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TDS - Part II

Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



When this term, TDS, was first coined, some people thought it was just made up to denigrade their political opponents. As time passes, this condition is becoming more wide spread. And real. Here are some examples I know of personally.

- Feb. 2019


When the election of Trump to the Presidency was confirmed on Nov. 2, 2016, there were people with tears. Over the folowing weeks, people could not get out of bed. Some could not sleep or eat. Some were depressed beyond believe. I have a small group of retired colleagues who meets once a month for an evening out with dinner and discussions. A few decided to leave our group because they were not happy with some of our political opinions. Trump figured into that equation.

One of our other colleague, who have relocated across the country a few years back, announced that he and his wife was moving to France, to a subburb of Paris. The reason as I found out later was due to Trump.

Then, we hear about some high ranking Google executives, in a company group meeting right after the election, almost in tears and being upset by the outcome of the election.

These are intelligent, highly educated people. Some have advanced degrees. Yet, when it comes to Trump, they seems to loose all sense of perspective.

It was only one election. It was not a death sentence. Yet, some people could not process. They cannot believe we, as a nation, elected a racist to the Presidency.

Here is the red flag.... what? Did you say racist?

In their mind, cultivated by a biased media, they were told Trump is a racist, and they believed It.

More Details...

The FBI agents of Strzok and Page had exchanged over 50,000 text messages over the few years of the Trump investigation until they were both fired.

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Some Restaurants were denying service to customers wearing a MAGA hat.

Newly elected Congresswomen were using cuss words to call for the impeachment of Trump.

They even dressed in white uniforms to protest the SOTU speech.

One of my close friend of 40 years, watched the speech for 10 seconds before turning it off. He could not take it.

What is going on here?

Is there something in the water? Or the air?

What is it about the Trump name, or face, or words that turn all these people insane?


If there are any doubt that TDS is real, I have not experienced it. From the main stream media, to Hollywood celebrities, to Political commentators to Politicians, to average citizens at home, it is every where.

Here is the other strange thing. When you points this out, they deny it. It is almost like they are in a state of denial. It is as if a drug addict is confronted with the issue and he would say I can quit anytime. The sad truth is - no they can’t.

There should be a support group like AA or something. Something to help these people get over TDS. It is hurting themselves, their careers and their relationships.

Some Advice...

  • Stop watching main stream media news.
  • Take your kids or grandkids out for a walk in the park
  • Go hit some balls, golf, tennis, racketball, ping pong...
  • Talk to a conservative, engage in conversation, you might learn something.
  • Just learn to breathe, take up yoga.

© 2019 Jack Lee

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