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Five Left-Wing Celebrities Who Shunned Racism After Dressing In Blackface

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Silver-Screen Hypocrites

Blackface has recently become a big issue in the United States. At one time it was "no big deal" as many baby boomers claim. Today you can lose your job for just questioning whether Blackface is racist or not as Megyn Kelly did right before she lost her job on NBC.

With political tensions higher than ever in the United States, it comes to no surprise that some people in this great country feel the need to judge others without first looking in the mirror. Here's a few celebs who publicly condemned Blackface years after committing the act themselves.


1. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong tweeted the tweet above early in 2019 and labeled a controversial photo of Michael Ertel (Florida's previous Republican Secretary of State) as "The Blackface of Ignorance!"

Well Mr. Chong, apparently all of that ganja you've been smoking has caused you to forget the black man you identified as in the movie "Still Smoking," Blind Melon Chitlin.

That's right! In 1983 Tommy Chong decided it was okay to make fun of the blind and elderly African American men. He killed three birds with one stone by using skin color, age, and a disability as a joke. He has also re-enacted a modified version of this joke back in 2012 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Missouri. That video can be seen on using this link:

2. Ben Stiller

On August 12th, 2017, Ben Stiller tweeted "Bigotry and racism need to be called out and condemned by our president."

Apparently it was okay for Ben Stiller to play in Tropic Thunder when Robert Downey Jr. dressed in blackface and said "Everybody knows you never go full retard." I believe it is fair to say that the movie was full of bigotry and racism as African Americans and the mentally disabled were both made fun of throughout the film.

The video below shows Ben's character making fun of people with special needs. Please be aware that the video contains fowl language.

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Viewer Discretion Is Advised

3. Thomas Howell

In 2015, Thomas Howell told The Hollywood Reporter, "A White Man Donning Blackface is Taboo. Conversation over. You can't win." After he made this statement he defended his role in the movie "Soul Man" claiming that it was necessary for his character to dress in blackface for that movie.

Really Thomas? One of the main reasons that Blackface is highly offensive to African Americans is because they have been historically made fun of by Caucasian men and women on the silver screen and in stage productions. Nice try!


4. Dan Aykroyd

Two years ago, Dan Aykroyd made the assumption that Leslie Jones' racist attackers were Trump supporters. He was referring to some racists comments that she had received on twitter. Though no proof was indicated that these racist Twitter users were Trump supporters or members of the Republican Party, Aykroyd made this connection anyways.

In 1983, Dan Aykroyd dressed in blackface in the movie Trading Places. See the image below. Looks like there's some racists in the Democratic Party as well. No surprise there considering the Democratic Party is historically the most racist party. We can think them for the uprising of the Confederacy in the Civil War and the Trail of Tears.


5. Jimmy Fallon

In 2017 Jimmy Fallon said ""The fact that it took the President two days to come out and clearly denounce racists and white supremacists is shameful." Fallon was referring to the Charlottesville, VA white nationalist protests debacle.

The fact that Fallon still hasn't apologized for making fun of Chris Rock while dressed in Blackface is shameful. See Fallon in the below clip from the year 2000 as he makes fun of "black people" and implies that all African Americans are drug addicts.


Jimmy Fallon finally apologized for his SNL blackface performance in 2020.

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