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The American Left's Hysterics, Distortions, and Hypocrisy Regarding Immigration: Part Two


The Liberal Meltdown Continues

Journalists and talking heads in the mainstream media are not taking the news of Donald Trump’s executive order pausing admission of refugees and immigrants from seven nations very well. Many have taken to social media to express outrage over Trump’s actions, forgetting or failing to remember back when former President Barack Obama did approximately the same thing to Iraqi refugees for a six month time period. The media’s selective outrage over this issue reveals the true hypocrisy inherent in the 99 percent Democratic party-affiliated television and newspaper circles.

But did Trump go too far?

Conor Friedersdorf wrote recently in The Atlantic that Trump’s executive orders make “no sense” and “do not make us any safer. After seeing what refugees have to go through and looking back on the lack of foreign-born immigrants committing horrific atrocities throughout our recent history, some sensible voices on the Left have some solid points to make.

Friedersdorf continued: “This gravely harms the permanent residents with no benefit for other Americans. In fact, it harms the United States citizens who are their spouses, family members, friends, and employers. And it harms those of us who are ashamed of how our country betrayed them.” It does send the wrong message to some that we are not as welcoming of a country as we portray ourselves to be. However, I still believe Friedersdorf is still overreacting a bit. He does have a solid libertarian strain underneath his liberal logic.

He additionally calls the newly sworn-in Republican president’s actions “egregiously unfair.” Instead of hearing calls for restraint within the party, Friedersdorf is concerned that more voices on the Right are not standing up to the president for defense of open immigration. This writer fails to see that Mr. Trump is merely doing what he thinks is best for the country and fulfilling multiple promises he made to his supporters on the campaign trail. Furthermore, Republicans have not exactly been silent on this issue. Big names such as Senators John McCain from Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have unsurprisingly stood up to the president’s recent actions on immigration, condemning it with what they see as appropriately harsh rhetoric. In addition to the two former failed Republican presidential candidates, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), and Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) have also said some critical things about Mr. Trump’s recent orders, encouraging him to revise or remove the short-term restrictions on immigration.


The Silliness of Sanctuary Cities

What most on the Left are truly up in arms about is Trump taking aim at sanctuary cities, or major metro areas that defy federal immigration law and do not cooperate with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to apprehend, detain, and deport illegal immigrants. President Trump vowed to withhold federal funding from these cities that defy the new administration as they have done during the Obama administration.

“Should places in this country that ignore the laws of this country when it comes to immigration receive federal money into their communities?” asked Reince Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff on Fox News' Sean Hannity Show on Wednesday. “And the answer to me is no.”

The point is," Priebus added, "if you defy the laws of this country, you shouldn't receive federal taxpayer dollars from the people of this country ... in some cases, you have folks that have committed crimes ... and in every other jurisdiction, they say ‘OK, you’ve committed a crime. You now have to leave the country.’ That’s normal, right? I think that’s normal, but they’re not doing that." Americans overwhelmingly support legal immigration. They want to feel safe and they want our immigration system to be fair for those who play by the rules. Unfortunately, liberal leaders from cities such as Seattle, New York, and San Francisco have promised to continue defying the law, endangering its citizens in the process.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will fight the Trump administration to defend its sanctuary city status. He ridiculously called the day Trump signed the immigration orders the “darkest day in our nation’s immigration history since the internment of the Japanese during World War II.” Give me a break, Ed! Easy for him to say such nonsense in a city where only 8 percent of voters voted for the current Republican president. Trump’s recent temporary travel ban is nowhere close to the atrocities we perpetrated against Japanese Americans during World War II. Trump is dealing not with citizens or residents, but refugees and immigrants. This kind of irresponsible rhetoric by Mr. Murray is one of the many reasons our partisan-fueled division is so vast at the moment.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said San Francisco will remain a sanctuary city. Good for you. Keep endangering yourself and your citizens by allowing criminals to stay within your city limits. Miami, Florida, on the other hand, caved in to Trump’s demands to follow federal immigration law and will end its irresponsible sanctuary city actions at once.

Only on the West Coast can you have such blatant liberalism literally endanger you. Amazingly, even a solid majority of Californians do not support sanctuary cities. Only the media, the increasingly socialist Democratic party, and the clusters of close-minded liberals in major cities across the country think Trump enforcing federal law is controversial.

The End of Sanctuary Cities?

President Trump is not bringing us a fascist regime. He is not installing a racist overtone to our future political discourse. He is doing what a president should do: keep the country and its citizens safe. Sanctuary cities have become magnets for previously deported aliens, gangs, drug traffickers, or other criminals fleeing the Feds. Many defenders of these open border cities say that the apprehended illegal aliens are forced to show up to a hearing at a later date. However, of course, 84 percent did not show up, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. It is safe to say that most, if not all, of these individuals remained in the U.S., despite their illegal crossing into the country.

An October 2014 ICE report found that illegal immigrants make up 3.5 percent of the U.S. population, yet, make up 37.6 percent of federal sentences and 13.6 percent of all nationwide offenders of crimes. Illegal immigrants make up about 7 percent of California’s population, but take up over 12 percent of the state’s prison population.

An IGS-UC Berkeley poll in 2015 revealed that 74 percent of Californians want sanctuary cities ended. You read that right. Californians! There should be no more debating this issue. Yet of course, that is not the case.

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Sanctuary cities have to go. We are a nation of immigrants, sure. But we are more importantly a nation of laws and men. We need to be welcoming when we can, absolutely. But, when 73 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans agree on something (getting rid of sanctuary cities), that’s more than consensus, that’s a sure thing. Instead of trying to make its citizens safer, California legislators are becoming increasingly dependent on the combative open borders sector of its party. California’s legislature hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to assist in the battle against the federal government regarding immigration. No matter his credentials or past work history, Mr. holder will be unable to prevent the loss of major federal funding to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco if they dare take President Trump to task.

If you defy the president and do not execute his policies, you will be fired or dealt with appropriately. Former acting Attorney General Ms. Yates figured this out the hard way earlier this week when she was removed from her temporary post (before the appointment of Jeff Sessions) for not agreeing with or enforcing the president’s recent immigration orders. The White House statement criticized Ms. Yates as “weak on borders and very weak on immigration. It is time to get serious about protecting our country. Calling for tougher vetting for individuals traveling from seven dangerous places is not extreme. It is reasonable and necessary to protect our country.”

The reasonable House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said on Tuesday that he had spoken to Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly on Monday. Mr. Ryan said President Trump’s executive order restricting entry to the U.S. was in keeping with the president’s authority, but said the confusion about the ban was “regrettable.” The way Trump went about it was definitely wrong. He did not consult enough people involved with the enforcement of his actions and he did not bring up to speed his current and pending Cabinet-level position appointments, such as the recently approved Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. In addition, some senior staffers on the House Judiciary Committee helped President Trump’s aides draft the executive order curbing immigration from seven countries, however, the Republican committee chairman and party leadership were not informed, according to multiple sources. Hopefully the entrenched Republican leadership does not get too up in arms over Trump’s decisive action on immigration. Yet, it does seem he went over some people’s heads though.

Regardless, President Trump will be forced to battle the border-less Left of this country for at least the next four years. Progressives continue to lambast Trump’s actions as a modern day form of “Nazism,” comparing him to Hitler and turning to radical tactics in the aftermath of their shocking defeat last November. The Left seeks the dissolution of our borders. They want to be Europe -- without borders. Well, guess what. Americans don’t want to be under attack from a culture or religion not of their own. Americans don’t want their borders removed. They want their country intact.


Do Liberal Leaders Really Crave Ideology Over Public Safety?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio insisted that Trump’s crackdown on sanctuary cities is a war on difference. He fails to realize the public safety aspect of cities like his that attract unwanted guests. When a reporter asked if he sees any difference between illegal aliens, legal immigrants, and citizens of America generally, Mayor de Blasio was blunt in his response:

“I appreciate the ideological bent of your question, but I will answer it very clearly … there has been an attempt to demonize immigrants across the board, that’s what’s happening here. The vast majority of even the undocumented are law-abiding people … this has been a systematic—and Steve Bannon is behind this 100 percent—a systematic effort to demonize people of color and immigrants, and it’s playing out today.”

Isn’t it quite a skill to see these progressive politicians continue to conflate illegal immigration with legal immigrants and even “people of color.” This response to a perfectly sensible question reveals how insane the Left is right now. They will continue to distort the realities of Trump’s proposals, all while ignoring the historical significance of it, showing how they are really hypocrites and hysterics through and through. To even ask a question about whether illegal aliens should be regarded in the same way as legal immigrants is to ideologic to someone like de Blasio? Please! If Trump orders cities to follow the law, he’s the one starting a race war. The divisiveness is palatable from the liberals seeking to stop the president at every turn.

This could be a long and obnoxious four to eight years.

Trump has promised and is now following through on putting America first. This is not racist or fascist or homophobic or anti-immigrant. This is what many Americans want.

Brian York pointed out Trump’s radical immigration plan in The Washington Examiner recently. “There's one fundamental difference between the new White House and the old when it comes to immigration: Barack Obama ordered his administration not to enforce a number of immigration laws. Donald Trump has ordered his administration to enforce them.” How controversial! The president is merely doing what he was sworn into office to do and ordering those below him to follow his new policies, differing from the previous administration.

Michael Barone, also in The Washington Examiner, highlighted the fact that Trump has a movement of America-loving supporters that want more control of their leaders and in turn, their federal government. “At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction, that a nation exists to serve its citizens.” What a novel idea. The citizens of the country take priority over those the residents of other countries of the world.

Amazingly, for the liberal cosmopolitan elites clustered on the West and East Coasts, any form of nationalism is seen as Nazism. Putting one’s own needs above another’s is not fascist, it is what most sane people and countries do. History teaches us that there are many forms of nationalism. Sure, some can go overboard and destroy countries and cultures. But we are not living among one of those movements. America-first is not a threat. It’s a promise. A promise of rediscovery of American greatness, similar to what President Ronald Reagan determined to unearth in the 1980s.

The Trump phenomenon is truly stunning to watch unfold before our very eyes. If not for the rapid change that is coming to our federal government, then for meltdown after meltdown by my friends on the Left after President Trump did something he promised he would do for the past year. 2017 will not be a dull year for politics. You can count on that.


Jean Bakula from New Jersey on August 21, 2017:

So it's fine he defends white supremacists and is a pathological liar?

Brad on February 17, 2017:

Great Hub, and the president Trump press conference yesterday is more evidence to support your hub's viewpoint. I watched the live press conference, and then I listened to the msm replay. It was like having an very poor language translator. The msm balked at president Trump calling them out for their fake news. And the left press talking heads said that was unAmerican. But, it is OK for them to unfairly dis the president of the US. Just because you have a Press Badge doesn't mean you are above being criticized for lying.

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