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Take Guns Off Our Streets

It's time to take guns off our streets, too many innocent people are being killed because one has come up with a solution to this crisis.


Inner City Violence

In America, the outbreak of violence in the inner-city has increased the violence. On an average day every ninety seconds, in inner-city streets in the United States, someone is injured or dies by someone holding a gun. I have seen more violence in my neighborhood than the average person who lives in the suburbs.

These violent acts have made an impact on mostly the minority neighborhoods. Most of these neighborhoods are bombarded with drugs, gangs, and guns. Living in inner-city neighborhoods' violence is nothing new, it's a way of life.

Each day or night the sound of gunfire rang out, a lot of violence is stems from too many unregistered guns on our streets. Most of the violence comes from people who were born and raised in these neighborhoods, they know each other. Children and adolescents who live in inner-city neighborhoods are more excesses to guns than children who live in suburbs and rural areas.

Mental illness depression, stress, Bipolar plays a major role in some gun violence. In today's society, people no longer settle a dispute, instead, they leave and come back carrying a gun. Doing one of mostly the deadliest Pandemic in 2020, changed the course of every American. People was force to stay home,schools and some businesses closed their doors, the economy was effected crimes decreased and millions died from the Coronavirus. Gun violence doing the pandemic gun violence continue to surge across America. A few weeks ago, an innocent seventy-four -year-old grandmother sat on her front porch enjoying here day, when she was shot and killed by a stray bullet. To many guns are floating around in our streets in the hands of children and nothing has been done to protect the people.

Today, I sat here mourning a family member who was killed a few weeks ago by another family member. This young man was the father of two beautiful daughters, and a family who loved him, he was gunned down over a dispute. When will lawmakers come up with a solution to this deadly problem? America has more guns and more people are being killed than any country. This United States need stronger gun laws to protect the people.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution protects the rights to keep and bear arms, it didn't classify the rights of a child to bear a gun.

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Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on June 15, 2021:

Every one has a right to bear arms, but bearing arms didn't include children from 12 and up to own a gun. America owns more guns than any nation,and more people are being killed by someone holding a gun. We must remember it's not the gun that kills, it's the one that pulls the trigger.

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