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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Encourages People to Vote in 2018 Elections

Texas Governor Greg Abbott at Reception in Wichita Falls, Texas yesterday.


Governor Stresses Historical Importance of Texans Voting this Year

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stressed the importance of citizens voting in the 2018 elections recently during a series of speeches he gave during his return to his hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas. Pointing to several children who were present, he said, "What's at stake is the future of these children."

He joked, "I assume school let out early today. Either that or we've got some children playing hookey."

The 48th governor of the Lone Star State added that his wife was an educator, serving previously as a teacher and then a principal. He lauded several teachers present in the capacity crowd, saying, "Teachers get up early, get to school before the students, teach all day go home and prepare lessons before they got to bed at night and then start the whole process over again the next day."

Abbott Says Quinnipiac Polls Say Texas Elections Close

Abbott further cited a recent Quinnipiac Poll showing the governor's and senator's races in the Lone Star State are close. He said, "Ted Cruz is three points ahead of his rival while I have a seven to eight point lead in the governor's race."

Abbott was first elected governor four years ago after an extraordinary stint as the Texas Attorney General. He joked that "one of the important tasks of the governor is to be in control of the water. So I brought the rain with me today to Wichita County (Texas)."

After laughter, the governor said, "When I ran for governor four years ago during the Wichita Falls drought, I promised to fill the lakes. I might as well take credit for that since I got blamed for the drought."

The large crowd laughed again and applauded.

Abbott Says George Soros Pouring MIllions Into Texas

Abbott said one of the reasons for the closeness of the upcoming elections is George Soros. He said, "George Soros is a left wing billionaire who is pouring millions of dollars into Texas elections. Last year he wrote a half million dollar check to the Democratic candidate for district atttorney of Houston who won. This year he gave a million dollars to the Democratic candidate for district attorney in San Antonio who also won."

Abbott Warns of Low Midterm Election Turnouts

Abbot further warned of low midterm voter turnout, saying, "The role you play may decide who wins these elections. In midterm elections the turnout is usually only one half what it is for Presidential election years. I need you to turn out to vote. If we lose, we lose the United States of America. The future will be elections between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. We're going to need your time between now and October/November. I say October because early voting for the November elections begins in October."

"What's at stake is the future of these children," he said, nodding again in the direction of the children in the crowd.

Five Largest Texas Cities Democratic

Abbott further urged his Republican supporters to vote because "the five largest Texas cities are now Democratic." He listed them as Houston Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso.

He also said it is in the smaller towns and rural areas that the Republicans in the past have overcome the leads Democrats have built up in the largest cities.

He mentioned that towns similar to the city of Wichita Falls, which has a population of 100,000, need to turn out in the 2018 November elections for the GOP candidates to win.

"I'm going to tell you the name of the President who was responsible for more Republican victories than any other. It was Barack Obama," the Wichita Falls native said.

Abbott spent the first six years of his life growing up in this North Texas city.

He said Republicans were inspired to vote after Obama was President.

He warned, "There is now a great energy in the Democratic Party. They lost the last Presidential election."

He further said, "Democratic candidate Beto O'Rourke has raised more money than Ted Cruz."

Teachers Praised by Abbott

"Teachers are perpetuating the democracy that Pat Fallon fought for," Abbott said, referring to a member of the Texas state legislature. Fallon, who was elected to the Texas state senate, introduced Abbott to the large throng, saying, "It's my pleasure to introduce the greatest governor in the United States, the governor of the greatest state, Greg Abbott."

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Abbott Says Texas Economy Bigger Than Russia's

The governor praised the economy in Texas, saying, "Texas has set an alltime record for the lowest unemployment rate this past year. The economy is bigger than that of Canada, Australia and even Russia."
He then joked, "That makes me more powerful than Putin!"

He followed that up with another joke,saying, "I guarantee you I had a lot more to do with the presidential election than Vladimir Putin did!"

That line also generated laughter and applause.

Wichita County Turnout

Abbott also told the crowd Wichita County voted heavily Republican four years ago. He said there were 10,000 Republican voters versus 1,800 Democratic voters who turned out in that election.

"I don't need you to convert anyone from their beliefs to our beliefs in this election. I just need you to get all your friends to vote. If you do that, we will win," the graduate of the University of Texas said. He later graduate from Vanderbilt University Law School.

Abbott Implores Voters to Keep Texas Red State

"The most important thing we need for you to do is vote to keep Texas a Red State," he said.

He said Soros and Obama are working hard to make Texas a blue state. He warned that if Texas becomes a blue state, it will be the end of the United States as we know it.

"Do you remember the last Presidential election?" he asked. "Do you remember what was happening? You were watching on your television sets to see if one county in Wisconsin and one county in Michigan voted Republican or Democratic. If the Democrats win Texas, it won't matter what happens in Michigan and Wisconsin to the Democrats. They won't need Michigan and Wisconsin anymore if they get Texas."

Abbott History Before He Was Governor

Before he was governor, Abbot argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court to allow Ten Commandments statues to remain on the Capitol grounds of Texas in Austin. He was successful in that case as he was several other forays in front of the highest court of the land.

He also was the successful architect as Attorney General of the successful prosecution of the sexual assault cases against Warren Jeffs, leader of a cult which encouraged marriage of men to underage females.

At one of his trials, Jeffs claimed he was inspired by God in his leadership role. However, he never produced a transcript of what that inspiration was. Jeffs believed in men having multipe wives at the same time.

Jeffs is currently serving time in a Texas prison. He had successfully avoided prosecution in both Utah and Arizona before Abbott as Texas Attorney General stopped him.

Democratic Runoff to Determine Abbott Opponent

Since none of the Democrats received a majority in their primary, they are holding a run off in May to determine Abbott's opponent. Andrew White and Lupe Valdez will fight it out for that nomination. Andrew is son of former Texas governor Mark White.

Valdez is former sheriff of Dallas. She served as the sheriff of Dallas County from 2005 until 2017.

Wendy Davis was the Democratic nominee in 2014.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Wichita Falls, Texas Thursday.


Crowd at reception for Texas Governor Greg Abbott at Wichita Falls home Thursday evening


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