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Television Show Based on True Crime Stories: Who Do You Believe?

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Who Do You Believe?

WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? is a television show based on true crime events

I was not planning to watch this television show, WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?, but the episode that I am about to describe below turned out to be very interesting.

The television audience will want to approach watching this show with sensitivity. A real person died. The events are described in a true crime story.

In this example of an episode of the television show, WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?, the episode that I recently watched:

A woman suffering from the medical condition Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was accused by her own son of murdering her husband (her son's stepfather).

In an effort to clear her name, she made accusations right back towards her son.

Mother and son both stood accusing each other of a horrific crime.

Home intruder

This woman's original story was that there was a home intruder at her house one night.

She stated that she was awoken to the sound of gunshots and her husband was shot dead lying in the bed next to her.

The woman stated that the home intruder told her not to look in his direction or else, he would shoot her too.

She said that he told her to count to 100 while he left.

She stated that she complied and then attempted to perform CPR on her husband as soon as the home intruder left.

She also called 911.

Police investigation

When the police conducted their investigation and awaited reports from the coroner's office, they found that this woman's husband had been shot with a 38 calibar pistol.

The woman also owned one of these same guns and it was missing from where she claimed to keep it usually (a nightstand drawer).

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When the gun was finally located, it was found in her car by the police whom she gave her car keys to when they asked. (At first, she could not find her car keys, but eventually found them and turned them over.) The gun was wet and wrapped in paper towels.

It was found that the bullet that killed her husband did come from this gun.

This woman's son suspected her from the very beginning and went as far as to say that she probably threw the gun in the lake, changed her mind about that and went back to retrieve it later on.

The woman thought that it was ridiculous to consider that as a possibility and that a gun thrown into a lake would probably sink to the bottom of the lake. How would she retrieve it?

This woman's son said that she did not cry when her husband died but she said that she cannot cry because of her multiple sclerosis.

She said that her son probably shot his stepfather and planted the gun in her car. In hindsight, she thinks that the home intruder (who covered his face) was about the same height and weight as her son and wore clothing similar to what he would wear.

Both Mother and Son were interviewed for the Who Do You Believe? television show

Neither the mother nor the son are in prison today. They are both living with their freedom.

The suspect for this murder is still at large.

Both mother and son who were turned against each other were interviewed for the WHO DO YOU BELIEVE? television show.

Initially arrested, when the case went to trial, the mother was found not guilty and set free.

The son feels like he has lost his mother. He feels like she is no longer his mother and he does not call her Mom.

He believes that his mother was found not guilty for his stepfather's murder partly because his own testimony was not believable.

His lawyer told him to look the jury in the eye and he said that he was unable to do so due to his astigmatism eye condition and shifting gaze. He thinks that the jury found him to be a liar simply because of that.

Neither the mother nor the son has had to serve time in prison for the crime of murder.

The mother and the son now live in different parts of the U.S. and have stopped speaking to each other.

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