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Tabooism of Modern Times: A Satire

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Humorous Treatment of Taboos

First off, let me briefly define what I am calling "tabooism". In my mind, it's an insistence by a belief system to forbid challenging its dubious tenets.

Back in 1989 movie comedians Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder did that unforgettable comedy "See No Evil, Hear No Evil", where one was playing a blind dude, and the other a completely deaf one -- in a hilarious plot to solve a murder.

Now, there was no humorless critic to be found to accuse the film makers of something like "cruel mocking of human handicaps" -- while that's exactly what it was.

That dark humor has been used in countless other movies, sitcoms, and jokes, involving dead people, funerals, mourners, mishaps, handicaps, ugly personal features...practically anything that outside of humor would be considered as anything from unfortunate to a tragedy.

We tend to go so deadly serious about all those religious teachings, or our ethnicity, or politics, or our sexual preference; and yet, for some reasons that are tolerant of our simple humanness, we allow any of it to be exposed to a humorous treatment.

Taboos are a product of a locked believing which feels axiomatic, and so impossible to question its validity, to be altered or debunked in any manner. It's an emotional charge attached to such a belief which makes it so stiff.

Thus, even though people, both white and black used to laugh at Archie Bunker of "All in the Family" sitcom, those same views expressed elsewhere could have raised some huge public protests.

It's funny how we, humans, can draw a line between humor and non-humor when our taboos are in question.


About Tastes -- and Liberties to Express Them

Now, leaving humor and its role in taboos behind us, let's see the serious side of them, like, say, in matters of homosexuality.

Why does one get instantly called a "homophob", after saying that homosexuality -- while socially accepted sexual preference -- is not natural?

Thus, by the very definition -- if something is happening outside of nature, it cannot be called "natural" -- just because it may "feel" natural to those participating in it.

Then, also, why do gay folks get offended if we ask about the rationale behind their Pride Parades? It's really no one's business what others do in the privacy of their bedrooms -- so why advertise? Should we, "straight f..ckers" do the same?

Of course, no one has a moral right to tell anyone how to express their sexuality -- as long as no one is getting hurt physically, emotionally, or both.

But advertising it, is something else, and some shrink out there might even call it a form of "subtle exhibitionism", with exposing our mental sexual nakedness. Well, those shrinks usually have a fancy name for everything.

Of course, bringing shrinks into the picture, I am not calling homosexuality anything "sick", but it does look peculiar to me that the gay folks call it "natural", with this need to advertise their sexuality in their Pride Parades. Boy, am I ever "proud" of having a woman for a wife -- lol!

Anyway, it's one of those taboos that I see worth addressing.

Another one would be the political tabooism -- where some smart asses consider themselves the only ones privileged to use the freedom to support a political ideology -- everyone else is an "enemy" if they have the audacity to exercise the same freedom.

They completely miss the meaning of the word "freedom", playing that card of double standards. That equally gets noticeable in some foreign policies. Like, despite the fact that Crimeans, by a referendum decided to be annexed to Russia, we like to slap Russia with sanctions for an "illegal occupation of Crimea".

And if we would want to be totally honest about the definition of sanctions, we might as well call them an "economic terrorism".

But then, by a double standard, it doesn't bother us that we are constantly involving ourselves in military adventures imposing our will to other nations, coercing them, blackmailing them -- all that according to "our national interests" which are always enough of a justification for anything we may do abroad.

But that is a taboo all right, because those double standards of ours are not to be discussed on TV -- unless we would want to be called "unpatriotic".

So, there are those political taboos, just like sexual, and others -- themes not to be talked about.

We might even briefly add those taboos of ethnic character. Like, to me, Jewish folks are just the same as any other ethnic group -- but there is quite a pronounced tabooism in how you are allowed to talk about them.

Not every one is an Einstein or Rubinstein, or other famous "...stein", and they must have their own share of idiots, a garden variety of criminals, and alike individuals.

Indeed, people are only people all around the world, and I could never figure why any nation should enjoy any special status. There are no "chosen ones" on this planet -- or God could be said to have quite a bad taste in some cases.


Medicine Making a Taboo of Its Importance

Just look how quickly some highly trained and brilliant medical experts get silenced by media bosses kissing ass of some medical politicians who are making a dogma and a taboo out of medicine.

We don't have to visit any past instances where it's easily evident -- this current pandemic is giving us a plethora of evidence for such a claim.

For, one after another, some renowned medical experts are being silenced for daring to oppose to the mainstream medical manipulation of the masses brainwashable by persistent fear mongering.

Many of those fine experts have tried in vain to expose these draconian, and proven-noneffective blanket-restrictions, blanket-vaccinations, and total disregard for natural immunity.

The authorities just couldn't be more obvious while not exploring the field of any effective drugs, even nutritional supplements -- instead of their merciless pushing these vaccines, the safety of which are still a big enigma, considering the missing factor of time which can only prove them safe or not.

Seemingly, the main objective has been to keep the population out of hospitals and morgues -- not to prevent infection, for which vaccines are not effective. So, why not focus on use of ivermectin, merck, remdesivir, dexamethasone, or Regeneron's monocional antibodies. And all those with milder symptoms could just stay home and recover on their own following the simple flu protocol.

But they had to insist on pushing this questionable vaccine on everybody, blackmailing them with loss of job, and enforcing these stupid lockdowns, masks, and social distancing which never accomplished anything -- according to numbers of those testing positive still being high after two years.

Just a thought of those countless pharmaceuticals which had to be removed from the shelves because of their damaging or even deadly effects -- is enough to make one wonder about these vaccines.

And when a mass of doctors and nurses are risking their livelihood by refusing to get vaccinated -- those vaccinated ones won't question why, since doctors and nurses should be the very first ones who would want to protect themselves with a vaccine.

Well, the story gets much longer than that, but for the purpose of this article, let us just see how tabooists make every opposition a "dangerous spreading of misinformation".

With all that parading as a "reliable science", should we be reminded of that statistics about 350,000 of deadly medical and pharmaceutical screwups each year in the US alone -- supported by "science", and approved by the FDA?

Medical intervention is irreplaceable in cases of trauma and emergencies, and doctors are daily saving lives -- but that doesn't make them "all knowing".

Limitations of that science are definitely not justifying the intellectual arrogance and tabooism that they are displaying these days while not allowing that good, old "second opinion", which used to mean something in that practice.


Sources of Our Whole Cultural Paradigm -- One Huge Taboo

I don't like conspiracy theorism, alarmism, and other intellectual toys of paranoid people. So I won't talk about any "secret societies" behind this paradigm which pushes its manipulative character upon the ever gullible and suggestible masses.

But I just can't not to notice a growing number of some scholarly educated people who are telling us how we have been lied about practically everything -- about the origin of man, our true resilience to sickness, notorious careerism of politicians, and so much more.

When that brilliant and renowned scholar Noam Chomsky tells us that there is only one true "party" in the US -- Business party; and you are voting for them no matter for whom you vote -- it makes you think.

But, in a style of every taboo in existence, things like that are not publicly talked about, and people sheepishly keep being divided between Reps and Dems, cursing each other, blaming each other, ad nauseam -- while the News media are laughing all the way to the bank keeping that fire of divide going on and on.

Indeed, folks, when you think of it, all that we really "know" about what's going on "out there" is coming to us from the media, who can play with the public opinion and mood as they are paid to do it by those "up there".

Meaning that we would "know" absolutely nothing about this pandemic without being told by these Fathers of Paradigm who decide who is to be trusted and who is not. On our own we know nothing.

So, if one day soon we hear on the News how the numbers of testing positive have fallen enough for the pandemic to be downsized to endemic, like yearly flu -- we are bound to believe those numbers are "true", and it's thanks to those numbers that we are to expect a life like before it all started.

They will never tell you if the true reason is the massive global upheaval and masses threatening with even more of them quitting their jobs, not accepting vaccination, blaming their politicians, and the whole damn thing coming to a historical chaos which no one would be able to control.

They will not tell you if the politicians got scared about likelihood of not being re-elected, so they had to announce these good news about pandemic being over.

Now, all in all, I am not trying to tell you about something that I would "know" here, but on the contrary -- I am telling you that there is a solid mass of information that I am missing together with everybody else, because we are basically lied just about everything.

Yes, for quite a while we have lived in this dark age of miss-information, age of some big taboos where truth is not allowed to come up to the surface.

Until it all changes around -- for the spirit of man has been so badly underestimated, and not for the first time in the history.

© 2021 Val Karas

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