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A Surprising Explanation of Racism's Animalistic Nature


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.


Racism Has Nothing to Do With Slavery

When we talk about racism, most of the people, particularly those of African descent instantly associate it with slavery. Well, let me surprise you, before we get deeper into it, when no surprise should be a reaction -- racism has nothing to do with slavery.

Namely, there were times in history, no matter if very remote now and so easy to overlook, when whites were enslaved by Arabs and Blacks. Then, people of the same skin color were enslaving each other -- like Egyptians who enslaved Hebrews, Mezzo-and-South American tribes/nations who enslaved those they defeated in war, and yes, Romans had white slaves, they themselves being white.

Thus, we have to view the phenomenon of slavery from a different perspective than the skin color would suggest -- rather as a stronger expression of our lower animalistic brain centers which imposed their survival impulses upon people's reasoning -- making slavery "fashionable" and morally acceptable.

Even Jesus, who is viewed as an embodiment of pure love, spoke about "better relationships between masters and slaves", not condemning slavery altogether as immoral or inhuman.

We have to simply put ourselves into the mentality of those epochs, when slaughtering and even torturing of humans was a part of their moral code.

Nowadays, if you are not a doctor, or a funeral caretaker, or a homicide investigator, or a soldier, the scene of human "insides" are bound to shock the hell out of you, maybe keep you traumatized for a while. But looking at the weapons that were used in the past tells us about the butchering being a part of a "normalcy".

With that understanding, slavery stops being such an unusual feature of the past ways of life, and that simply because human awareness was largely polluted by those lower, animalistic instincts.

Crazy as it may sound, peoples of those times were not "evil" -- they didn't know any better at their level of consciousness evolution.

Which brings us to one thing playing a big role in all that: difference in appearance aggravating intolerance in people's lower brain centers of survival.


When Different in Appearance Means a Danger

Looking at the wild cats species like lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards... you know them all -- you can't but notice a downright animosity among them. All being cats, but reacting to different features of appearance being enough for them to go hostile.

That single "not like me" impression is enough even for us, humans, to react negatively to one another -- as our lower brain centers interfere with those higher ones without us ever seeing a connection.

Indeed, our smart, frontal lobe of the brain doesn't register that even different political and religious persuasion in others is ringing bells of caution and distrust in our animalistic amygdala.

So we can deduce here one important thing:

The more we are affected by our lower centers of survival, the more we are bound to be racially minded. And in the opposite sense -- the more we are spiritual, detached from our survival concerns, the less we are likely to see anything threatening about people of different skin, different views, tastes, ethnicities, religions...etc

Indeed, even in our humor we ridicule those who are either reasoning, appearing, or acting in ways that are strange to us. So we make fun of blondes as being "stupid", we are stereotyping about Jews or Scottish as "cheap", etc...

In many of my articles I am portraying politicians as negative elements of society, and within the context of this particular theme there will be something to be added about them.

Namely, they are individuals whose lower brain centers are particularly strong but cleverly converted into something culturally acceptable.

For one thing, they can really mask their strong survival instinct of a need for a status of an "alpha in the pack". They are driven by that urge to have power, to be looked up to, to dominate.

Many are of a rich variety, as their lower brain centers are pushing them to amass means of survival far beyond their needs and a comfortable life.

Also, those same brain centers are making most of them highly sexed individuals. Generally speaking. the more one leans toward animalistic materialism, the more they are sexually minded. Which makes the opposite true -- the more one is spiritual, the more they are transforming their sexual energy into spiritual one -- a good example being tantric sex.

Now, as it may seem that we have strayed from the main theme, it was necessary to see the aspects of animalistic nature in man which are then extended into expression of racism.


About Passive Racism

Indeed, with an insight into our partially animalistic nature it comes easier to recognize racism as coming from those roots of lower brain's expressions.

Now, let's observe something that I am calling the passive aspect of racism.

For that purpose we need examples of some famous African Americans, notably Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Denzel Washington -- one being a billionaire, another an ex-president, and another a famous movie star.

Now, what do all three of them have in common? For one thing, they are very intelligent, also very spiritual, and -- for our purposes significant -- neither of them is viewing themselves in terms of being "black", but being simply human.

It was another African American actor, Morgan Freeman, who once said:

"If you want to get rid of racism, stop talking about it".

What better words of wisdom could ever be said?

Those three fine human beings mentioned, simply refused to have in their self-image something like a "natural drawback" or a flaw, in their color of the skin.

So, racism has its passive aspect as well, not only the active one, meaning that both victimizers and and victims are keeping alive that irrational notion stemming from the lower brain centers that "somebody looking different must be a threat".

Please, don't view racism as the only crazy thing that our higher brains succeeded to rationalize. Every war is an act of animalistic behavior. Every sanction is but an act of economic terrorism pushed by a need to dominate, to intimidate, to mentally enslave.

But look how nice and dignified "reasons" our higher brain centers are capable of inventing to justify bombing of innocent nations, stealing their natural resources, and calling "enemies" those who simply show signs of prosperity which we cannot tolerate in our own drive to be "an alpha in the whole human herd".

Getting back to the passive racism, even at that silly example of "blondes standing for someone stupid", I could envision many a blonde who colored her hair brunette to escape that stigma of stupidity -- only to stay with that feeling of false inferiority despite looking different.


It's All About Self-Image

Let's look a little further into this passive racism, even in examples where "racism" simply means "being socially branded on basis of our appearance".

For that purpose, think for a moment about those popular, if not famous actors, who, by their physique "should have never" passed any audition for any role. Take Danny de Vito, that famous charismatic shorty who gave us many memorable moments of laughter in his mostly comedic roles.

Prior to deciding to become an actor, what did he see in the mirror that "justified" that ambition and to give him that confidence? As a man of a shiny career, he should actually be more respected than those head-turners who had their handsome looks for their advantage.

Are you getting where I am going with this?

It makes no damn difference -- black, white, yellow, brown, skinny, chubby, blonde, blind,...whatsoever, it's all how we feel about ourselves that matters.

Which extends the definition of racism as being animalistic, because the more we are operating from our lower, survival-pedaling centers, the more we are bound to feel impressed by our "flaws" (in this case the imagined one of being of a certain skin color). That makes it racism in its passive version.

Now, it's well understood that not every African American can have talents and skills and wisdom of one Barack, one Oprah, or one Denzel -- but then, hey, I am a white dude, and I don't see myself as a self-made billionaire, an ex-leader, or a famous actor.

I don't see this predominantly white society" open some big doors of high places for me, just because I am white.

As for the slavery, the one so much mentioned just happens to be of a recent history, with that one in distant past being ignored when whites were takes as slaves by Blacks and Arabs.

So, should I feel pissed at them? Should I be pissed at nowadays Germans, because Hitler made my family and my people suffer? I call that tendency "historical neuroticism", when ethnicities or races associate current generations with atrocities committed to their ancestors by some past generations of wrongdoers.

It's even needless to mention, but I'll mention it anyway. There is no such a thing as a "superior" race -- there are just enough idiots and criminals in any race and any ethnicity to make all humans ashamed whenever we flatter ourselves with the name homo sapiens -- or "thinking man".

The day when we stop being pushed into crazy behaviors by our animalistic instincts of dominance, greed, territoriality, and arrogance -- may be the day when racism will become one of the memories of our lower levels of evolved consciousness.

Then we might even start feeling proud of ourselves when we hear "homo sapiens".

For starters, why not learn something from kindergarten kids who are color-blind. Did it take becoming an adult to see something they couldn't see in their pure hearts?

© 2021 Val Karas


Vanita Thakkar on April 16, 2021:

Thanks, Val for your kind words of appreciation and blessings. Sincerely appreciate them.

Wishing you good health always, as you have described you have. That is the greatest wealth and achievement of life.

Best regards to you.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 16, 2021:

Vanita -- I am trying to treat my age as "only numbers". Not in a "denial of the truth", but changing the truth my own ways. I would say that my biological markers make me someone much younger, judging by the fact that I am in no pain, no discomfort, can sleep like a baby, have great appetite, same strength as when I was 40, while doctors and medications don't exist for me.

It's truly flattering how you look at my modest literary contribution to Hub Pages, and I thank your generous heart for that. There are others, and you already mentioned Bill among them, whose admirable work deserves all the credits.

Enjoy your little literary adventure at Hub Pages, my dear friend, and make the most of your young life -- you certainly sound like someone who deserves that best.

Vanita Thakkar on April 16, 2021:

Thanks a lot, Val, for the elaborations. As you rightly said, you are accentuating the opposite side of the human truth. I understand that from that far an end, my normal perceptions about the brighter side of the human truth would appear idealised.

Brother Val, you are among the first ones I met on HubPages, along with Peggy, Bill and Chitrangadaji - my first and very valuable, dear friends on HubPages.

I have read quite a few of your articles with great appreciation for your scholarly insights; and commented wherever possible.

I read somewhere that you and Brother Manatita are 1944 born. That means both of you are elder to my father even :-) :-)

You all are our very dear seniors.

I am still exploring and learning here.

Best regards to you. Have a great day !!

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 15, 2021:

Vanita -- I will accept a little respectful debate here, by further noticing how you are not only idealizing humans, but also animals. But before I get there, let me assure you, my dear friend, that my faith and my optimism are as strong as they could be.

Now, wild animals will respond to love as long as they see you as a provider of their basic survival needs, and they feel secure with you. Talking either about human or animal psychology, once that they feel threatened, they don't forgive, it's a simple matter of survival for both, man and animal.

You can make a crocodile your pet, but better make sure that you feed it, and you don't mistreat it. I personally know a case where a dog ("man's best friend") bit his owner because he had a habit of being rough to the dog. One day the dog just had enough.

Man has his fight-flight mechanism of survival, like any animal, which gets overly triggered because of imaginary enemies, which could be our bosses, our mother-in-law, or a nasty neighbor, or another political party., or another religion, or another race...you name it.

When people feel threatened, whether rationally or irrationally, their base instincts get activated. Man's imagination is either his blessing or his curse, because he can imagine hostility and danger where none exist. Man can get overly territorial, paranoid, greedy like an animal, and in a need for power like an animal.

The story of man's or animal's POTENTIAL is altogether different subject. Of course, there are people acting out their spirituality, their intelligence, and capable of cultivating even a divine aspects of both. Of course, I believe in the future of mankind, there is no fatalism in my interpreting man's nature.

I am simply bringing up the realisms of historical an current facts which point to man's aberrations from his innate predestination and potential.

So, again, history is filled with tragic examples of man's bestiality. When Idi Amin, the Ugandan ex-leader drinks blood of his killed political opponents...when Spanish Inquisition tortures or burns "heretics" on stake, when Christian leaders go to a Sunday mass and on Monday they issue an order for an attack...when radical Muslims blow themselves up out of hate for "infidels", when Big Money. Big Pharma, and other world's manipulators unscrupulously take advantage of the majority-- I call it animalistic behavior. Animalistic in a sense that their base instincts of greed, of need for dominance, their arrogance, and cruelty SURELY don't stem from a typical humanness.

Well, that's the way I see it anyway. I certainly admire your faith which tends to paint both human and animal nature in bright colors. I love both people and animals -- but, forgive me if I go a little selective at both.

You have my deepest respect, Vanita -- we may actually observe the same, just accentuating the opposite side of human truth. Have a great day, my friend.

Vanita Thakkar on April 15, 2021:

A very nice comment by Peggy. And I hope you won't find that something like "idealizing" humans (Ha, Ha ....)

What I was trying to convey is that human beings, as creatures that stand erect on their spines, have a vaster range of possibilities available to them than any other creature / animal - worse than the worst of animals at their destructive worst and better than the best of animals at their humane best.

Which powerful "animal" is capable of causing the kind of destructions through cruelty towards their fellow beings, extrapolated as wars; excessive exploitation of natural resources, losses to ecosystems and what not .... the way humans have done ? Animals respond so well to love and compassion that they forget even their violent instincts when they are in an atmosphere of love and compassion created by human beings who have attained higher states of Existence !! I am sure you must have experienced or heard about such happenings ....

So, I believe that calling a devil or demon of a man, "animal" is not appropriate. We should exclude and spare animals from being a part of such widespread human blunders (euphemism here - Ha, Ha ....). Let the focus remain on humans as we seek solutions to problems created by humans ....

Also, what you said raises an obvious question - Why do we coin higher human possibilities as "too idealistic" ? Does that not reflect our lack of hope or optimism or lack of strength or our lack of faith in goodness or our escapism, in the name of "reality" or "being practical" ? Accepting the darker side of human existence should not mean overlooking / loosing sight of / denying the brighter side of it.

Brother Val, perhaps you are trying to highlight the crisis of leadership that the world is facing. Those making big names or creating histories being led by baser instincts (as pointed out by Peggy), that are nothing but excessive / distorted versions of Rajas and Tamas qualities explained in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta .... The world is afterall a playground of these three qualities - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas .... I think we should remember that those making a good name, at whatever or however small a scale, are always the ones who are loving and giving. And those with big and good names will win over those with nasty and big names, the way Raama, Krishna, Jesus and the others like them did.

Wrote a lot !!

Best regards to you and everyone.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 14, 2021:

You are very clear Sir Val, very clear. (wink)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 14, 2021:

I liked your ending statement: "For starters, why not learn something from kindergarten kids who are color-blind. Did it take becoming an adult to see something they couldn't see in their pure hearts?"

That would indicate that much of what we do is learned behavior. Thus, if we employ our better angels instead of succumbing to our baser instincts, the scourge of racism would be lessened or even cease to exist. Everyone should be taught the Golden Rule.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 14, 2021:

Ravi -- "Unscrupulous users of power" as you call them, are people operating from those lower animalistic brain centers. It's a simple psychology, not to do with ethics. Namely, all instincts connected to survival are seated in amygdala, which is also animalistic by nature, and a seat of our fight/flight mechanism, territoriality, greed, need for dominance.

Like I said it in my article, in those past epochs racism was generated by more pronounced expression of those immoral, lower centers, having to do with animalistic arrogance. In other words, their higher brains were justifying those impulses as ":normal", along with other forms of unethical reasoning.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 14, 2021:

Devika -- You are right, my friend.

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on April 14, 2021:

Thanks Val for another stimulating article. I agree with the sewlf image and passive racism .However I differ in one point.

"The more we are affected by our lower centers of survival, the more we are bound to be racially minded"

Let me take an example. In Colonial India under the British, there was this sign that put in all affluent establishments from hotels to clubs - "Dogs and Indians are not allowed "

Now do you think the British were affected by the lowest centers of survival and that is why they resorted to racism .No ,they were strong, they were powerful and they were the conquerors and racism was just one of the ways they adopted to show their superior power over Indians.

So I strongly believe at the end of the day, a racist person is an abuser ,an abuser of power that he/she might have over others that is being exploited unscrupulously. This is no lower center of brain involved here. It is pure malice and disrespect for fellow humans.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 14, 2021:

Chrish -- We can't blame people when they react violently while being degraded. And just as well -- no matter how it may sound odd thing to say -- we can't blame those who are doing that degrading, because they simply don't have what it takes in their brain to understand what they are doing.

To expect from them to act differently, to me sometimes seems like to expect from preschool kids to understand income tax.

We are still stuck at this level of consciousness evolution, and I am not smart enough to tell what may catapult us to the next level, although, being into quantum physics, I suspect that it will happen when enough of those enlightened ones create a critical mass in an amorphic field with vibrations that will then spread all over the human race.

Okay, here I went too far down the rabbit hole, but this is only to show one point -- that no matter what we may be saying racists, they are simply not wired in their brains to change their minds about those of different skin color. Try to convince a Muslim of Taliban caliber to attend Catholic church -- or the other way around. You see what I mean? .

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 14, 2021:

Manatita44 -- I'm glad you found it thought provoking, my friend -- being an "out-of box" thinker I always search for an alternate truth from the one that's popular within the cultural paradigm. It's fun keeping our mind open for new interpretations. Well, I don't see much "creation" in people's just replaying the same over and over.

Thanks for reading it, my far away friend.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 14, 2021:

Vanita -- I hope you won't mind my disagreeing about one point in your comment. When you say that humans have higher brains with which they satisfy their lower instincts -- to me it sounds a little like idealizing humans.

Yes, in some other universe it would be as you are saying, but the history, as well as criminology, are both loaded with examples suggesting that people's hierarchy of mental forces puts animalistic, if not bestial force at leading place -- while those higher brains are only used for "doing it in a human style".

Of course, I am not generalizing, since most of the people are so-so-normal, whatever normal may mean these days -- but those are also the ones that are never writing the pages of history. You don't see a newsmen's camera following a man to his work place, walking his dog, or otherwise minding his own business.

Many people are not racist for that matter, but racists are those louder ones, likely to make a big deal out of nothing.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on April 14, 2021:

This reminds me of Jackie Robinson's line as he faced racism, wanting to " grab one of those white sons of bitches and smash his teeth in with my despised black fist "

people will still yell at us and treat us poorly "lower brains expression" as you call it Sir Val. Still, when others treat us poorly it doesn't degrades us it degrades them. We should act more human humans. (wink) I'd love to read more arguments from you Sir. Blessings!!!!

manatita44 from london on April 14, 2021:

As usual, Bro, another thought-provoking piece. Impactful and engaging, telling it as you see it. Peace.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 14, 2021:

Hi Valkaras Off-course Racism ahs nothing to do with slavery. I know what it is knowing where I come from. The sad issue about racism is people do not understand the meaning of it.

Vanita Thakkar on April 14, 2021:

Very well written and conveyed, Val.

However, I differ at one point. I have always felt that calling / viewing unacceptable human behaviour “animal-like” inappropriate. Humans have a more developed faculty - intelligence - that they put to a very wrong use to satisfy their lower desires or vices - greed, pride, egotism, possessiveness .... I have written poems which express this line of thought. I think it is an insult to the animals when we compare or call mean, cruel humans as animals. More later. At work.

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