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The Aubery and Rittenhouse Self Defense Murder Cases

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The Arbery Case

In the shooting and murder of Aumaud Arbery, a black man, who was innocently running along a road in Georgia when confronted by white racists in vehicles chasing him for two miles, the man on trial claimed he had to shoot the jogger after he confronted him for alleged burglary. The whole episode would not have occurred had it not been for those racists trying to act like vigilante law men based on a rumor that homes along the road where Arbery was running had been broken into. It was these men who chased Arbery in vehicles. Arbery, himself, did not try to flee like a guilty man, but kept jogging until forced to be stopped by the white men. It was then, and only then, was there a confrontation where things got out of hand and the racists threatened Arbery with guns in his face. Arbery had no weapons. When the actions began to develop between the two men, Arbery was fatally shot.

The whole event all were due to the actions of the white men hunting down Arbery for bogus reasons to justify actions. Arbery, who was running along the road, at first did not stop but as the situation got worse, he was forced to address what was happening to him. These white men could have turned away multiple times as they were chasing Arbery along the road, if they had any common sense, but they chose to confront. Now, just because the white man is freaking out that Arbery is acting agitated and aggressive towards a gun pointed at him, should not afford a self defense rationale. It is totally ridiculous. The defendant and trial is just a waste of time-guilty as charged for homicide.

The Rittenhouse Case

Here is another racially motivated white kid, this time with an AR 15 rifle, which is against the law to have under 18. This case used the self defense issue in a similar manner that the Arbery case did. Kyle Rittenhouse's actions had him drive some 20 miles away where he lived, fully armed, to defend a specific piece of property with other adult vigilantes against the rioters. He lied to police about being the owner of the gun and that he was an EMT. He said that he had been invited by the property owner to defend the property from damage, which is totally untrue. In fact, the valuables at the property were all gone, taken by the owners. Kyle put himself into a situation where death could happen. His free will put him in harm's way as he tried to act with bravado waving his AR 15 around, which was threatening others.

Naturally, things went out of control, as three of the protesters took offense to Kyle's presence with the gun. None were armed with guns, one had a skate board. The attacks on Kyle did not happen all at once, so Kyle fended them off using his AR 15. Kyle had plenty of opportunities to evade and save himself from harm simply by leaving the area and going back to the property where he was suppose to be at. Instead, his attitude was one of confrontation. As things developed, Kyle was in panic mode and a scuffle ensured with one protester and Kyle kills him. Not long after, it repeats, and another person is murdered as he withdraws from Kyle.

Where were the police? They were all around and it is stunning that Kyle was never confronted by an officer about the AR 15, which he was underage to possess, had this happened, the gun would have taken away. It is also shocking that even after Kyle kills two men and police are on the scene, is allowed to just drive back home across the state border. Huh??? In fact, police don't take him into custody until the next day or so. Is Kyle some special exemption from standard police procedures involving homicide? Was it because he was "just a white kid"?

Even if you think Kyle did act in self defense, the manner in which police procedures were not followed by officers there should have your head bewildered. One can only say that it appears to be racist and a double standard with white privilege.

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No, Kyle did not kill premeditated but he fully was aware of what might happen in a danger zone where emotions run high. He knew his real intent was to act tough and to confront these radicals with someone else's AR15. A lot of teens are like that, wanting to show off and that he is a real man. A gun reinforces that. Maybe he is a quiet racist and it only surfaces when he is around more overt racists. In any case, Kyle was the one with an automatic weapon. The protesters had none and most were too scared to take on a gun.

Kyle was never in a situation where he face eminent death or even great bodily harm because he had the rifle. He was scared shitless no doubt and panicked when a threat of bodily harm came his way, but who is to blame for that? Kyle. He left the property that was being defended in chase, as the others on the property, stayed. Had he not went into pursuit, there would be no trial.

Guilty as charged.

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