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The Aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

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It will be the fifth time in U.S. history when an incumbent president (Trump) does not get re-elected. All indications show that Biden-Harris will becomes the 46th President of the U.S. Biden's comeback in Georgia and Pennsylvania was nothing but stunning thanks to the black men and women primarily in those urban centers. While Trump won the rural back country, small towns early on, it was the mail in votes that many states counted last and were tabulated days after Nov. 3.

It was a bitter pill for Trump to swallow because of his early huge lead in many states and one can see how he thinks the election was stolen with election fraud. One could think that way. But, Trump's claim of voter fraud and election errors have not been proven even with several stupid lawsuits pending. The evidence simply is not there. Once the election is done, any evidence of election fraud or malfeasance will also fade. Even were a judge to rule in favor of Trump, what would be a fair remedy? Plus, how can the same arguments be applied to five different states where the results are close? It just sounds unlikely that a conspiracy of this magnitude by Democrats in Republican States would be feasible.

But, in the days after the election, this is what Trump tried to do so that HE could be declared a winner. Signs of a sore loser, a bitter man who hates to lose. However, once Trump realized that he had lost by narrow margins, he is worried about pending lawsuits against him and his organization. He may likely face prosecution for tax evasion. He has even said, or threatened, to run for POTUS in 2024! That may come to pass.

The Biden presidency will face the Covid-19 pandemic, which is spiraling out of control thanks to Trump. Biden will face weak economics for the country with high unemployment. The threat from China, Russia and others, will test him. America will still be divided for sometime as the popular vote was fairly even with a slight favor to Biden. This indicates, like in 2016, 50% of Americans opposed Biden and with a Republican Senate, Biden will be lucky to get much accomplished. Republicans can still take the ACA healthcare and abortion away since the Republicans have more Supreme Court justices and the key case is coming. Trump has appointed hundreds of lower level district judges that are Republican that can be an issue.

Until Biden takes over in mid-January, 2021, Trump can do a lot of damage using executive orders to create chaos for Biden. Trump's Middle East plan could simply fall apart before Biden takes office. Biden will still be haunted by Republicans using the Hunter Biden issue.

The issue about Biden's mental health will also continue to simmer in the background for many and will this actually become an issue during his term in office, so much so, that Kamala Harris takes over as president. It could but we'll have to wait and see. Imagine the first U.S. woman president. Strange things do happen and this election certainly proved it.

Stay tuned.


perrya (author) on November 08, 2020:

At some point Trump will have to concede unless some sort of court ruling really benefits his position and votes are flipped in his favor which seems very unlikely

Mike Russo from Placentia California on November 08, 2020:

Perrya: Don't forget Trump has 10 charges of obstruction of justice pending before him. After he is not longer president, those charges can be levied against him, if I read the tea leaves correctly.

In my opinion, that gives Biden and the democrats bargaining power to stop Trump and have him get out of Dodge. The other huge issue is Biden is about to inherit Trump's national debt which is sitting at around 27 T and counting.

God only knows what effect Biden's policies will have on that debt. So after four years, if Trump runs for office again, he will inherit his own debt plus whatever Biden's tab is at that time.

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