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The Bohemian Grove, Satanic Rituals and World Leaders


I know if you have not heard of these things before that you will find this difficult to believe, but the facts are hard to deny. Our leaders have been attending a club called The Bohemian Grove every year for almost 100 years. This club is Satanic. While there, they participate in what is called the Cremation of Care in which a “mock” human sacrifice is done at the bottom of a 40 foot owl that many people insist is a rendition of the pagan god Moloch. Men are dressed in occult robes and chant (see video below) while homosexual activities are practiced. There are tales that the human sacrifice is Hunter S. Thompson, Troy Boner and the Bohemian grove if you would like to go further down the rabbit hole. Also, I have included a video (the very first one) of a person who said he personally knew of someone who was sacrificed. Personally, I believe that these are real human sacrifices, it's just my gut instinct but the atmosphere and the rituals are taken too seriously for these sacrifices to be "mock". Furthermore, history has proven that human sacrifice has been carried out throughout world history, there is no reason to think that this sort of thing has, the only thing that has happened is that it is done in secret.

Not only are our leaders involved in the Bohemian Grove but they also belong to Secret societies such as the Skull and Bones Society. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Kerry all belonged to the Skull and Bones Society and when asked about it said:
"It's too secret to talk about". It's all they can say. As Bonesmen, they are forbidden by the code of silence that has shrouded the activities of this Yale-based secret society for the past 170 years.


When I first saw these films and learned about these societies and clubs I was shocked beyond belief, my world was turned upside down. Prior to seeing these films and researching this and other areas I was a card carrying conservative Christian. I even voted for George W. Bush the first time that he ran. In light of these discoveries I am still a conservative Christian, but my view of our leaders both Republican and Democrat has changed dramatically. There is NO WAY, no stretch of the imagination, no liberal understanding of scripture, no explanation that can be given, that could possibly explain a persons involvement in these clubs, groups and rituals, as a Christian. If a politician names the name of Christ and they attend these functions they are liars, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I hope that you will do your own research and then ask yourself, is this the leadership you want for your country, Christian or not, are you ok with your leaders parading around in Druid like robes having mock human sacrifices to the god Moloch? Is this the America you want? I wonder what else is going on behind closed doors, in the halls of power and in secret?


Obama has photo shoot with Satanic Photographer

  • Bush, McCain & Obama To Visit Bohemian Grove?
    Outgoing President George W. Bush and both of his presumptive replacements John McCain and Barack Obama are rumored to be in attendance at this year's Bohemian Grove gathering, an annual get-together of the global elite staged inside a sprawling fore


Teimoor on April 07, 2016:

Hi mr huffman thank you for your informative article . I just have a question about bohemian grove . Do they really sacrifice human to that idol or not

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Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 23, 2015:

Thanks for the photo "Tweetiepiecat".

Tweetiepiecat on May 23, 2015:

PRINCE PHILIP @ Bohemian Grove

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 03, 2015:

Me too but the whole scenario should be getting quite interesting very soon.

Emily Tack from USA on January 03, 2015:

Brie, as your first commenter stated, you are preaching to the choir, with me. It does not disturb me, as it used to, as I know who wins in the end!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 20, 2014:

I didn't see that "Mz" but there are a lot of things that make sense once you know the truth.

Mz on July 20, 2014:

Explains the burning of the mannequin at the Zion London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony! I thought that was odd!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 11, 2014:

Thank you Jerry. Please spread this material on your own facebook and twitter sites. Many, many Christians are completely unaware of what is going on. Btw, if you become a fan you will get my articles directly in your email. I am working on an article that you might find very interesting. I will publish it shortly.

Jerry Parks on July 11, 2014:

I appreciate your site, and especially your ability to defend Biblical truth. It's interesting to see Satanists viewing your site. What is so interesting is the fact that their disdain of us as Christians, and the actions by world leaders that are exposed here only serve to prove the accuracy of prophetic scripture. Your site presents more of the evidence for our hope which is not seen, but our faith is definitely not blind.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 25, 2013:

Yeah, I think it happens all over the world. It just happens that some people were able to sneak into this one.

KenWu from Malaysia on March 25, 2013:

I'm not quite into US news but what you have written up there came as a shock to me. I wonder why the leaders of the world would do something like this. Will such thing enhance their power and overcome every circumstances that show up in their political career...?

We never know... Human Being is so wrong to have come out with all sorts of problems and yet still dwell into such unhealthy cult. I believe the same happens in my country, the only difference is the 'label' they put on themselves.

God bless,


NOLAButterfly on December 18, 2012:

I am not sure if a real human is sacrificed at the cremation of care, but sure that there is human sacrifice AT the grove SOMEWHERE. A MUST WATCH/LISTEN:

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 15, 2012:

The Rothchilds ARE SATANISTS! Jesus is a Jew!

otter on July 15, 2012:

The Rothchilds are Jews.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on December 30, 2011:

Thanks Poetvix, feel free to post it on facebook to get the word out.

poetvix from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. on December 30, 2011:

I thought the "Exorcist" was scary. This makes it look like Romper Room. I have book marked this to finish the longer videos. God help us all and may he bless and keep you. It took some courage to post something like this.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on September 22, 2011:

Thanks Iskra1916; I'm not sure how appreciative people are..some people would prefer to remain ignorant.

iskra1916 from Belfast, Ireland. on September 22, 2011:

What an interesting hub! I wrote on something similar but in a more generalised sense some time ago, Bohemia Grove certainly is a bizarre phenomena.

I am sure hubbers are infinitely appreciative of your righteous work here providing the hapless dupes of Baphomet and Baal with a spiritual roadmap towards the path of true salvation..

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on August 02, 2011:

You and me both! Welcome :)

thecarte from New Jersey on August 02, 2011:

Wow I am glad I came across your hubs we have much in common. I hope this mass awakening quickens I growing tired of the way things are.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on June 19, 2011:

Yes, it's all enabled because when we tell people they cannot fathom the evil.

Emma from Houston TX on June 19, 2011:

Hello Brie, thanks a lot for the informative hub. A long time ago i used to suspect that these kind of things are happening in this our world and as the years go by i see more concrete evidence about all these and it's quite scary. I know that there are particular people that rule the world and that they all worship the dark force. This is a serious situation that most people ignore. Thanks again for the hub. Remain blessed.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 17, 2011:

That land belongs to Israel, they are not occupying it, it was and is theirs.

Shadow on May 17, 2011:

hold on a sec... you said you support israel cuz some fictional white male 'god' up in heaven tells you to? yet simultaneously trying to explain that these secret societies are controlling the planet? are you completely unaware of the fact, not theory, that israel is brutally dominating the gaza strip with armed occupations, backed by the US government? you support THAT kind of violence, yet speak out against the politicians engaged in some weird ritual? i don't understand you humans... not sure that i ever will...

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on January 19, 2011:

What about the Messianic Jew movement? I have attended many Messianic Services and have found them all to be very sincere and good.

David Leigh on January 18, 2011:

Great article and comment threads. You may want to look into the Messianic Jew movement, which is true to the pre-Constantine believer movement. Also, TranceFormation of America is an eye opening and mind blowing book involving our political icons. Cathy OBrien has several YouTubes. Her early ones are graphic, the later ones she tones down the horror, but it is no less disturbing.

One the Crowley-Bush connection, google also Prescott. Bush and his role in Eugenics and as Hitlers money man. Talk about a double whammy of Devils spawn! Also google George H W Scherff and the Tesla connection.

See you in the rabbit hole.

- David

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on October 10, 2010:


tinyteddy from INDIA on October 10, 2010:


a nice startling perspective

i appreciate your nerves and guts

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on October 01, 2010:

Like you are talking the talk! What would you expect "us" to do? Do you really think if a bunch of people went and started a forest fire in California (which is where the Bohemian Grove is) that they would just stand there and let us...and even if they did what good would that do? The people who run the show would still be around. Who knows if more places like that aren't around.

I think awareness if the first step and that is what I am doing...what are YOU doing?

Jay on September 30, 2010:

So why does everyone keeping talking and not do anything to fight back, thats what god wants right? We are not warriors of the light if we wont even defend the innocense that doesn't know. They sacrifice children and instead of forming a group to fight you all sit and talk about it. Tell me is that godly? Is this the christian bs i have come to understand my whole life. It is evident on why we lose christians everyday. The antichrist is parading around unnoticed because christians lack the faith in their own tribulation. I went to a church and told them this stuff you all talk about and they laugh like they dont believe in their own rapture and it makes me sick. They read the bible like it is a fairy tale. Burn the bohemian grove to the ground if you really care and stop talking about it like you care when you do nothing. Most of us who have done things ruined our lives here for the sake of god and you all just talk the talk.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on September 12, 2010:

google Bohemian Grove and then anything Alex Jones has on it is good.

Jason Gibbons on September 11, 2010:

Where can I find links to download audio files on this stuff?

mel22 from , on August 31, 2010:

they learned this way of acting fropm their frat days.. wake up and start governing appropriately !.. you're frat days are way behind ya. rich kid fraternities... what a waste.. and put back Geronimo's skull you grave-robbing Jolly Rogers' !

PrometheusKid from Heaven on August 27, 2010:

The symbols of the wise always become the idols of the ignorant multitude. What the Chiefs of the Order really believed and taught, is indicated to the Adepts by the hints contained in the high Degrees of Free-Masonry, and by the symbols which only the Adepts understand.

Albert Pike

Do you know what is the most common way of killing people? Is to get them killing themselves.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 16, 2010:

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of leaving but I don't know where to go. I've thought about Israel too.

Thanks for your heart felt comments, it's nice to hear when there are so many people with their heads in the sand.

Hollander Price on July 16, 2010:

Brie I am grateful for your exposing of the dark things of this world. Continue to shed the light upon the destructive forces of Satan at work in this world. My father and I are huge fans and we try to do the same. I'm thinking about fleeing the country. My views on this matter and the government are now considered dangerous and people have already threatened my father with lethal force. I might move to Israel. May the Lord bless you! I can't wait to meet you in eternity.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 09, 2010:

I ordered the book, maybe I'll write a hub on it after I've finished.

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on July 09, 2010:

Hi Brie, I watched that video you recommended last night...thanks for directing me to it.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 07, 2010:

I'm watching a video you might find interesting too:

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on July 07, 2010:

That's what I it intuition or whatever...I read it more than once...looking for anything that would set off bells and whistles...just too believable to me.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 07, 2010:

I believe her, something about the way she spoke, you could just tell she was telling the truth.

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on July 07, 2010:

Brie, when I first read Svali's story, I was appalled and intrigued...I read all of it...when I tried telling family about it, they laughed at me and thought I was being gullible...if she was fake or if it was disinformation she was good at it...but I think she was telling the truth...sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Once you are really able to face that there really is evil...and there is good, you can face this stuff.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 07, 2010:

You're boring me, future comments will be deleted. Go bore someone else.

John Wilkes on July 07, 2010:

Hmmmm where will you do the minute you die? It's ok, christianity gave birth to the Devil, that I'm thankful for. You pointed your fingers in disgust during biblical times and cast us off to die in the desert. Just as you point your finger now in disgust at me. Again, it's ok. The ignorance of your cult makes so much room for us at the top. I'm thankful for it really. Please Brie, keep your mind locked up tight. Don't even attempt to understand what you don't know and something you've been told not to like. You might see things in a different light!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 07, 2010:

I'm not worried at all and actually I'm pretty content these days too. I know exactly where I will do the minute I die and it will be wonderful.

John Wilkes on July 07, 2010:

You're right, I am. After all, if there is a transformation of energy after death, we're all going to the same place. Only difference is I had an indulgent wonderful life on earth, and you live an abstinent pauper life. All those things you deprived yourself of... guess what, it doesn't matter. People will forget your standard of living very fast. Don't worry Brie, Satan will make himself available when you are ready. Speaking of which, he doesn't want weak minded people. Smarten up, and maybe He will take you under his wing too. Listen to Black Sabbath.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 07, 2010:

The minute you draw your last breath you will know who really is in charge.

John Wilkes on July 07, 2010:

And what is wrong with Satanism? After all, it is Satan who has kept the church in business all these years! Let the Freemason's be, for their work is your home. If they wish, they'll take it back. Christianity has ruined more lives then drugs, aids, or medication. Satanic rights have made men out of boys, and buildings from dirt. Do you really want to cause a rift in your own sheltered lives? I'd suggest not, because you never know who is making your dinner, teaching your children, or wiping out your checking account! Hail Satan!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on June 20, 2010:

Jesus said "You must be born again" Catholics believe you achieve this through rituals, they believe many things that are unscriptural...I have a hub on it:

I have some others on why I am a Christian. There is only one true church filled with believers from all over. But the basics of the faith they all keep...that is that you must be born again, that scripture is the word of God, belief that Jesus is our savior through his work on the cross and that he is the second person of the Trinity. The trinity being the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It's hard to find a good church these days, there is a lot of good teaching on the internet..people like Greg Laurie and Tim Keller are good.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me...he is the only way.

oliarguello on June 20, 2010:

Thanks for putting this up Brie, it definitely helps spread the word around and I know people are becoming more and more aware of such things.

The news about the Bohemian Grove has been around for about 50 years, but back then they completely denied it as crazy people with crazy conspiracy theories ( the same with Bilderberg group). Then once more and more evidence came out they would admit to it but downplay it as a retreat or just fun hi-jinks. And just like you said...whether the attendees think its real or just hi-jinks they should not be participating in such nonsense to begin with. As busy as they are, as many problems there are in the world, it seems like WAY TOO HUGE of a multi-week effort for just "hi-jinks" and fun.

Oh and by the way you said Catholics are not christian? Please enlighten me. I know some of the dogma rubs people the wrong way, but doesn't every sect of Christianity call the other blasphemous? And each sect believes they are the true pure religion? So is there only one correct one? Some are more correct than others? Or is there really just only one correct one?

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 25, 2010:

Actually, I have heard of these things and don't believe them in the way David Icke explains them. I think that they are frauds, demons that are pretending to be "aliens". I wrote a hub about it:

Check it out.

gnashrambler on May 25, 2010:

Hello,Brie;Have you ever heard of credo mutwa?David Icke did a piece on him.He is an african shaman who tells of a reptillian agenda.As far fetched as his theories are,given the facts we have today,it does make sense.We are not the only life forme in the universe and there are more advanced life forms than ours out there.It's possible that the reptillians came here thousands of years ago and bred with humans.When you put it all together,it fits like a glove.If you google "credo mutwa the reptillian agenda"you will see what I mean.It's really "out there"but so is the situation we are in today.Thanks for all you are doing.We can't get better until we learn the truth.Is this the truth?I don't know but I don't know much anyway and anything is possible.May God bless you for trying to make this world a better place.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 24, 2010:

Christians HAVE NEVER SACRIFICED THEIR CHILDREN TO GOD! Catholics aren't Christians nor is Catholicism.

not bob ut on May 24, 2010:

Nice post, although I would argue the mixing of satanism and paganism, those are two distinct religious practices. Satansim is an off shoot of Christianity and you must by the very definition, believe in Christianity and the judeo-christian god to worship Satan.

Paganism is a non-christian based religious belief generally based in nature worship, there is a lot of symbolism in paganism like the fuax sacrifice that has people so upset on the comments here. Try to remember that Christians have sacrificed their own children in the name of their god.

The mixing of these two religions and their symbolism started when Rome adopted Christianity and had to find a way to merge the celebrations, Christmas, Easter, both are the same celebrations performed by Pagans with modifications of course.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 22, 2010:

You're welcome...get the word out!!!

dumpling dude on May 22, 2010:

Wow!, just really like, um wow. Just the simple fact that these are our world leaders congergating in an open forest, the fact that our world leaders would dress up like this and chant, the fact that they would burn in effigy(supposedly) a human child is simply jaw dropping.

These people are supposed to be the creme de la creme of society and act like this.

Whether or not they are actually devil worshipping is the last thing that disturbs me. What disturbs me is that these people are running our world and lives and this is a dangerous mix.

Thanx for this link Brie.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on April 25, 2010:

Thanks for the support, believe me I need it!

jjmyles from Pacific Northwest on April 25, 2010:

Hey Brie, Great expose! I've been studying the connections of the Bldeberg Group, CFA and the Trilateral Commission for over a year now. People have no idea of the evil we are dealing with not only in the American government but also in the governments of every industrialized nation on earth. These are wretchedly evil people. Thank God He Has his hand upon those who are called by His name. His grace and mercy is more powerful then all the evil Satan and his followers can muster up. There is Power in the Blood of the Lamb.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on April 18, 2010:

How so?

Tchardo on April 18, 2010:

Just the tip of the iceburg. I don't see the point in approaching this with ignorance, though... even from a christian point of view, these men are the same in the far right who are supposedly devoted to church values.

The question I have: will the people of the US tolerate other religions than their christian churches? If not, then there are bigger "problems" here than your leaders being involved in the occult.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on April 17, 2010:

Well, I am more interested in heaven than hell, to tell you the truth. But putting light where there is darkness is a good thing too.

Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 17, 2010:

I think it was that arrogant jerk, who said,"you have nothing on us fools" - that made me feel like talking a little about this subject. It really does go a lot deeper than human imagination though.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on April 17, 2010:

Interesting. I am familiar with Crowley. Thanks for the information.

Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 17, 2010:

Also, I thought I should add something to my previous comments. If you would like to learn a little something about the owl 'of Bohemia' / Moloch; or Choronzon, according to Aleister Crowley (please pray for God to protect your mind before reading anything from this man), Read, "Liber AL vel Legis" (The Book of the Law); and "The Vision and the Voice, the Tenth Aether" (by, A. Crowley).

Also, you need to watch a fairly new movie called "The Fourth Kind." If you do, pay attention to the owl; and the fact that the camera keeps panning over to a clock that has the numeral 3:33, it means something. For it is also the number of the 'angel' of disperstion. According to John Dee (famous Hermetic occultist from the 16th century), and also A. Crowley. This movie is really intense, as it has actual film of people possessed of this devil.

I don't know why I feel like spilling my guts of this fine day (something that happens to those who betray the Craft), but it is also very interesting to note, that when you reach the 33rd degree in Freemasonry; in ritual you have a choice of kissing one of three books; The Bible, the koran, or A. Crowley's Book of the Law.

Also interesting to note, is the fact that the secret of the 33rd degree, is that is where the second influx of fallen angels descended upon the earth to, Mount Hermon/Armon/Sion (not Zion, look up 'Sion' in your concordance), in Lebenon (sp?), and it is at the 33rd parallel. It is also not a coincidence, that on the other side of the world; sitting on the 33rd parallel, is Roswell New Mexico. Thought I would throw y'all a bone. Good luck with your research. It is refreshing to see your faith in the Lord's protection of yourself.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on April 17, 2010:

Nothing can happen to me that God hasn't allowed, so I am not afraid.

Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 17, 2010:

Also, I do not use my real name, which is why I am being obtusely straight foreward. There are tales of homosexuality in the grove, but it is not as blatent as you might think. It is quite a thing to see these folks, who put people in prison for drugs all of time; taking LSD themselves, as a Satanic sacrament. The Grateful Dead, even played there a couple of times.

The evil there is thick. I have said enough, if not too much already. I am even a little scared. ooops!

Moloch / Choronzon / the Owl of Bohemia = #333. ORDO TEMPLI MAGNUM MYSTERIUM ILLUMINATUS.

Oh well, they'll probibly kill me when my book is published, anyhow (i.e. the Vatican / Suni Islamists / and my 'brothers' - it doesn't seem like it, but they are all connected - [hegelian dialectic]). I would love to be a martyre, for the truth anyhow. Instant ticket to heaven. Blood from my eyes yo!

Levi Joshua Kell from Arizona on April 17, 2010:

Well, I can assure you, that as an ex-illuminist (in dark form), and a member of the Club of Bohemia, that this is true. I now consider myself a 'Messianic Illuminist'; although I am still connected in the corporeal world, I am clean in the spiritual sense. Be careful. . .

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 22, 2010:

It was a real wake up call for me too, but we have to put our faith in God and know that it will all work out in the end. Thanks for writing.

Internetwriter62 from Marco Island, Florida on March 22, 2010:

Excellent hub, it is sad that those in leadership are not the Godly men and women they pretend to be and worse of all many people still want to believe the facade. I was shocked when I saw The Skulls and read about the thirteen families that make up the Illuminati, the mother of all these organizations. God bless you.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on March 07, 2010:

Well Frank, I was a republican all my life and then I found out about these things and it completely shook my world. Now, I think that both parties are as you said NWO with a few exceptions (Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinivich). Most of my friends and family are Republican and they still believe that Republicans are the good guys and Dems the bad, they can't see that the Republicans are just as bad if not worse. Personally, I am more interested in Truth than I am in adhering to a political party. I also know a great many Christians who think that Bush and Reagan et al are/were Christians, they are blinded completely.

frank on March 07, 2010:

interestingly enough, about 85 percent of the bohemian grove attendees are republicans including reagan,nixon and the bushes. these neocons might actually be more dangerous than the commie dems. then again it seems that all political roads lead to the NWO. i guess we'll see how it all pans out in the end

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on February 26, 2010:

To Everyone who has commented in the last 2 months: For some reason my email notification was off so I wasn't notified when you wrote your comments. Thanks for commenting and I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond in a timely manner.

KT Banks from Texas on February 16, 2010:


I am pretty new to Hubs, and I have to say I am rather surprised they let anyone write of such things. I'm also excited. I thought all of this was SO secret that one would get in trouble for sharing the info so publicly. I have known about some of this for a long time, however some of the things I am seeing on here are news to me. DO I really want to know? LOL I think you guys are way ahead of me, so I have some catching up to do. Thanks for being brave enough to say it out loud.

JG the IGNITER from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals on February 13, 2010:

Interesting hub-glad I found it. Many people do not know any of this, when you see what is on the horizon now don't we?

I wrote a book-one of my chapters is the "Bohmian Owl" but I didn't get too into this, as you did. This was great! Rock on for sharing the truth to people. Bless ya!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 19, 2009:

I am aware and have written about the CFR in other blogs, thanks for writing air major-sky pilot.

air major-sky pilot on July 19, 2009:

dear bie,

as you are probaly aware...cfr, that is the council on foreign relation is an international banking org. headquartered in london. cfr leaders dictae global policy though capital investments and power-sharing with those deemed worthy of the nwo. with few exceptions the members of our own house and senate are cfr members. according to the logan act of 1911, this is illegal. defacto nwo

hi on July 11, 2009:

you people have nothin on us. fools

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on July 10, 2009:

Usmanali81: I approved of your comment because I want to address something you said, not because I agree with you. I am completely and totally against anti-semitic remarks. The "jews" have nothing to do with this conspiracy, the freemasons and the NWO are made up of all kinds of people. Furthermore, I would encourage you to google and read a woman named "Svali" she was in the Iluminatti and she said that they are very anti-semitic to the point of following along the Nazi beliefs. I support Israel because God supports Israel so I must strongly disagree with any anti-semitic comments. The only reason I didn't "deny" your comment is because I wanted to address this head-on. It's sad and unfortunate to me that the truth of the NWO is being diluted with bigotry and anti-semitism.

usmanali81 on July 09, 2009:


This article was very informative for me. Thanks a lot. However, there are thousands of people who are unaware of their lies. All these kind of societies and clubs are related to Freemasonry. The founding Fathers of USA were all Freemasons without any doubt.

Yesterday, when i was fixing my manager's computer, he asked me about "The International Jews" by Henry Ford. I gave him some overview of the book with some history and he got amazingly shocked with eyes wide open. He told me he had done his MBA almost 12 years back from USA but he never new about all these facts. In reply, i told him that this is their art, it's a great interprize of deception and American Nation is mostly affected by it rather i would say Americans are the most foolish nation of the world (plz dont take it personal).

I am glad to see you around hubpages who is against Freemasonry and Zionism.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 30, 2009:

I think this behavior is much worse than college hijinx.

thinking out loud on May 30, 2009:

I think it's why these groups have sworn to silence rules. If the people knew how their leaders behave with their cronies, they would not be very happy. One would think they'd leave the college hijinx behind once they graduated. There must be a good reason they beklong to all these secret clubs. trust none of them.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 26, 2009:

I think Ron Paul can be trusted. The thing is, at this point, if an honest man were to even get close to power I think he would be assassinated. Some people think that is what happened to John Kennedy.

SirDent on May 26, 2009:

I had heard about much of this stuff before. The Trilateral commission and others. Bilderberger members includes Clinton, Bush, Sr., and many others who run this nation. There isn't a man alive we can trust to run things except for the one who died on the cross for all of us. His name is Jesus Christ.

This is a good hub raising questions about all of our leaders.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 26, 2009:

Welcome aboard!

Steve Andrews from Lisbon, Portugal on May 26, 2009:

I have just joined your fan club because the more of us writing about what is really going on the better!

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 18, 2009:

You're welcome tdarby, unfortunately, I think this is just the tip of the ice-berg. There are hints and clues of worse things, but when you kill the victims it's hard to get a case together, especially if you are rich and powerful.

tdarby on May 18, 2009:

This is crazy stuff--thanks for bringing it to light for us here at HubPages.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 17, 2009:

There you go, you would have had access to those buildings?

MattUSAF2525 on May 17, 2009:

We'll in my opinion explosives had to have been used for the twin towers to fall. Two building of that size don't just fall straight down to the ground. It takes weeks of planning to even get a building 1/5 of the size to fall down without hitting other buildings and swerving to one side. To fall down perfectly, twice, is impossible without extensive planning and the use of explosives.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 17, 2009:

You have to watch Alex Jones' video about it, the only evidence you need is to see what is going on there and then to see the photos of the people who attend.

9/11 is a whole other story. Look into building 7, it imploded and no plane hit it, you tell me how a 40 story building collapses without even being hit by a plane. It just doesn't happen without exlosives.

MattUSAF2525 on May 17, 2009:

I heard about this a few years ago on a late night radio show called "Coast to Coast AM". Alex Jones also talks about it alot on his radio program, that I have to download to listen too. If you go to YouTube and type in Alex Jones theres tons of videos. He's also a big 911 conspiracy theorist. Very interesting "believable" theories, but not much hard evidence to completely win me over either way.

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 17, 2009:

Good morning.

tony0724 from san diego calif on May 17, 2009:

Good morning Brie !

Brie Hoffman (author) from Manhattan on May 17, 2009:

Hi Tony, yes I know about Bilderberg and unfortunately a lot of people don't know about these things, which is why I started writing about them.

majicat on May 17, 2009:

I am reminded of the temptation of Christ, when satan tempted him with power; "The devil also took him to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant. He said to Jesus, "I will give you all this authority, along with their glory, because it has been given to me, and I give it to anyone I please."

The scriptures also say that the devil is the god of this world. One doesn't have to look very far to see who is actually running the show

tony0724 from san diego calif on May 16, 2009:

Good evening Brie. You are preaching to the chior as far as I am concerned , I have known about this one for awhile . Oh by the way Bilderberg who I am sure 99.5 % of the people here on hubpages dont know about Is meeting this weekend . And our Sec of the Treasury Is there !

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