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The Biden Presidency: A Reincarnation of the Carter Era?

Pendhamma Sindhusen is an independent political columnist and analyst.

Former President Jimmy Carter and then-Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

Former President Jimmy Carter and then-Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.

In an extraordinarily viral tweet publicized last week, Donald Trump Jr. cast light on the parity between the incumbent Biden administration and its predecessor under the presidency of Jimmy Carter some 4 decades ago, and his analogy couldn’t be any closer to veracity. While Twitter itself and its leftist media peers attempted to delusively rationalize it by alluding to Carter’s post-presidency humanitarian contributions and his irreproachable character, the 2 Democrat administrations bear an apparent similitude in the calamities they have incurred during their respective tenures.

Jimmy Carter’s 4-year occupancy of the Oval Office is historically notorious for turmoils both stateside and around the globe. For starters, the inherited recession-ridden economy was exacerbated into a stagflation-stricken one. A turbulent political upheaval unfolded in Iran and begotten a hostage crisis. An energy crisis that caused gas prices to skyrocket became an existent corollary of it. The Soviet Union became emboldened to expand its sphere of influence and invaded Afghanistan. And even though Carter managed to procure the Camp David Accords that promised peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine, the agreement ultimately proved to be futile, and the volatile region has remained fraught with tension and conflicts. In short, the Carter presidency was one of the most glaringly ineffectual in modern times.

Fast forward to the contemporary world, a predisposition to replicate the Carter-era catastrophe has been established under the leadership of Joe Biden. Whereas his predecessor has secured energy independence for America for the first time since 1952 and presided over a decline in gas prices, Biden has promulgated policy and made assurances that have directly handicapped American energy and relocated the country back on the road towards dependence on foreign energy once again. Leverage in the hands of OPEC countries and others has only burgeoned at the expense of the American people who now, like their progenitors during the Carter administration, are confronted with surging energy costs.

This energy crisis would be compounded by the rampant economic downturn that has come to birth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and has purloined Americans of their financial means. To be fair, the downturn started under Trump’s watch as result of lockdown measures and universal panic instigated by the novel pandemic. However, it did also start to convalesce expeditiously under the 45th president’s realistically calibrated leadership. Jobs reports in his waning months, as well as those in the early days of the Biden administration which came as a windfall of the Trump-era recovery, consistently defeated expectations by economics and financial experts.

Unfortunately, this optimistic trend became curtailed with a new president in office. Despite the progressive alleviation of the pandemic that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to develop and distribute COVID-19 vaccines majorly accounted for, and despite evidence of safety in loosening lockdown measures manifested by red states like Texas and Florida, Biden has insistently objected to the idea of reopening and only instituted more unwarranted rigorous measures fettering the economy from recuperating. He has also expanded government doles, creating a vital disincentive for the unemployed to pursue employment while continuously engorging the money supply. Indubitably, a combination of these has only led to a categorically underwhelming jobs report and an ominous inflation number in April, when the Trump-era gravy train ended. This is nothing less than an indication of an economic decay on the horizon.

In the meantime, the foreign affairs front does not appear much roseate either. Indeed, Biden’s indecisive leadership and weakness to act have only enabled the Chinese and the Russians in their pursuit for dominance. The most distinct instance is probably China’s acts of aggression towards Taiwan, to which the White House all but failed to mount a proportionate and effective response.

The Biden era hitherto has also overseen an arrant disruption of peace and stability in the Middle East. Whereas his predecessor had considerably eviscerated Islamic terrorism in the region and attained historic peace deals between Israel and its Arab neighbors, which portended the participation of many other parties, Biden has reinstated taxpayers’ funding of the Palestinian authority and kowtowed to Iran, a notorious state sponsor of terrorism continuously active in fomenting fiasco in the Middle East, resulting in the strife between Israel and Palestine, which culminated in the terroristic Hamas launching missiles at the Jewish state a few days ago.

In brief, the Biden administration’s contribution to the state of the Union has been gravely negative thus far. From a failing economy and a looming energy crisis to a feeble stance on the world stage and a Middle East disaster, Joe Biden has only made Americans worse off and the world a more dangerous place. If anything, he has only merited the privilege of being on par with Jimmy Carter, not in that both are decent human beings with unblemished personas — such an aspect deserves to be discussed and debated at length, preponderantly on Biden’s part — but in that both ushered the nation into even grimmer times during their respective tenures of the White House. In other, fancier words, the Biden presidency seems to be nothing more than a reincarnation of the Carter era.

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Sharlee on May 12, 2021:

I enjoyed your article. I agree the Biden years will be looked back on as Carter/Obam era. Oh well, not much we can do at this point but sit it out and wring our hands.

MG Singh from UAE on May 12, 2021:

I think this is a very well-written hub. You have missed out one point during the Carter presidency and that is the hostage crisis of Iran. In this crisis, the USA was reduced to impotence. Biden is again trying to mollycoddle Iran and start negotiations again but Iran is not playing ball. The American people have chosen Biden over Trump and in the bargain have fallen into an abyss of no return.

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