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The Anatomy of the Ghana Romance Scam

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Chelsea used this Nikki Sims photo.

Chelsea used this Nikki Sims photo.

She used  this Ann Angel photo.

She used this Ann Angel photo.

Ann Angel photo from early years. Using, you can see how many times her photo has been used by many women! Amazing!

Ann Angel photo from early years. Using, you can see how many times her photo has been used by many women! Amazing!

Here is the same photo on MySpace- now her name is Judith. Once you click on this, the REAL Judith is revealed, sadly.

Here is the same photo on MySpace- now her name is Judith. Once you click on this, the REAL Judith is revealed, sadly.

Here, the scammer created  a fake photo (left) from the real one (right). Very similar but the girls arm is missing in the fake and present in the real photo.

Here, the scammer created a fake photo (left) from the real one (right). Very similar but the girls arm is missing in the fake and present in the real photo.

This is a very popular Ann Angel photo on many dating websites. Very over used. But it IS very effective to guys.

This is a very popular Ann Angel photo on many dating websites. Very over used. But it IS very effective to guys.

This map shows all the scams in the world. The red indicates West Africa.

This map shows all the scams in the world. The red indicates West Africa.

Ann Angel

Ann Angel

What does Anna Evdokimova, Osman Mohammed, Esther Ansomaa, and maybe Chelsea Boamah-Ford (DOB Jan. 28. 1980) have in common? They are all scammers themselves or have been victims of scammers in Ghana, Nigeria, or other West African or Russian online romance website. The fact is that most of these scammers use stolen photos of Anna Evdokimova (DOB Dec 5,1982)\Ann Angel (DOB June 9, 1985), a well known, very attractive, light porn star. They are NOT the same person, however. Most of the photos used of her are between ages 19-26. She is now 33-35 and still attractive but more mature. Ann Angel has her own website that you can join for $30 a month. Anna Evdokimova is Russian, Ann Angel is Polish, Chelsea Boamah is American, Esther Ansomaa is Ghanaian. The primary target are Americans or Europeans. Both Anna and Ann have similar facial characteristics. As said before, all have been victims themselves from other scammers!

Whether you go to any online romance site, such as, Tastebuds, Match, Zoosk, eHarmony, and more, there IS a chance, a real chance, you could be attracted to some hot man or woman by pictures. Your mind goes into gear about the possibilities, about the future, as communication through the website occurs. The Ghana scam starts this way but very quickly, in days, the man\woman will suggest to down an app, like Whatapp, to facilitate faster texts. This app allows the scammer to talk to several victims simultaneously with great ease (you can see this when the person is online, yet not texting you). For the first week or so, good scammers will reel you in with hours of texting about miscellaneous things. They may talk of their family, background, so to gain your trust and you open up. It all sounds legit, and in fact, some of it is real, you just don't know. Within a short amount time, the scammer will start to call you "babe", "baby", "love", "honey". This makes it seem real and gets the victim to follow. Even if you have a good dose of skepticism because some things don't add up or seem to good to be true, you can cautiously buy into it, depending how lonely and loveless your life is. The scammers know this and target those who they suspect fit a profile.

Once the scammer feels the victim has fallen in love with the photos of Ann Angel (how could any guy resist) a request for money will be asked. The reasons vary, but be assured, they will seem logical- a sudden lost of credit cards, stolen purse, lack of money to pay for Internet, back due rent after moving into a new flat, a fire that destroyed things, family members etc. Most suggest being paid using wire transfer. Even if you refuse, they won't give up easily, They may let the issue go for days if refused before bringing it up. As weeks go on, the conversations can be intimate and sex, but it is more about how this is true love and marriage. The victim can assess things as photos are sent: are they people the same, identical or just similar or not at all with whom you are chatting with. You can check on the Internet for facts about a fire, or place where they claim to work. You can contact them, even if they are in Ghana. You will be surprised what you can find out to verify or not. Some things the scammer tell you are truth but your problem is sifting through what is and what is false. You can demand that they send you a video or multiple selfies within four minutes. The selfies should all be slightly different and obvious they are holding out the camera. If they refuse, start to think scam. If they stated their valuables were lost in a fire, google key words or check out local websites for news reports. In other words, investigate online, send emails to their work etc.

The scammers create a fake online romance profile by the website. They use Ann Angel's or others photos to attract you. They may use their own photos if they resemble. The real entity is someone you do not see yet communicate with and "fall in love" with. Even if you found out their real name, you still question if its true. You send money to these people.

The most important research tool you can use immediately, before you "fall in love" is to search for the image. To do this, you need to use a screen capture program to get and save the image. Then, using your browser, type in the search field: Select the small camera icon and upload the photo of the person. The Google search will determine if and how many times, this photo has been used and where with web links. Within seconds, you will know if the photo has only been used once or many times by scammers. Just about any Ann Angel photo will show this. You will be amazed. You can use this for any subject matter in the photo. Another thing you can do is that should you wire money, demand that the scammer take a photo of the receipt and send it to you. Any wire transfer will have a receipt that is signed for by the recipient. Make sure the signature is the same person you sent it to.

Some scammers will work a victim for more than a month, even if the scammer thinks they might be exposed. At some point, they will try for a large sum of money, like, airfare, a license for work, funeral etc. Many times, when you say no to one request, you will be tested again and again. In between the requests are cozy love talk to really make the victim care for a person you have never met in real life and have seen photos that are too good to be true. Even if the scammer suspects the victim in playing them, they will continue because it is a game and challenge. Some will just stop texting period. You may even talk to them on the phone, this adds even more personal touch and realism to the relationship. If you suspect a scam, demand for a Skype or Webcam chat after you have photos of the person. You can then determine what is real. If they have an iPhone, use Facetime for real time chat. Even if everything matches, be suspicious when money is being requested and determine if it is legit or not. After time goes on, you will notice that most chats now are mostly about money they need for one reason or another, or a lovey type chat drifts into a request for money. Refusing may result in an angry temper outburst that tries to make you feel guilty. They may sound like a different person.

After it all ends because the lies are so convoluted even the scammer stumbles, there is an emptiness of sorts. After all the time spent texting and not feeling alone, you suddenly are there again. Feeling angry, yet melancholy, in an odd way. If you were a victim, the scam just demolishes your quest for love and happiness for considerable time. But, eventually, you try again, LOL.


Julius Chavez on May 02, 2019:

Okay people, this woman (or the person using her image) is going by the name of Ava now. She contacted me on adult friend finder which is rank with scammers. Says she is working with the "CSF" in Africa lol.

I can see these people coming a mile away and I like to mess with them, if I can keep them away from 1 sucker willing to give their money to these idiots.

NEVER EVER give money to someone you don't know, think with the head on your shoulders!

UmbertoPMarocchi on September 17, 2017:

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Actually there is a new one on twitter proliferating literally since Aug. 28th, claiming to be the real Ann Angel first @annangelofficia, then @Annjohnson1256 and since today @annangel1256, on Instagram Ann Angel @ann_angel_official. She tries to scam people asking them to text "her" under Rhode Island number 4014241449 or mailing her under She/he aims to get in contact to people on twitter having been fans or followers of the real one @theAnnAngel) That's what she, or better he, had as a convo with someone I know:

Hello D

Hello Anna, why did you finally decide to contact me? Because am getting more matured that live those who love you Love* I mean

You there

Anna, how did you and I talk the last time we had a conversation? By what means? Do you remember? And why have I been trying to contact you remember that also?

No I didn't remember anything since have being jilted was in the hospital for 6 month got sick Just recovering I could remember you love to have me with you Here is the deal.....

I have talked to the REAL Anna Angel and I do know how to contact her that is why I know this is a should be ashamed of yourself for trying to destroy her life!!!!! You should go get your own life and leave her criminal!

No am not this real ann Message me on 401 424 1449 You have missed it This is the real me And if you think Am a scam good bye you just missed the real ann

Eric D on August 16, 2017:

My Ann Angel is living in Accra, has very little money (for anything) and is now trapped as a "hospital prisoner" because she fell ill, was treated but now can't pay the hospital bill. She claims to be the real 'Ann Angel', now retired from porn and living in Ghana. She gives her real name as Henrietta Femeyibor.

This is not too good to be true; it is too unlikely to be true, I think. But I have to confess I am intrigued and having trouble breaking off contact.

perrya (author) on May 14, 2017:

It was amazing.

Sefton on May 13, 2017:

Ann Angel is only an alais of a beautiful lady living currently in Kumsai, Ghana and leaving there shortly as she hates the place.

Charles on July 29, 2015:

A person using Skype and a email adores of Portiahubert7. . Is using Ann Angel pictures based in Accura . So beware that person is a scammer .

Carl on March 21, 2015:

I think Chelsea is actually a transvestite named Johan Gruber who was born in Munich in 1986.

perrya (author) on March 20, 2015:

Yeah, you could be right! Are you saying Nikki is also Chelsea?

UmbertoPMarocchi on March 20, 2015:

Perrya please help to clear up the confusion posting pics of Anna Evdokimova. I only see pictures of Ann Angel and Nikki Sims in this and the other articles U wrote. My impression is, sorry, you have no clue to differentiate between Ann Angel and Ann Angel. For me the difference is very simple Ann Angel is a legit model and Anna Evdokimova is a scammer using pics of Ann Angel. Thank you.

perrya (author) on March 20, 2015:

I agree, Anna and Ann Angel are different people but the confusion is because they have similar characteristics.

CrimeTraveller on March 18, 2015:

This was an interesting read with lots of information on how such scammers operate. The internet today can be a dangerous world and I think some can forget that you have no real idea who you are talking to or whether they are who they say they are. Good message in this Hub, be aware!

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