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Tesco Employees: Strikes to Be Called Over Pay.

Tesco Store.


Tesco workers, whether in their distribution warehouses, their drivers, their store workers, etc, have worked damn hard during the pandemic. In fact, all retail workers have worked damn hard in this sector, whatever, their job. You hear about NHS workers who have been on the front line in the battle against COVID, and rightly so. However, people in the retail industry whatever their job, keep our shelves filled, drive goods, serve us our beverages, etc, so they deserve, applause too.

Tesco likes to compare itself and try to compete with Aldi, on prices. Every Tesco ad is a price comparison between itself and Aldi. But more often than not, when I shop at Tesco, I find Tesco is still quite expensive and you sometimes struggle, to find something that is reduced. It's not to say, however, you will not find things cheaper than you would in Aldi, your experience may be different from mine as a consumer.

Tesco has been in the news a lot over the recent years in disputes between workers and the company itself. Warehouse workers and drivers who are employed by Tesco are to stage a series of strikes. These will be strikes that will occur, in the coming weeks, in a pay dispute.

The union representing the workers said that 1,000 workers will take industrial action at depots in Antrim, Belfast, Didcot, and Doncaster.

Following this statement up, Unite said, Tesco has offered workers a 4% pay rise. Unite stated that the offer is "well below" the current retail price index (RPI) which is 6%. Current consumer prices are 4.2%.

Tesco replied that its offer was one of the highest awards made within its distribution business in the last 25 years. Sharon Graham, Unite General Secretary, said the following: "Our members have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep Tesco's shelves filled through the pandemic. "At the very least, the UK's largest and wealthiest retailer should be making our members a decent pay offer". "Unite always priorities the jobs, pay and conditions of its members at Tesco until this dispute is resolved".

Workers at the Didcot and Doncaster sites will strike for 48 hours. This will take place from 6 am on December 16 followed by a further 5 days of stoppage from Dec 20. More strikes will be held at the two sites after Christmas.

Unite said Tesco could avoid these strikes, by them returning, to the negotiating table and make a better offer.

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