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Taylor Swift Nominated as Aryan Goddess by Neo-Nazis

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It is almost humorous that white supremacist Neo-Nazi-like groups have officially declared that pop icon artist Taylor Swift has been spoken for. Whether she likes it or not (and she does not) these ultra right racist groups have declared Swift as their icon for the new Aryan symbol. To them, serious or not, she is the epitome of an Aryan goddess.

This whole bizarre thing began in 2013 as a joke when Emily Patterson posted Swift’s pictures and Aryan-like language from Hitler on Pinterest. Once Swift was informed of this and viewed them, her attorney sent a stern letter to Pinterest to take down the images. Pinterest responded stating it was a parody and it would infringe on their web users. Eventually, far right neo-Nazi web users and websites discovered what Emily had posted in jest. However, these types of people bought the whole concept and idea and used it to promote their Aryan ideals. One site called, The Daily Stormer, fully promotes the idea that Swift is their ideal version of an Aryan woman for Nazi White European people. They compare her to a Greek goddess, Athena.

Are they serious, you ask?

Oh yeah. They think Swift is covertly concealing her real identity and real beliefs that White people are the superior race. She is white, blond, strong, and quiet in political beliefs. Swift’s controversial video for “Wildest Dreams” seems to promote of a very white Africa, as was discussed on NPR. The Hollywood Reporter wrote this video shows she is a Nazi Barbie and facist, at heart. On Facebook, before it was shut down, the neo-Nazi page was titled, “Taylor Swift for Facist Europe”. These white supremacists think Swift really is Aryan in your soul and spirit. These same people fully support Donald Trump for president. In 2014 study, most people of the same color spend most of their time with others of the same race. Despite desegregation, most neighborhoods stay segregated whether intentional or not. While a person can have progressive concepts and beliefs about all things being equal for any color, most live in a world drenched with segregation in big and small ways.

As far hearing from Swift about all this nonsense, there has been silence. Hmmm, sometimes, silence is an answer. Crazy, I know, but who knows one deep, inner, preferences. Only Taylor Swift does, LOL.


Ken Burgess from Florida on June 03, 2016:

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Two issues, just because someone supports a person... whether it is Swift or Trump, that should in no way reflect on that person when they did not ask for or seek out that support.

Secondly, it is just more of the same old, tired, race baiting whether it is Black Lives Matter or the KKK or whatever... every time these organizations get air time, get an article written about them, for being invasive and disruptive and dangerous to civil society we all lose.

perrya (author) on May 31, 2016:

It has been on the back pages of news, NPR, ABC etc. I found it all pretty amusing. Some fan posts this neo-nazi stuff and years later, the REAL nazis adopt her as their goddess. Who knows what goes on in their minds, but I find it curious why Taylor has not spoken out against it. She has voiced her opinion many times on many things, why not this? Sure, her attorney denounced it etc., but it would be more effective if SHE did it. Silence can be a dangerous response. People can get the wrong opinion.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on May 31, 2016:

An interesting concept, because Taylor Swift is so fair that means she is prejudiced against all others who are darker that she, and because she refuses to speak out more strongly against what is being said about her, does that mean it is true? I think not!

Parody is wrong if such parody is a lie and implies that a person is one way or the other and if that person keeps silent it seems to validate the lie.

I had not heard about this before, and it really angers me that someone would speak against Taylor because of her skin color, when that is all that some others speak about is their skin color.

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