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The Biden Buffoon Is Dangerously Depleting The American Economy

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

DonkeyHotey is the creator of this image.  His license can be found at

DonkeyHotey is the creator of this image. His license can be found at

You may have thought that you had heard it all after reading my article titled "Joe Biden Is Bankrupting The American People." Well, the Biden buffoon's presidential policies have gone from bad to worse. At this point in time, I figure that if anyone is still a Biden supporter, they probably have a stash of money hidden away in the Cayman Islands or somewhere else offshore. I cannot imagine anyone still believing that the Biden buffoon is a legitimate president at this point in time.

If you are an American, you are definitely going to want to read this article of mine here. If you are not an American and you live in another country, then you still are going to be interested in everything I have to tell you herein inasmuch as the economic collapse of the United States of America could also have a devastating impact on your nation's economic survival as well.

Jack Chapple warns us all in his YouTube video about a crisis on the horizon that could shake the entire planet up and end life everywhere as we know it. After you watch his video below, you're going to realize that the American economy is already running on fumes.

Jack Chapple Explains Why The United States Of America Cannot Afford To Dole Out Its Money To Anybody

Despite that our nation is confronting a major international debt crisis, the Biden buffoon wants to compound the problem by doling out money to illegal aliens. He doesn't care about any American who is homeless or is without adequate healthcare.

"geralt" is the author of this picture.

"geralt" is the author of this picture.

Joe Biden Wants To Pay Illegal Aliens $450,000 Of Reparations Per Person

If you are a conservative Republican or even a moderate Independent like me, you know for a fact that wasteful spending on the part of the Federal government helps nobody in the long run. Even if you are a liberal Democrat, you still have to know that our nation is not a bottomless pit of wealth. Everything that the Biden buffoon has been doing so far in terms of how much of our tax dollars he has spent is going to have repercussions for all of us eventually.

When I was performing freelance interpretation and translation work from Spanish to English and vice versa for an immigration attorney not too long ago, one thing that stood out very clear to me was that many people had relocated from Central America to our nation to escape the dangerous clutches of the MS-13. These individuals went through the motions of obtaining refugee status here in our nation inasmuch as their lives were in danger in their own home countries. There was even one woman whom I interpreted for who had suffered a rape at the hands of an MS-13 gang member in her nation of origin. She was here to get away from that monster and monsters like him.

The Biden buffoon has fallen back on the promises that American political leaders have made to these refugees; and he has done so by opening up all the flood gates for everyone in the world to cross over the Mexican-American border into our nation, because now MS-13 gang members can easily enter our nation and hunt down people who have come to our nation to escape them. However, it doesn't stop here.

Now the Biden buffoon wants to reward criminals from other nations who enter into our country illegally. Carlson Tucker explains the Biden's buffoon's action in this regard in the YouTube video below.

Carlson Tucker Explains Joe Biden's Deranged School Of Thought Regarding Immigration

Yes, you heard it in the video above. The Biden buffoon is doling out $450,000 as a form of reparations to each illegal alien who has crossed over the Mexican-American border. What it means is that MS-13 gang members can take full advantage of that program and use the money to buy dangerous weapons so that they can commit violent crimes against Central American refugees and American citizens.

My response to the Biden buffoon's decision to dole out all of this money is it would make better sense if he invested it into Universal Healthcare for Americans who cannot afford medical insurance or at least use that money to build homeless shelters for the countless number of Americans who are without a job or a home throughout our nation. Either use that money to benefit the American people or don't spend it at all.

Nevertheless, as far as the Biden buffoon is concerned, that money can go to whatever MS-13 gang member who wants to apply for it so long as such an applicant meets the criteria to qualify for it. Illegal gun sales are surely going to skyrocket through the roof here in the land of milk and honey thanks to the Biden administration. I can tell you this much. It won't look very good on the Democrats' agenda to push for more gun-control laws.

The bigger picture here is that in view of what Jack Chapple explained in his above-aforementioned video, our nation cannot really afford the Biden administration to be doling that money out at all. In a video of his own, Dr. Steve Turley had a mouth full to say in support of Mr. Carlson's commentary above. Watch the video below.

What stands out so conspicuously in my mind about Dr. Turley's above video is Dr. Turley's mention of the Biden buffoon's cognitive deterioration in making such an outlandish decision that he did. It is now going to be very easy for an MS-13 gang member to obtain a green card under this new policy from the Biden administration, and nobody will be safe from the MS-13 anywhere in our nation. However, the Biden buffoon is actually denying that he has any role in this new policy of his.

Gage Skidmore is the author of this picture.  The license for this picture can be found at

Gage Skidmore is the author of this picture. The license for this picture can be found at

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Joe Biden Is Denying That His Administration Has Issued Any Payments To Illegal Aliens

The Biden buffoon is draining our nation of all of its financial resources in doling out billions of dollars to illegal aliens, any of who could be MS-13 gang members, and he is in denial of it. Watch the video below.

Joe Biden Takes No Accountability For His Outrageous Mishandling Of American Tax Dollars

Our 45th president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, sums it all up in the video above regarding the Biden buffoon's sheer stupidity in doling out money that our nation probably doesn't have. She knows and most of us know that her father-in-law would never have put our nation into this kind of predicament if he had gotten into the Oval Office for a second presidential term.

If the 2020 American presidential election had been flipped to President Donald J. Trump, none of us would have to be concerned about our tax dollars being misspent in the way that the Biden buffoon has done so with this current policy regarding immigration. If you don't believe that the Biden buffoon is an illegitimate president, then you certainly cannot believe that he is a good president. His entire administration is an absolute aberration that should never have materialized in the first place.

Dr. Jill Biden can be offended all she wants by what I have to say, but I agree with Rachel Campos-Duffy that Dr. Biden should have done her patriotic duty and should have talked her husband out of running for president in the 2020 American presidential election. Moreover, Dr. Biden will not be getting an apology from me for saying so. If you want the full substance of Ms. Campos's statement on television, watch the video below.

Dr. Jill Biden’s Office Demands Apology For Rachel Campos-Duffy's Comments

Give me a break, Dr. Biden. Your husband is an absolute train wreck, and you're insane not to realize it. Even President Trump was not willing to hold back on how he felt about the Biden buffoon after Judge Jeanine Pirro asked him about him as shown in the video below.

President Donald J. Trump Grades The Biden Administration

As you can see from the video above, President Trump clearly did not give the Biden buffoon a love fest in his interview with Judge Pirro. He described the Biden administration as the worst presidency in history, and he was right. I cannot emphasize enough that President Trump should have gotten a second term in the Oval Office; and if he had gotten one, our nation would have been so much better off than it is now.

In an interview with Fox New, Vice President Mike Pence expressed his disapproval over the Biden buffoon's decision to dole out $450,000 in reparations to each and every illegal alien. You can watch a video of his interview below.

Vice President Mike Pence Voices His Disapproval Over Joe Biden's Decision To Give $450,000 In Reparations To Every Illegal Alien

In his interview above, Vice President Pence complained that our nation's immigration laws were virtually non-existent under the Biden administration. That problem is most definitely a recipe for MS-13 gang members to enter into the United States of America illegally.

"geralt" is the author of this photograph.

"geralt" is the author of this photograph.

Final Thoughts

Biden supporters? If you disbelieve that there was voter fraud in the 2020 American presidential election, you cannot rightfully believe at this point in time that the Biden buffoon was a wise choice for the Oval Office. He has done just about everything that a political leader can do to harm our nation. He is consistently turning our nation into a crime-ridden slum in which he is our slumlord.

One year ago the United States of America did not have open borders as it does now. The American criminal justice system had greater control over the situation with the MS-13 than it does now. Our Federal government was not giving away the store.

The most that we can hope for is that the Biden buffoon is impeached from the Oval Office and that both Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are locked up in a mental institution so that we may have a halfway decent chance of having a real president again in the form of Senator Patrick Leahy. Otherwise, the tsunami of election-integrity audits impending throughout our nation would be of great use to the American people if the United States Electoral College concluded that the Biden buffoon was not our legitimate president and it decided to reinstate President Trump for a second term in the Oval Office.

The Biden buffoon is simply not going to better our quality of life as Americans. As a matter of fact, our biggest worry now should be whether he could inflict irreparable harm on our nation. It's time that we all decide that enough is enough. The Biden buffoon must go either by impeachment or by the reinstatement of President Trump to the Oval Office for a second presidential term.

Now, you may be reading this article of mine here from the other side of the world and you're wondering what does any of this have to do with you if you're not an American. It actually has everything to do with you. If the Biden buffoon sends the American economy straight down the toilet with no chances of recovery, the United States of America is going to default on the debts it owes to other nations; and once it happens, the entire world economy is going to be sent into a downward spiral that will have seriously devastating effects on the well-being of other countries. The Biden buffoon is simply no asset to anyone in the world at this point in time except for the MS-13, of course.

A Poll For Americans Who Have Had Enough Of Joe Biden

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