the people actively working together to disrupt the conversation were in kahoots and using cult of Molech symbolism to co-ordinate their efforts. For those of you who don't know, the internet term for this is "flooding" - as in, the Biblical symbolism reference I described earlier. Trolls and goblins are classic European mythological symbols for people who've become sell-outs to this NWO network, because of the vile behavior and imagery they typically use. Not only does that make sense in terms of "internet trolls", but it makes the film "Labyrinth" make a lot more sense in that context. By now you should be getting a glimmer of what I mean, and these symbols are re-used enough in the media to co-ordinate this that it becomes readily apparent once someone points it out publicly.

We've learned that when a cult like this becomes well-enough established, they can present quite a problem for a healthy society. Free speech gets diminished on and off the internet, corporations become consolidated and share prices manipulated. Policies get influenced, public scandals emerge which burden everyone, and they can even begin covertly stalking individuals who assert their rights. It's all designed as precursor to blatant fascism, and now is the time to put a stop to it. While those rights are still accessible. All the public had been lacking was the information.

The great news is that a covert network like this can only act under secrecy. When public exposure takes place, there's no justification they can make for it all. Covert communication becomes unfeasible, and it becomes dangerous for people to be discovered to be involved with something like this. Actively promoting this information can be a very effective solution to ending this. The alternative would be overt brute force backed with this covert network, each of them reinforcing one another. So again, the time to put a stop to it is now, before they've been completely emplaced in society. I've made the information available, and sharing links to this series with others will help promote a public understanding of what's going on.


Jean on March 05, 2012:

The statue of the liberty is a cult to Ishtar, the "Queen of Heaven", that's no better.

Satori (author) from California on November 08, 2011:

Hi lovemychris! Thanks for your response!

That owl sounds a lot like the Bohemian Grove, where a lot of these dark lodge businessmen work. Symbols like these have a distinct meaning used by the dark lodges, which isn't always the same as used by the light ones. Ideally, we'd have a functional society where people can just be open about what they actually want - symbolism typically only results in corruption, because legitimate agendas can and should make society adjust to fulfill them. So it's rather counterintuitive, but public condemnation of legitimate desires has been a technique used by these people quite effectively.

Leno's been used as a symbol for a while. It may be his intense chin; faces typically symbolize masks and disguises. Which is what their group relies upon. The solution of course is just for people to be open and honest, not tolerating this stuff and exposing it. As long as we don't enable it and insist on what's right, making a sincere effort not to prevaricate, humanity should be fine.

These groups have recently begun complicating their use of covert symbolism to avoid exposure, but it won't help them. They've left a paper trail of their covert symbolism in the media of the last few hundred years that clearly establishes their presence and their agenda - people will be onto them.

Given the proper information, civilization will generally do what's most desirable for the most people. That invariably tends to be rights and freedoms, healthy values and so on. So these shadows can't withstand the light, and that's probably the way it's always been.

I appreciate your interest. Have a great day!

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on November 08, 2011:

Awesome! They're really like big bullies, aren't they? And I don't know what orginization it is, but they have an owl as their symbol, and can be seen when they televize interviews....maybe it's the Press Club? And just yesterday, i saw on the news....can't remember who or what it was, but a group of men were all shaking hands, and behind them was a big ole owl!

My brother is a real sensitive dreamer type...but he was also a Jock. Ended with him running our car into a wall. And being a drunk. Sweetest soul ever...and he's like a hermit.

And I just KNEW Ollie North Crew had a hand in who made it big in rap...those who did their bidding.(Jay-Z for one--IMO IMO)

And Apparently ole Bob Hope and the USO tours was a front to deliver and pick up drugs, and send messages between "brothers."

That is why my ears perk up when I hear Chelsea Handler going on a USO tour to Cuba....she's an admitted coke/ecstacy user. And the other night she was on Jay Leno, and she kissed his hand! Very Leno some kind of Lord of NBC?

Country music too....Barbara Mandrell was supposedly thinking of leaving the Cult, and they rewarded her by that bus "accident". Boxcar Willie...big pedophile's all been such a big SCAM!

You have done a a lot of great research! Knowledg is Power. Power from brainwashing, and inhumanity to man.

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