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The Abraham Peace Accord: An Arab NATO

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Trump's peace accord between Israel, Bahrain, and UAE is a beginning process that may solve the age old issue of the Palestinians and a two state solution between them and Israel.

In the meantime, this Abraham Peace Accord is a misnomer because the signed parties were never at war in military conflict directly. What this did was begin an Arab NATO. A NATO against whom? First, against Iran for the immediate near future and all of their proxies in the Middle East. The Accord normalizes flights and opens up economies and military cooperation between these countries. In the near future, one should expect Saudi Arabia to join. The Arab nations no longer share the same priority as the Palestinians about their blight. There are more serious things to deal with like Iran in the Sunni-Shiite fight. The Palestinian-Israeli issue has been put on the back burner and this is reflected by Israel's agreement to not annex the West Bank for now. The UAE, for agreeing with the Accord, may also finally get what they wanted- F-35 Stealth jets from the USA. The Accord, like all of Trump's deals, is a financial transaction to get cooperation. Money does talk.

So, while the threat of Iran is in the near future, these same Arab nations and others are also concerned about the growing belligerence of Turkey, the rogue NATO state and with American nuclear bombs based there. Turkey is on a path to reclaim its past greater glory of the Ottoman Empire than vanished in WW1, and then Greece invaded and occupied half of the country from 1919-1922. At that time, like Turkey now, Greece was trying to reclaim their former glory when much of Turkey was part of Greece. That history is why now today both countries are facing off against one another in the Cyprus waters of the Mediterranean Sea over gas and oil drilling rights. France has told Turkey to back down. Turkey has threatened French warships. Likewise, Turkish armed forces now also occupy and support rebels in Libya and is growing to control all of the country opposed by Russia and Egypt. Then, there is Syria. Where, once Trump pulled American troops from the Syria-Turk border, allowed Turkish army units to advance up to 20 km into Syria. It was America halting the Turkish desire to reclaim Syria, which was all theirs during and before WW1. Of course, Russia and Turkey now control much of Syria. Trump has pulled most American troops out of there, another stupid move. It is making America weak in foreign policy. The same situation is in Iraq.

Thus, the Arab NATO has been formed and will not doubt include Saudi Arabia soon. Once that happens, other Arab countries may join to halt the growing aggression of Turkey in their area. They are opposite of one another religiously, as one is Sunni and the other is Shiite to some degree, even though Turkey does have Christians. The real question is, what will the Arab NATO do should one of the members come under attack? Would they act unilaterally without American approval or aid? Is it a true NATO or a faux one, where the real point is to apply pressure on the Palestinians to cave in and be forced to accept Trump's one sided peace plan? Jordan and Sudan may never accept the Accord, perhaps Egypt, too. What happens when Israel restarts to annex the West Bank because you know it will happen at some point. This would nullify the Accord and the Arab states in it would once again be enemies with Israel. This would spark a military confrontation.

All the players are there just as the Book of Revelations in the Bible have predicted. The peace is temporary and the area remains just waiting to explode. What event will ignite this region again?


Sharlee on September 26, 2020:

Not sure the accord between Israel, Bahrain, and UAE should have been labeled a peace accord. It may be a good path to one, too soon to know. But I give Jarred Kushner credit for getting the ball rolling. It was a very positive accomplishment. Hopefully, this accord will bring peace between Isreal and Palestine. Now that would be a true

peace accord.

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I am hopeful for the entire region.

perrya (author) on September 20, 2020:

Thanks Mike, appreciate your input.

Mike Russo from Placentia California on September 20, 2020:

Great article. I think you can thank Jarred Kushner for this. He is pro-Israel and con-Palestine. Netanyahu would love for the Palestinian people to just suddenly disappear. in fact, he talks about a movement called Transport, where he would like to transport them to some remote island.

Trump is using smoke and mirrors to make it look like a peace accord, but they are not at war. He has to have a big event for his re-election and this is all part of his plan to take credit for an event that does not even warrant credit.

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