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Tears in Poverty

Poverty is not so simple that it is limited to food, clothing and housing, as powerlessness, insecurity, vulnerability, isolation and social


Eventually, these people will start blaming the government for their employment, food, or even rental woes. They would often complain that the bills are high because of the way the government is running things in the country or state. First, it is true that the government levies taxes on all sectors. This is for the development of the country. Second, politicians who pocket money cannot be entirely avoided, but people need to be selective and curious about the ones they would elect in office. Last, in the governmental case, people should not blame the government at all because poverty can be avoided if people recognize the change in their lives.

The population is also a long-standing reason why poverty is rampant in different parts of the world. Since the global Birth rate is uncontrolled, many infants are born every minute. This leads to massive spikes in the cost of living, as well as other related expenses. To make matters worse, the cost of infant medicines and supplements also became steep to the point that regular employees can barely make it through the day. After infancy, the age of schooling comes. At this age, traditional parents are bombarded with thoughts regarding the best school where they can send their children to. Of course, top-rate schools mean higher expenses for the rest of the school year. The situation grows as College days begin.

Invariably, the income gap is also one of the prime causes of poverty these days. Basically, skill matters a lot when it comes to income and salary. This is not the case in most companies today. Companies hire just to get their daily logistics done, not recognizing the potentials of their employees. Despite this imminent negative factor, the income gap can be alleviated by a match-up of skills or seeking other opportunities such as small home businesses and investing.

Factors of poverty

Education is also one of the reasons why poverty is still prominent. Once a person lacks the proper education to make a stand in a very competitive world, he may never find a decent job that pays well. Since the cost of living accelerates to the level where it is no longer tolerable, the uneducated man suffers the most. He will find himself on the brink of depression and life uncertainty. However, the uneducated man must not lose all hope. Today, the world is filled with extra income opportunities. All it takes is to think out of the box and know-how entrepreneurs tick.

War is also another major cause of poverty. A war-stricken country has lesser chances to recuperate its major economic losses. The country can get back on its feet, but it may take some time before its economy becomes stable. Plus, the massive military campaigns can lead to major commercial and populace reduction

Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.

— Ban Ki-moon

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Cause of Poverty

The causes of poverty are complex, deeply rooted, and often less understood. The main causes of poverty are lack of education; inequality in the distribution of income and wealth; and pervasive corruption as well as a variety of other causes, including natural disasters, inflation, unemployment, and inadequate government policies. and a disturbing public order situation. The main cause is the inequality in the distribution of assets. The initial pattern of land allocation is very skewed, largely due to the allocation of large tracts of newly irrigated land to landlords who exert influence overpower. Inequalities in the distribution of land have increased since then. The income structure is even worse in industrial sectors

Poverty Destroy Societies

Poverty increases poverty and destroys the productive capacity of individuals, communities, and nations. This chronic poverty has far more serious consequences. The poor want to survive and their poverty leaves them no choice but to enter the world of crime. Poverty is the main source of crime. The poor are involved in heinous crimes such as prostitution, extortion, drug addiction, kidnapping for ransom and contract murder, etc. Crimes of this type lead to serious dead ends, which are unfavorable for all the people of the country. These crimes create a feeling of insecurity among the people, repel foreign investment, and create hatred in the hearts of the rich towards the poor, etc.

How Reduce of Poverty

The real cause is major global issues that must not be taken lightly. According to global statistics, about 20,000 children die every day. World leaders must start fulfilling their duties well, and they should stick to their humanitarian goals. In a greater sense, individuals should find the initiative to embrace change for themselves. An individual living in a nutshell while blaming the government does not help reduce the poverty threshold at all. The cause can be pinpointed and eliminated only through the means of global and interconnected effort.

We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discrimination.

— Nelson Mandela

Developing Employments and Skills

Governments can make various pacts with different countries that recruit millions of people from developing countries to developed countries for work. Workers will send money to their country and ultimately directly influence the poor sector. Ultimately, governments must encourage competition in the telecommunications sector and online jobs, which attract a lot of foreign investment. This will create too many jobs, skills, and opportunities, as well as better and cheaper services

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