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Thanks to the Anglo Saxon Powers Led by Joe Biden World War 3 and Destruction of Ukraine and Us Hegemony Has Begun.

An senior air warrior and political observer who has the pulse of the region and can sense a change when it comes.



The topic is so vast that one will require a book on the subject. I will do that later and I hope to dictate this to my secretary but as a prelude, I will write this article which of course had to be a little longer because the subject is very tricky. It is an explosive subject and in my opinion is going to mark the end of an era; the era of the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon powers notably the United States. The USA would have led the world for another hundred years but shortsighted men with petty minds led by men like Clinton and now Joe Biden, has led or I will say will lead to the destruction of American hegemony and their civilization.

There was a brief interlude when Donald Trump became president and one hoped that he would get another turn and but dark forces and the manipulation of the voting had an effect. In short, he was defeated and the man who replaced him was an inconsequential individual who perhaps did not know where his actions would lead America to.

It is very painful to write this article because I have a strong association and connection with the United States so many of my relations are there. I am a frequent visitor but never have I seen America so perilously close to destruction as now.

To start with we must accept the fact that NATO is an obsolete creation. This was recognized by Donald Trump but Joe Biden and his sidekick Boris Johnson could not see beyond their nose and they persisted in expanding NATO and created the enemy as Russia. It is not worth mentioning now that Russia had applied for membership in NATO when Boris Yeltsin was president but Bill Clinton and his advisers negated the application.

The impact was very simple, at a later stage, they would create Russia as the enemy as the raison de etre for NATO to exist. They hoped to try and finish Russia for the next 100 years, so that the Anglo-Saxon powers would continue the hegemony over Europe for a long long time.

Any scenario has many imponderables and Biden and Johnson who are extremely mediocre persons could not see that whatever they had planned was not going to succeed. The World, almost half of humanity led by China and India will not allow the Anglo-Saxon powers to succeed. Little did the small men realize that by putting Ukraine as a frontline state against Russia would be like a red rag to a bull and would lead to war; perhaps they wanted this war thinking that it would bog down Russia and the sanctions will take effect. They expected the world to join them but 3 billion people from all over the world do not wish to toe the American line. Russia has got a lifeline against economic sanctions and now there is a very real danger of a nuclear war.


Bungling old man Biden

The centerpiece of this Shakespeare's tragedy is Joe Biden. This man could've easily nipped the trouble in the bud but he did the opposite, he held out a lollipop to one of the most naive politicians in the world Zelensky, and egged him on to take on Russia. Russia had said the expansion of NATO to Ukraine was a danger to their existence and they would not allow NATO troops on the border but Biden thought he was king of all that he surveyed. He refused to give any assurance and at the same time secretly began to give the impression to Zelensky that the doors of NATO were open to him. Joe Biden was not bothered that Ukraine would be destroyed because as far as he was concerned Ukraine was an expendable commodity and the important aim was to destroy Russia for the next 100 years.

Probably Zelensky and Biden did not really expect that Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine but he did and now 30 days down the line the battle is on and it's not going to end soon. The result is that Ukraine is totally devastated. The granary of Europe is now a devastated land and there is a food shortage all around.

Russians have succeeded in dividing Ukraine and have set up independent republics in the eastern Donbas region.

There are many writers in America and some Ukrainian emigres who keep on talking nonsense. They say let there be a no-fly zone over Ukraine and Putin needs to be taught a lesson, even the US president has been talking a lot of nonsense by saying that Putin is a war criminal and he should be removed as president. Joe Biden forgets that he himself is mortal and he may go anytime into the next world and for him to talk like this is extremely jarring to the people all over the world. I am in Singapore and have the pulse of Southeast Asia and I can stay with authority that 85% of people in Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East support Russia.

The Anglo-Saxon powers now have been giving millions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine to continue to fight. It does not matter to them that Ukraine is destroyed but again they're playing with fire. if they feel that this is going to be a localized conflict only they are mistaken.

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There is a very real possibility that the Russians may use a tactical nuclear weapon to counter the massive military aid being given by the western powers to Ukraine. Nobody in his right mind will disagree that any weapon imported into Ukraine means upping the threshold and just as an electron jumps its orbit the same thing could happen in Ukraine.

I have already written that the West is not bothered about Ukraine and it's just a pawn in a game of chess but little do small men like Joe Biden realize that the countries of Europe who are now in chorus and singing the choir along with Joe Biden will simply cease to exist from the world map.

The small countries like Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Moldovia, etc are simply cannon fodder. England itself requires just about six thermo- nuclear hydrogen bombs to cease to exist on the world map. This was stated by Nikita Khruschev in 1961 when I think Harold McMillan was Prime Minister of England.

You must also remember that in the last two World Wars, the epicenter was Europe and I have no reason to doubt that the Third World war will also be in Europe because of the miscalculations of Joe Biden and his sidekick Boris Johnson. In this entire scenario, the country to suffer the most will be Ukraine, which has become an expendable pawn in the game of chess. It will be destroyed for the next hundred years and with nuclear bombs all over Ukraine, nothing will grow there for the next 50 years, that is the half-life period of the atomic nuclei.

I sometimes fail to understand how Biden could have been so insensitive; if he wanted peace in Europe he would have accommodated the Russians but he has considered Russia an enemy and I do not see why.

Once the world war commences, Joe Biden himself will be hiding in a nuclear shelter but what about the massive cities of the world like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco? what will happen to them? they may survive but will that survival be of any value. Recently I read that England has 4 nuclear submarines that will retaliate. It's laughable, what that retaliation means when the mother country England ceases to exist.


Swan Song of America

I sincerely hope that World War III does not take place and Congress will take some steps to curtail the delusional dreams of Joe Biden. If that is done and at some stage, Donald Trump comes back America could still survive. Unfortunately, the elections are still two years away and there is enough time for Joe Biden to ensure that American hegemony over the world is finished forever. We must remember that the Ottoman Empire lasted 600 years, the Mughul empire for 300 years, and the British empire for 200 years. In contrast, the American hegemony would be over within 7 decades.

America had a lot of things going for it and it could have been a beacon of peace for the world and taking all the nations together but petty mindedness, small thoughts, and mediocre leaders like Joe Biden who were voted in by the American public are going to ensure that the Swan Song of American hegemony is sung.

All those who are chanting songs supporting Biden are not aware that more than 2/3 of humanity is against the Western powers including 3 billion people of India and China. I fail to understand how Biden could not see China as a threat and he repeatedly articulated that China is a competitor and not a rival. That is perhaps for the fat box which his family has been earning from China. The sad part is that the Ukrainian leader Zelensky himself is mentioned in the Panama papers and has billions stacked away in London and the Virgin Islands.

This man has led Ukraine to destruction. It is easy to arouse the people with rhetoric and that is what Biden and Zelenskyy are doing. The only sane voice is Macron but he's been overruled. Yes, but astrological combinations show that after the fifth of April an extremely dangerous period is coming and could mean a nuclear explosion. That may well bring about World War III unless Mr. Joe Biden is removed as the president of the USA by an act of God.

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